The 5 Greatest Emmental Cheese Substitutes

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Emmental cheese is a kind of cheese notable for its visible holes on the exterior surface.

This gives it its distinct look and guarantees that individuals who eat it have a wonderful experience when they bite into a slice.

Nevertheless, some people do not like this kind of cheese because they are lactose intolerant or for other reasons.

There are several varieties of cheese on the market.

There is a comparable alternative for Emmental cheese that has less calories but tastes exactly as good as the genuine product.

This article will discuss an alternative for Emmental cheese.

Hence, here are the five greatest Emmental Cheese replacements.

What exactly is Emmental cheese?

It’s a yellow cheese with tiny holes from Switzerland.

It tastes nutty, rich, and somewhat sweet.

The cheese, which is manufactured from cow’s milk, may be used in a variety of dishes.

Emmental cheese is often referred to as Swiss cheese, Emmenthaler cheese, or just Swiss cheese.

It hails from Switzerland’s Emme valley, where this cheese was originally manufactured in the 12th century.

Unfortunately, it did not earn its name until 1815.

Cheesemakers in the Emmental area of Switzerland are said to have stored their cheese in the limestone caves present there, causing holes to grow on the rind of the cheese.

While fresh, the taste is buttery, nutty, and sweet; when matured, the flavor becomes deeper and more nuanced.

It’s a great cheese for risottos, casseroles, fondue, and even burgers.

It has an incredible taste that makes it impossible to resist.

The 5 Greatest Emmental Cheese Substitutes

If you adore Emmental cheese, you may want to try these five alternatives to this excellent Swiss cheese.

1 pound Comte

Comte is a delicious cheese that tastes just like Emmental.

Its normally accessible in all the big supermarkets and specialized shops, so it should be simple to locate.

This cheese has a somewhat sweeter flavor than Swiss, but it still has the deep depth of flavor that you would expect from an aged cheese.

Moreover, it is a semi-hard cheese that is normally sold in little chunks.

It has a rich nutty flavor and a moderate, somewhat acidic flavor.

The nicest thing about Comte is that it can be grated to create a meltable texture that is ideal for casseroles and fondues.

2 slices Fontina

Fontina is another fantastic alternative to try if you cannot get Emmental or Comte.

Fontina was developed in the Italian Aosta Valley.

The taste of the cheese is creamy and nutty, making it an excellent alternative for Swiss cheese.

It adds a touch of sweetness to roasted veggies while also improving the flavor of soups and sauces.

Fontina is a semi-soft cheese with a drier texture than Emmental.

It is, nevertheless, quite smooth and melts beautifully when heated.

The mild flavor of the cheese complements other ingredients in your meals.

three raclette

Raclette, like Emmental, has a meltable texture.

This cheese is manufactured from cow’s milk and sometimes goat’s milk.

It may, however, be made using a blend of both types of milk.

It has a creamy, salty taste that is excellent for melting potatoes, veggies, or meats.

You may make a raclette pan meal by combining it with sliced potatoes and veggies.

The cheese is also delicious as a garnish for baked potatoes.

Raclette is widely accessible in supermarkets and specialty food shops such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods Market.

It complements other items like cured meats, pickles, and onions.

Four Cheddar Cheese

Emmental cheese may also be substituted with cheddar.

Cheddar is created from cow’s milk and may be matured for months or years.

The cheese has a very pungent flavor that might provide some spice to your dishes.

It’s worth noting that cheddar doesn’t melt as well as other kinds of cheese.

Making a casserole with layers of sauce and cheese is one way around this.

Cheddar is widely accessible in supermarkets, although the highest grade cheeses are matured for up to ten years.

As a result, if the cheese does not smell or seem rotten, it should be OK for your recipes.

Manchego Cheese 5

Manchego is an excellent choice for those seeking for a melty cheese.

It’s great on bread and pizza, but it’s also great in casseroles and salads.

Manchego has a salty, nutty flavor with a somewhat acidic finish.

Since it is prepared from sheep’s milk, it may be difficult to locate in your local grocery shop.

Nonetheless, the cheese should be available at specialist food shops or online through a local cheese shop or cheese mail-order firm.

If you’re not sure where to begin, seek for Manchego in your grocery store’s deli area.

You may also buy it online from a speciality cheese store or a local cheese mail-order firm.


Emmental cheese is ideal for casseroles or as a meat topping.

Since the texture of this cheese is what makes it so unique, choosing the proper alternative is critical.

In addition to having a meltable texture, you should search for cheeses with some acidity and taste richness.

Although many different cheeses will work well in a dish, the five replacements mentioned above are quite comparable to Emmental.

Try any of these ideas for your next meal and discover which one you prefer.

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