The 5 Best Table Cream Substitutes

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Table cream is a kind of cream that has a fat content of 18-30%.

Table cream is nearly usually used in baking. Since it has a thicker consistency than heavy or whipped creams, most chefs prefer it.

Some chefs even use table cream for butter in baking recipes, particularly when adding flavor.

It is critical to grasp the taste of table cream while cooking with it.

Whereas heavy and whipping creams have a lighter, more airy texture and flavor, table cream has a thicker texture and a milder flavor.

In most recipes that ask for just a modest quantity of cream, table cream may be used interchangeably with both heavy and whipped creams.

In this essay, we will explain everything and give the finest table cream replacements.

What exactly is Table Cream?

Table cream is cream that has 18-30% milk fat.

In the United States, this cream is also known as light cream, while in the United Kingdom, it is known as single cream.

All forms of cream are the same; the only difference is the fat content.

Cream comes in a few distinct varieties:

  • Half and half cream – 10.5% to 18% fat; half milk and half light cream.
  • Light cream – 18%-30% fat; also known as table cream.
  • Whipping cream – 30%-36% fat; is often used in cooking and baking.
  • Heavy cream – greater than 36% fat; also known as heavy whipping cream.

If raw milk is not pasteurized, fats will rise to the top and create a layer.

This high-fat layer is employed to create the cream.

The 5 Best Table Cream Substitutes

It depends on what you want to use the light cream for. The most suitable option for table cream

In this list, we attempted to offer alternatives for the majority of applications.

1 cup cream (half & half)

Half and half cream, as previously stated, is table cream with a reduced fat content.

The USDA defines half and half cream as a milk and cream combination with 10.5-17.9% milkfat.

Since this cream is so close to table cream, it may be used in any recipe.

If you use half and half instead of table cream in a sauce or gravy, it will be lighter.

If this makes the sauce too thin, thicken it with a little cornstarch.

Half and half cream is also excellent as a coffee creamer, making it healthier than commercial coffee creamers, which include a lot of added sugar.

Appropriate ratio:

  • 1 cup table/light cream= 1 cup half and half cream.

2 tbsp. evaporated milk

This is a product that is available almost anyplace in the globe and is also known as unsweetened condensed milk.

Evaporated milk has had around 60% of its water removed.

This provides it almost double the amount of fat and solids as conventional milk.

Evaporated milk, like ordinary cream, can thicken your coffee, but use caution when adding it.

Since evaporated milk has a considerably stronger flavor than ordinary milk, it is best mixed with whole milk.

Whole milk may be replaced with evaporated milk (1 cup whole milk= cup evaporated milk + cup water).

When substituting evaporated milk for table cream, add cornstarch to make the dish thicker.

Appropriate ratio:

  • 1 cup light cream= 1 cup evaporated milk + 1 tbsp cornstarch ( cornstarch optional).

3 cups coconut milk

If you follow a vegan diet, you will need a dairy-free substitute for light cream.

Dairy products are utilized in many dishes, making it difficult to find a vegan substitute.

Coconut milk has lately gained popularity as a vegan replacement for conventional milk.

Coconut milk is not the same as coconut water, which is found naturally inside coconuts.

Coconut milk is prepared by processing the flesh of the coconut with water.

Coconut milk may be used as a healthy and tasty creamer for coffee or tea.

Add some vanilla extract and honey to make it sweeter.

Coconut milk may also be used as a culinary and baking cream.

If you want it thicker, refrigerate the milk in a can and drain the liquid.

Appropriate ratio:

  • 1 cup light cream= 1 cup coconut milk.

4 Greek Yogurt with Milk

Here’s a quick and easy cream substitute made using common household components.

Greek yogurt is just normal yogurt that has been strained to make it thicker.

You can produce yogurt at home with simply milk and a starter.

Just heat the milk and then add the yogurt beginning when it has cooled.

Put it in a warm location for a few hours, and you’ve got yogurt.

Strain it to remove the whey and thicken it.

Greek yogurt is too thick to substitute light cream on its own, but you may thin it with milk to get the desired consistency.

Appropriate ratio:

  • 1 cup light cream = 1/3 cup Greek yogurt +2/3 cup whole milk.

5 Tofu Silken

From meats to sauces, the soybean seems to have an infinite number of applications.

Soy milk, for example, has become a popular health drink.

Soy milk was the first non-dairy milk to gain popularity, however it has since been surpassed by almond milk.

Silken tofu, which is manufactured from soy milk, has a softer texture than conventional tofu.

It crumbles easily and may be used in place of cream in a variety of recipes.

Blend the silken tofu until it is creamy and smooth before using it in recipes.

Appropriate ratio:

  • 1 cup light cream = 1 cup pureed silken tofu.


There are several alternatives to using cream in your recipes.

Consider how the cream will be used in the recipe when selecting a replacement for table cream.

Is it used to thicken or flavor food? Consider dairy-free choices if you follow a vegan diet.

Cream is a vital ingredient in many recipes, and it is difficult to substitute.

Fortunately, there are several replacements available.

Hopefully, this post has provided you with a solution to your problem.

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