The 5 Greatest Queso Blanco Substitutes

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Have you tried Queso Blanco before? It’s a mildly flavored soft white cheese.

When served, it usually seems fluffy and light.

Queso Blanco is very popular in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean.

Although Queso Blanco was quite popular for many years, it has progressively fallen out of favor as more adventurous cheeses have become popular.

It does, however, have a considerable fan following that enjoys its creamy texture and mild taste.

There are several reasons why you should use Queso Blanco in your cooking or eating regimen.

Maybe you wish to reduce your consumption of fat or cholesterol. Maybe you’re lactose intolerant. Maybe you’re a vegetarian or vegan. Regardless matter the reason for your search, here are some excellent possibilities.

What exactly is Queso Blanco?

Queso Blanco is a versatile, unaged white cheese from Mesoamerica.

Queso Blanco is salty, with a hard, rubbery texture that distinguishes it from other cheeses like as feta and ricotta.

It’s delicious crumbled over salads and prepared foods.

It may also be eaten as a snack or sliced atop tacos.

Since Queso Blanco melts well, it may be used to fill quesadillas, empanadas, and other Latin American cuisines.

Several supermarket shops sell Queso Blanco, and some Latin American specialty stores do as well.

The 5 Greatest Queso Blanco Substitutes

If you’re looking for a white cheese with a similar texture and flavor to Queso Blanco, check these alternatives:

1 pound feta cheese

This cheese is often white, although it may be red as well.

It is prepared from sheep or goat milk.

This well-known cheese originates from Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, and other Balkan nations.

It has a sharper flavor than Queso Blanco and is less creamy.

Yet, this sort of cheese is often crumbled, giving it a lovely texture.

If you’re seeking for an alternative for Queso Blanco in salads or spreads, Feta is a great option.

You may use traditional Feta cheese or reduced-fat Feta cheese, which is saltier.

Because to its saltiness, it should be used carefully while preparing different meals.

2 pieces halloumi cheese

Both goat’s milk and sheep’s milk are used to make halloumi cheese.

It comes from Cyprus.

It is, however, found in other nations such as the United Kingdom, France, Australia, and the United States.

Halloumi cheese has a bouncy quality that makes it ideal for grilling or frying.

This white cheese does not melt when heated at high temperatures and may be used in place of Queso Blanco in a variety of meals.

You may get this cheese in either blocks or slices.

Halloumi is seasoned with mint, giving it a refreshing, grassy flavor that makes it a perfect option for light meals.

3 Farmers Cheddar

It is also known as pot cheese and is often used in breakfast preparations.

Farmers cheese has a mild taste that makes it suitable for use as an ingredient or filler.

Farmers cheese has a texture that is comparable to ricotta, although it is less sweet.

Farmers cheese, unlike Queso Blanco, is soft.

It’s not as flaky or solid as Queso Blanco.

While purchasing this sort of cheese, you may choose between whole milk and low-fat variants.

Note that the flavor will differ based on which one you choose, although the ordinary version typically tastes better.

4 oz. Monterey Jack

The majority of Monterey Jack cheese is made in the United States.

It began in Monterey, California, but has since spread to other states such as Wisconsin and Texas.

This cheese is available in shredded or block form.

While purchasing this Queso Blanco replacement, you may pick between mild and sharp variations.

This cheese is also available in flavored varieties, such as jalapeno-flavored Monterey Jack.

This mild cheese has a somewhat acidic taste that makes it stand out in certain meals.

It melts beautifully and has a smooth but not too creamy texture.

5 ounces ricotta cheese

Last but not least, ricotta cheese may be used in place of the Queso Blanco.

It is prepared from sheep or cow milk.

Ricotta is an Italian cheese with a smooth, not too hard or crumbly feel.

This white cheese is often seen in lasagna and other pasta recipes.

It’s mildly salty, which makes it a wonderful option for Italian dishes.

Ricotta cheese melts into a wonderful creamy consistency when cooked, without becoming too soupy or dry.

It also has a sweet, mild taste, making it an excellent alternative for Queso Blanco in some meals.


Queso Blanco is a kind of white cheese used in Mexican cuisine.

Its somewhat crumbly texture melts readily, making it an excellent component or filler for a variety of meals.

This cheese is prepared with either full milk or low-fat milk.

White cheeses such as Feta, Halloumi, Farmers Cheese, and Monterey Jack are available.

Each of these cheeses has a distinct flavor, but they are all suitable alternatives for Queso Blanco.

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