The 5 Best Substitutes for Broiling Pan

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Have you ever seen a meal that you were eager to try but couldn’t because you lacked the necessary kitchen equipment?

At some time in our lives, it has occurred to each and every one of us.

Even the most specialist kitchen gadget might, fortunately, often have a viable alternative that can be discovered with a little of ingenuity and experimentation.

Consider the pan for broiling as an example.

The technique of cooking known as broiling involves subjecting food to radiant heat in a direct manner. This particular piece of kitchenware was made with broiling in mind.

There are a number of additional techniques that may be used in place of using a broiling pan to get the same or comparable outcomes.

In this piece, we will go over five of the most effective alternatives to using a broiling pan that you may put to use in the kitchen to prepare some of your favorite meals.

What’s Broiling Pan?

A piece of cookware known as a broiling pan is a kind of kitchen pot or pan that is used specifically for broiling food.

The term “broiling” refers to a method of cooking in which food is prepared by being subjected to direct heat, most frequently by making use of the broiler element of an oven.

The primary benefit of using a pan designed for broiling is that it assists in the distribution of heat more evenly, which can lead to food that is cooked more uniformly.

In addition to this, the pan is useful for collecting any drippings that may be produced by the food, which can then be put to use in the preparation of sauces or gravies.

When looking for a pan to use for broiling, it is essential to select one that is not only made of a long-lasting material but also features a non-stick cooking surface.

Additionally, it is beneficial to select a pan with raised edges because this will assist in preventing juices and fats from running off the edge of the pan and creating a mess. This can be accomplished by selecting a pan with raised edges.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Broiling Pan

There is no need to panic if you do not own a pan suitable for broiling.

There are a number of alternatives that can be used to accomplish the same thing.

1 – Roasting Trays with Wire Racks

Cooking meat and vegetables in a roasting tray, which is a large pan with a shallow depth, is done in a roasting oven.

In most cases, it comes with a wire rack that can be placed inside of it and serves the purpose of keeping the food elevated so that it can cook more uniformly.

When making roasted chicken, pork tenderloin, or roasted vegetables, a roasting tray is an invaluable piece of equipment to have.

It is also possible to use it as an alternative to a pan for broiling.

It is important to place the food on the wire rack when using a roasting tray as a substitute for a broiling pan. This will ensure that the food is elevated and will not come into contact with the bottom of the tray.

This will assist in making certain that the food is cooked uniformly on all sides.

2 – Cast-Iron Griddle Pans

When it comes to preparing food, there are a few pieces of equipment that are considered to be necessities and should be present in every kitchen.

One of these is a griddle pan made out of cast iron.

A pancake pan, bacon fryer, egg skillet, and hamburger grill are all excellent uses for a griddle pan.

It heats everything uniformly and has a flat surface, so it’s simple to turn the food over.

In addition to this, it is simple to clean; after cooking, simply use a paper towel to clean it off.

You can use a broiling pan as a substitute for a griddle pan if you do not have one.

Racks that are raised in broiler pans allow fat and grease to drain away from the food as it cooks, which is an important safety feature.

On the other hand, they don’t distribute heat as evenly as a griddle pan does, so you’ll need to be extra watchful not to overcook the food.

In addition, the raised racks make it more difficult to flip the food.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a griddle pan and you need to cook something quickly, you can get by with a broiling pan in a pinch.

3 – Cast-Iron Griddle Sheets

A cast-iron griddle sheet is a sheet of metal that is flat and smooth, and it has raised edges that are used for cooking food on top of a stove.

Cast iron is the material of choice for its production, and it is utilized in place of a pan for broiling food.

Food is cooked more uniformly on a griddle sheet than it is in a broiler pan because the sheet allows heat to spread evenly across the surface of the metal.

In addition, the griddle sheet has raised edges that prevent food from sliding off the surface while it is being cooked.

The cast-iron griddle sheet is an excellent cooking utensil for preparing breakfast foods like pancakes, eggs, bacon, and other similar items because it distributes heat evenly and has raised edges.

