The 5 Greatest Piquillo Pepper Substitutes

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The Piquillo Pepper is very fantastic in the kitchen.

It is from Spain, where it has been farmed for generations in Northern Spain.

It is now regarded as one of the world’s most popular peppers.

If you’re looking for them, don’t seek for them by their Spanish names, Capsicum or Pimiento, since you won’t find them.

Instead, seek for them by their Spanish name, Capsicum Piquillo.

Piquillo peppers are an excellent option if you want a pepper with a somewhat smokey, earthy flavor and a sweet, gently spicy finish.

But what if you don’t have access to piquillo peppers? Don’t worry, there are many of great options that will provide the similar taste character to your meal.

These are our top five picks.

What exactly are Piquillo Peppers?

Piquillo peppers are not like other bell peppers.

They have a distinct taste and crisp texture that distinguishes them from other varieties of red chili peppers, while they are comparable to their contemporaries on this delightful spice bus in many respects.

Piquillo peppers are triangular in form and generally red in color.

Its nutty and sweet taste makes them a delicious complement to a variety of recipes.

They may also be packed with savory items like cheese, meats, or veggies for an extra taste burst that your tongue will adore.

Piquillo peppers are the key component of a typical Spanish meal known as tapas.

Piquillos may be fried and eaten as an appetizer or used to create a sauce for other meals like paella.

The 5 Greatest Piquillo Pepper Substitutes

If you want a nice pepper but don’t want to open a jar of Piquillo Peppers from Spain, here are 5 alternatives that will make your tongue happy.

1 pound banana peppers

Banana peppers are indigenous to South America.

They have a fiery, peppery taste with touches of sweetness.

Also, they may be found in green rather than red.

In appearance, this pepper is lengthy and ranges in length from three to six inches.

It also has a curved form to it.

These peppers have a thick skin and may be eaten raw, filled with meats or cheeses, or pickled.

Banana peppers may grow as little as three inches long and one inch broad.

This is why they are often served cut into rounds as a topping for sandwiches and pizza.

They may also be obtained pickled and used to enhance almost any recipe.

1 jalapeno pepper

Jalapenos are another common pepper found in the United States.

This chili pepper is little, yet it delivers a powerful punch.

It has an earthy taste with citrus overtones.

When cooked, it is usually not extremely spicy.

But, if eaten raw, it may cause minor mouth discomfort.

This pepper is most usually seen in green, although it may also be found in red.

Since the skin of the jalapeño is relatively thin, you may utilize the seeds and membrane if desired.

This will increase the amount of heat in your meal, so eliminate them if you want a milder taste.

It is important to know that jalapeño peppers may also be obtained pickled or dried.

This implies you’ll see it in these forms more often than fresh.

3 Fresno peppers, roasted

This pepper is related to the jalapeño pepper.

It’s also known as the Jalapeno M, and it’s from Mexico.

It has a similar shape and size to a jalapeño but a milder taste.

You’ll probably have to go to a specialist to find this chili pepper in supermarkets.

They may, however, be purchased in the International Foods section of most supermarket shops.

In terms of heat, this pepper is akin to a jalapeño, albeit it is more of a medium hot for most recipes.

If you want something hotter, try another chili pepper that isn’t on the list.

four cherry peppers

These peppers are tiny, spherical, and vivid red in color.

Also, the skin is thicker than that of a jalapeño or Fresno pepper, so it may be removed before eating if desired.

These peppers have a somewhat sweet flavor with just the right amount of heat.

Cherry peppers are often found pickled and in jars.

If you can’t locate them elsewhere, check for them with other pickled products like olives in the Foreign Foods section.

It is important to remember that cherry peppers may also be used as a garnish for drinks, salads, and sandwiches.

This implies they’ll most likely be chopped into rounds with olives in these circumstances.

5 green bell peppers

Bell peppers are a frequent ingredient in many dishes.

They have a pleasant taste and little to no heat.

These peppers are usually available in three colors: green, red, and yellow.

Although they are often used as a basis for salads and sides, this pepper topping may also be used on burgers, sandwiches, and pizzas.

There are also several recipes online that use bell peppers as the main component.

While shopping, look for them in plastic packing with other veggies.

They may, however, be found cleaned and chopped in the refrigerated department of local supermarkets.

If desired, bell peppers may be roasted to improve their taste.


Piquillo peppers have a thick skin and are modest in size.

They are usually filled with cheeses or meats to make them sweeter, although they may also be eaten fresh in salads or pickled in jars.

If you need an alternative, use another chili pepper that isn’t on this list.

Each has a distinct taste character, which you may discover by experimenting with them in your kitchen.

Whichever sort of cuisine you’re creating, there should be a suitable alternative accessible.

For all, knowing how to make substitutes without going to the hassle of acquiring piquillo peppers is vital.

With this knowledge, you may now improve your favorite recipe without becoming too reliant on a single item.

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