The 5 Greatest Montasio Cheese Substitutes

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Nothing beats Montasio cheese (frico) with a glass of wine and some good company.

Montasio cheese is primarily prepared in the Italian Alps, but it has spread across Europe and is even used in American cuisine.

As a result, there are many types of montasio cheese: young or aged, grass-fed or not, smoked or not.

Each style is prepared and flavored differently, but they all have one thing in common: they are delicious.

Although if the flavor of montasio cheese is unrivaled, there are moments when you just cannot take it.

Maybe you’ve eaten enough to upset your stomach, or perhaps you’ve heard that montasio cheese is terrible for your health.

Several items may be used as montasio cheese alternatives, albeit they do not perfectly replicate the taste.

Continue reading to learn more about your alternatives.

What exactly is Montasio Cheese?

Most people associate classic Italian cuisine with pizza and pasta.

Yet, another delicacy that has garnered little notice is Montasio Cheese (Frico).

Montasio cheese (frico) is a wonderful and unusual dish cooked with montasio cheese.

It has historically been consumed throughout northern Italy, particularly in Friuli Venezia Giulia, where it originated.

This delectable meal is now widely consumed across the nation.

This cheese is created from cow’s milk and has a strong yet mild taste.

The cheese flavor is quite close to parmesan, therefore it may be used in place of this more prevalent cheese.

Nonetheless, Montasio cheese has advantages over conventional parmesan, such as a milder taste that mixes well with pasta.

This cheese is particularly nutritious since it is high in calcium and vitamin B12.

The cheese is also good for your heart since it is low in fat and rich in protein.

Montasio Cheese is a delicious alternative to traditional Italian recipes.

It’s fast and easy to make in a frying pan, making it ideal for last-minute dinners.

Montasio Cheese is a great chance to try something new and delightful.

The 5 Greatest Montasio Cheese Substitutes (Frico)

If you can’t locate Montasio Cheese (Frico), there are a few more possibilities.

These are five choices that have a similar flavor and texture:

1 Gouda

Gouda is a typical Dutch cow’s milk cheese.

This cheese’s flavor has now gone around the globe.

There are numerous flavors and tastes to choose from when it comes to cheese.

Since Goudas are often extremely sharp, they are an excellent alternative for Montasio Cheese (Frico).

Gouda cheese is often saltier than Montasio cheese.

Some people say it has a somewhat stronger odor than Montasio cheese.

These two varieties of cheese have extremely similar flavors.

There is smoked gouda, which is normally accessible in the United States, although most Italian retailers do not stock it.

2 shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano

Parmigiano-Reggiano is the most popular Italian cheese outside of Italy. It is tasty and versatile.

It is usually much more costly than Montasio Cheese (Frico).

Parmigiano-Reggiano is a sharp-tasting cheese manufactured from cow’s milk.

Since it has a strong taste, you don’t need to add much salt or pepper to the meal.

This cheese has a texture that is close to parmesan, if not more crumbly.

The distinction between Montasio Cheese (Frico) and Parmigiano-Reggiano is found in the manufacturing method; parmesan is often mass-produced.

Meanwhile, Parmigiano-Reggiano is exclusively produced in certain locations of Italy using traditional processes.

3 slices of Swiss cheese

Montasio Cheese has a similar flavor and texture to Swiss cheese (Frico).

This cheese, on the other hand, is often considerably softer than the Italian equivalent.

Swiss cheeses, like parmesan, are generally made from cow’s milk and may be found in shops.

Swiss cheese has a wonderful taste and combination of sweet and salty.

It has a milder taste than Montasio Cheese in general.

Swiss cheese has a particularly soft texture, making it an excellent substitute for Montasio Cheese (Frico) in meals.

four Asiago

Asiago is another Italian cheese that may be used in place of Montasio (Frico).

This cheese has a similar feel to Montasio but does not melt as well.

While most people identify Asiago with red wine, this sort of cheese goes nicely with a variety of wines.

It’s also great for salads since it has a strong taste.

Asiago refers to the manufacturing process.

The cheese is primarily prepared from cow or goat milk.

Asiago comes in a variety of tastes since there are so many distinct types.

5 Cheese Latteria

This cheese is primarily prepared in Italy using cow’s or goat’s milk.

Latteria Cheese is comparable to Montasio Cheese (Frico) and may easily be replaced for traditional Italian meals.

Latteria cheese has a moderate flavor and a soft texture.

It melts well, making it ideal for pizzas or sandwiches.

Latteria cheese has a little harsher taste than Montasio and a fragrance akin to gouda.

Latteria cheese is normally sold in wheel form, although the flavor and texture are comparable to Montasio cheese.


Montasio (Frico) cheese is a typical Italian cheese that might be difficult to get outside of Italy.

Yet, there are various more possibilities accessible; nonetheless, only five of these alternatives stand out as high-quality solutions.

Depending on your taste preferences, you may be able to discover a replacement for Montasio Cheese (Frico) that matches the distinct flavor and aroma of this classic Italian meal.

While looking for a substitution, bear in mind the distinctions between each cheese.

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