The cast-iron griddle sheet can be used to cook a wide variety of foods, including quesadillas, burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even more. It is most commonly used to prepare breakfast foods.

When using a cast-iron griddle sheet for cooking, it is essential to use oil or butter to prevent food from sticking and to ensure even browning of the food.

The cast-iron griddle sheet is an adaptable piece of cookware that can be utilized for the preparation of a wide range of foods.

A cast-iron griddle sheet has a long lifespan if it is maintained properly over the years.

4 – Roasting Trays

A kitchen utensil known as a roasting tray is utilized for the process of roasting meat.

Typically, it is made of metal and has a raised lip all the way around the edge, which serves to prevent juices from dripping off.

Roasting trays can be used for vegetables as well, and they can be positioned underneath the grill to collect any drippings that occur.

Even though a roasting tray is not strictly necessary for kitchen use, it is still a handy tool to have.

You can use a broiler pan in place of a roasting tray if you do not have access to a roasting tray.

A broiling pan is typically made of metal or ceramic, and it features a perforated top that allows juices to drain away from the food while it is being roasted.

In addition to this, you can use it to roast meat and vegetables, and it will also collect any drips that may occur from the grill.

Even though a broiling pan does not have as much depth as a roasting tray, it will still be able to support your food in the appropriate manner.

5 – Baking Sheets

The majority of individuals understand the importance of having a well-equipped kitchen and will spend money to purchase many kinds of cookware.

On the other hand, there are a few parts that are very adaptable and can serve a variety of functions.

The baking sheet is an example of such a product.

Even while baking is its most common use, it may also be utilized in the broiling process.

A standard broiling pan may be replaced with a baking sheet if it is elevated to the highest rack in the oven before broiling.

This enables the fluids and fat from the dish to trickle down onto the baking sheet, where they may be collected and used for the preparation of sauces and gravies.

A baking sheet’s equal heat distribution helps to prevent food from being overcooked, which is another benefit of using one.

As a consequence of this, a baking sheet is an important component of cookware that should be present in every kitchen.


In conclusion, although there are a variety of cooking utensils that can be used for broiling, the five that have been listed above are some of the most effective alternatives to a conventional broiling pan.

Because each comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks, you’ll want to pick the option that caters the most closely to your requirements.

Any one of these tools in the kitchen, with a bit of ingenuity and imagination, can be used to prepare delectable and nutritious meals.


What can I use instead of a broiler pan?

In the event that you do not have a broiling pan, you may utilize alternatives in its stead. A roasting pan, a pan made of cast iron, or a tray made of aluminum foil are some alternatives to a broiler pan that you might use. You may also use sheet pans, but if you do so, make sure they are nice and thick and heat the oven to a medium temperature since sheet pans can warp when exposed to high temperatures.

Can I use any pan for broiling?

When using a broiler, the best cooking vessels to use are either hefty metal pans or a straightforward sheet pan with a rim. If you use anything different, such as a glass pan, it runs the risk of cracking or breaking beneath the heat of the broiler. A safe bet is always to go with the sheet pan that is the favorite in Our Test Kitchen.

What kind of pan is best for broiling?

Stainless steel or aluminum are the typical materials used in the construction of broiler pans. On the other hand, there are enameled and cast iron variants available. Some of them have a special coating that prevents food from sticking to them, which makes it much simpler to clean the pan on the bottom.

Can I broil on aluminum foil?

You can line the top and bottom parts of the broiler pan with regular or nonstick aluminum foil if you do not have a pan that does not stick or if you are preparing foods that tend to get messy while cooking. Make sure to cut slits through the foil that covers the top of the broiler pan so that excess fat can drain.

Do you have to have a broiler pan to broil?

When it is time to cook, you will need either a broiler pan, which typically comes with your oven and has slats that help air circulate for even cooking, or a baking sheet with slats. Alternately, you could use a baking sheet or skillet made of cast iron that is safe for use in the oven and turn the food at regular intervals while it is cooking.