The 5 Greatest Cherry Tomato Substitutes

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A cherry tomato may be prepared and eaten in a variety of ways.

They may be eaten fresh or prepared into salads, sandwiches, and appetizers.

If you’ve ever tasted a garden cherry tomato, you can imagine how delicious they are when ripe.

Cooking tomatoes removes their naturally sweet flavor, thus many people hunt for alternative items when they wish to add a sweet flavor to their food.

In this post, we’ll look at how to substitute different vegetables or fruits for cherry tomatoes.

What exactly are Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are a sort of tomato that grows significantly smaller than other varieties.

They feature many of the same characteristics as regular-sized tomatoes, but they have a sweeter taste and are less acidic.

Cooking with cherry tomatoes is frequently advised because of their juiciness, which makes them an ideal option for other vegetables.

Since they are little, they require less time to prepare, allowing you to cook fast and easily with them.

Because of the sweetness of cherry tomatoes, recipes have a sweeter taste when the tomato is used instead of other vegetables.

They are also more juicier than other vegetables, which usually take less cooking time to soften.

The 5 Greatest Cherry Tomato Substitutes

Although being a popular produce, cherry tomatoes may be difficult to locate in supermarkets.

Nevertheless, several replacements are available, with each one being comparable enough to perform well in the recipe.

1 tomato, plum style

Plum-style tomatoes are smaller and flatter than regular tomatoes.

They may be rather sweet, with an excellent acidity balance.

It is worth noting that their peel may not be as rough as that of many other varieties of tomatoes, making them simpler to cook with.

A plum tomato’s skin is substantially thinner than that of a regular-sized tomato, making them much simpler to cook with.

These tomatoes are often used in sauces and pastes, and they may also be utilized for canning or bottling fruits.

They have a distinct flavor, both in the initial and aftertaste, which you may or may not like.

Yet, most people find them to be extremely sweet and a good substitute for cherry tomatoes in meals where the latter does not suit.

2 Tomatoes, Grape

Grape tomatoes resemble cherry tomatoes in appearance, although they are considerably smaller.

They are rounder than cherry tomatoes, which resemble little grapes.

Grape tomatoes, as the name implies, are created after being collected at the grape stage, when they are completely flavorful and ripe.

Depending on how ripe they are, they might be extremely sweet or somewhat sour.

Because of its tiny size and sweeter-than-average taste, this tomato is often used in salads or as a snack.

Since they are particularly juicy, you may need to cook them for less time than other replacements.

Three Campari Tomatoes

Campari tomatoes have a taste and look similar to cherry tomatoes.

The primary distinction is that they are bigger than the latter.

Also, since Campari tomatoes have a somewhat thicker peel, you won’t have to spend as much time cooking them before eating them.

This tomato originated in Italy and was named for the Campari business.

When you eat a Campari tomato, the flavor is usually light and acquired.

Yet, it has been characterized as having both sweet and sour at the same time.

Like with other alternatives, this one is ideal for salads and pasta meals.

They are also excellent for cooking in stews or on the grill.

4 Olives, ripe

If you’re searching for a substitution that will add a touch of flavor to your meal, this may be it.

Ripe olives have a salty and meaty flavor, giving meals a more rich or nuanced flavor.

It’s worth noting that mature olives are often bitter, but cherry tomatoes are fairly sweet.

If the bitterness of mature olives is too severe for you, you may compensate by adding a little extra sugar.

Ripe olives are widely available and were initially grown by the Greeks 2,000 years ago.

They have also been utilized as an edible food source for a long time, appearing in some of the oldest recipes.

5 Tomatoes, Dried

Sun-dried tomatoes are an excellent substitution for cherry tomatoes, particularly if you can get them on sale at your local grocery.

They are substantially less expensive than alternative options and may provide a variety of tastes when cooked correctly.

Sun-dried tomatoes have a sweeter flavor since they are dried before being used in recipes.

This means you won’t need to add as much sugar or salt as you would if you used cherry tomatoes.

Sun-dried tomatoes, like other replacements, perform nicely in salads and pasta dishes.

They are also great for kebabs and baking cakes or brownies.

They also perform nicely in soups and stews if added early enough.


Fresh cherry tomatoes are an excellent accent to many recipes.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to fresh cherry tomatoes all year owing to their being out of season or not being produced at all in certain countries.

The alternatives listed above are the only options for cherry tomatoes, although they work effectively in many scenarios.

If you want even more substitutions, ask your friends and family what other varieties of tomatoes they use in their cuisine.

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