Blue Cheese Sauce for Wings or Steak

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This blue cheese sauce pairs nicely with smoked buffalo wings, whether drizzled on top or served on the side to satisfy picky eaters.

This would also go well with a steak for a wonderful creamy sauce.

Blue cheese dipping sauce

Blue Cheese Sauce for Wings or Steak

Blue cheese has a strong taste, but when mixed with the other ingredients, it softens the flavor and, yes, the smell, which I know many people dislike.

My children dislike the scent of blue cheese on its own, but they consume blue cheese sauce by the bucketload.

The other ingredients soften down the taste so much that I now increase the quantity of blue cheese in this recipe from when I initially prepared it.

Everyone who has tried it agrees that it works much better with additional cheese.

How to use this dipping sauce

Blue Cheese Sauce for Wings or Steak

The most apparent use is as a garnish for hot Buffalo wings. The acidic spicy sauce and the chilling texture of the blue cheese sauce complement each other so beautifully.

When you discover a pair that complements each other so nicely, why separate them?

I’ve also put it in burgers and it was a big success.

You may also use it to season garden fresh green salads or as a dipping sauce for wedges and nuggets.

Try some with your next rib eye to surprise yourself. You’ll be astonished at how effective that combo is.

I’m not sure what it is, but the matured cheese with sour cream, lemon juice, creamy mayonnaise, and a touch of garlic is such a well-balanced flavor combination that makes it so flexible.

What type of blue cheese to use

Now I’ll tell you something. It took some time for me to locate the perfect blue cheese for my sauce.

I experimented with a variety of brands. Regrettably, they all taste different. They have certain similarities, but when combined with the other components, they may affect the overall flavor.

In said that, they were all wonderful, except when I used Costellos branded blue-label cheese. It was fantastic.

So don’t be scared to experiment with the recipe. Experiment with several blue cheeses.

How long will it last? 

Knowing my family, about 10 minutes if left out.

To be honest, I would store it in a closed container in the fridge for approximately a week.

I’ll start using it on other meals as soon as I make a batch. As a result of its adaptability, it has never lasted a complete week.


Is blue cheese good for wings?

This creamy Blue Cheese Dip goes well with buffalo chicken wings or chopped veggies such as celery, carrots, or bell pepper. Some individuals believe that you can’t eat chicken wings without blue cheese dip.

Why is blue cheese so good with steak?

Blue cheese is the ultimate classic when it comes to steak. This earthy bite elevates the meat’s taste to meaty, salty, and salty. Blue cheeses are great sauces in addition to being a wonderful melting medium. Stilton, a semi-soft cow’s milk cheese, with naturally occurring rind and blue veins.

What meat goes well with blue cheese?

Blue cheese complements both red and sparkling wines. It also goes nicely with dried fruits like apricots or raisins, as well as fresh figs and pears. Blue cheese goes great with whole grain crackers and walnuts. If you want to pair it with meat, go with beef, particularly steak.

Is ranch or blue cheese better for hot wings?

There is a clear winner when it comes to matching each dressing with fried chicken wings. While ranch works well as a creamy counterpoint to the heat of a fire-y hot, nothing beats blue cheese. The acidic, salty taste of blue cheese takes ranch out of the game. Blue cheese is the winner.

What is blue cheese best on?

Blue cheese complements honey, dried fruit, apple or pear slices, figs, and walnuts. Serve blue cheese with my Cranberry and Dried Cherry Sauce for a unique treat. Serve with sparkling wines, large reds, port, sherry, ice wines, or other dessert wines.

What is the difference between blue cheese and bleu cheese?

Which is better, blue cheese or bleu cheese? Either option is correct. The French spelling of “blue” is bleu. There are many fromages bleus (blue cheeses) in France, and since the French developed the usage of blue cheese in salad dressing, it’s likely to be spelt “bleu cheese dressing” at the restaurant…

What is the best blue cheese for melting?

Say welcome to gorgonzola, the popular cow’s milk blue cheese that belongs on every well-rounded cheeseboard. This rich and savory cheese demands every bit of your attention, from its trademark blue-green veining and unique scent to its crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth feel.

What cheese compliments steak?

Toppings with cheese

Blue cheese is ideal with steak, but you may like something different. Topping cheese for a steak should crumble, so choose something like gorgonzola, blue cheese, feta, or something similar.

What goes with blue cheese sauce?

Combine blue cheese dressing and buffalo sauce with practically any meal, including lasagna, spaghetti, pizza, poppers, dip, sloppy joes, meatballs, sliders, mac and cheese bits, deviled eggs, portobello mushrooms, and more.

What is blue cheese mostly used for?

Uses. Blue cheese goes nicely with fruit and nuts, and it’s a great complement to a various cheese board. As a flavor enhancer, whisk it into creamy sauces, dressings, and soups, or sprinkle it over salads. It also adds an umami punch to meat stuffings, creamy pasta recipes, and baked grains…


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