Smoky Garlic Butter Mushrooms

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We’ve all had the experience of having people around for a BBQ and having to wonder, “What am I serving with it?”

You’re sick of slaw and potato salad as side dishes. You could be OK eating a large steak on its own, but you don’t think you’ll be able to sell that concept to your better half.

So, what are we to do? We take the superfood, that umami of all meals, mushrooms, and roast them on your grill or smoker with garlic, butter, and herbs to give the entire dish a boost it requires.

How to make garlic butter mushrooms

Smoky Garlic Butter Mushrooms

The simplicity of this dish is its charm. Aside from the mushrooms, you only need a few ingredients. I used fresh thyme, but you can simply substitute dried thyme or oregano, rosemary, or basil.

If you’re grilling or smoking meat, you may roast them over charcoal with a bit cherry wood to give them a smokey taste.

You can use any BBQ or grill with a cover, or you can use your oven and still get amazing results.

What type of mushroom is best? 

Smoky Garlic Butter Mushrooms

For this recipe, you may use any mushrooms from the grocery, but feel free to experiment with other varieties or combinations.

Here are some mushroom options you can try:

  • Porcino Mushrooms, also known as bolete, Polish mushrooms, or the penny bun, are the best of the bunch but may be difficult to come by at times. They have a silky texture and pleasant woodsy tastes.
  • Oyster Mushrooms, or abalone mushrooms as they are also known. Because of their delicate odor and taste, they are often utilized in Asian cuisine.
  • Shiitake Mushroom, also known as the black mushroom or oriental black, has a very faint woodsy scent and taste, although there are lots of dehydrated varieties available since the flavor is heightened when dried.
  • The most popular mushroom used in Italian cookery is the portobello mushroom, often known as the field mushroom. Because of its umbrella top, these mushrooms are frequently used as burger buns and adapt themselves nicely to grilling owing to their rich, deep taste and texture.
  • Cremini mushrooms are baby bellas, or immature Portabellos. These are the closest match, having a richer and more intense taste than the older Portobello. There is one mushroom that they are often substituted for that most people are unaware of.
  • Button, White We’re looking for mushrooms or champignons. This mushroom grows everywhere and has a pleasant mild flavor. These are the mushrooms of choice for pizza, soups, and salads, and they can even be eaten raw, but we won’t. These should be available at any grocery store or supermarket.

How to season mushrooms

Because the white button mushrooms we’re using have a mild taste, we don’t want to season them too much. What we need to do is mix them with tastes that will bring out the earthy tones in them.

Keep it simple by roasting the mushrooms in unsalted butter and balsamic vinegar, then adding garlic and thyme to give depth of flavor.

The only additional seasonings needed for this recipe are salt and pepper, which are natural MSG.

If you haven’t already guessed, salt is a taste enhancer. I believe that too many people just leave it on the table and do not utilize it for its original function, which is to enhance the taste of a meal, rather than shaking a lot of cheap table salt all over the place out of habit.

How to serve these mushrooms

These garlic butter mushrooms can stand alone on any platter, and if cooked properly, they may even be the star.

They also work well as a side dish when grilling steak or any other hero cut of meat.

I’ve also served these mushrooms with spaghetti; I just mixed in some fried chicken breast pieces and found myself enjoying one of the simplest and most delicious dinners I’ve eaten in a long time.

Mix in some semi-dried tomatoes, toast some baguette slices, and pour over some buttery garlic mushrooms with semi-dried tomatoes, and you’ll be in bliss.

I believe we see side dishes as simply that, something we eat on the side without giving them much attention, but with a little originality and thinking, we can make a variety of cuisines with just a modest mushroom.


Is it better to saute mushrooms in oil or butter?

Melt the butter in a skillet over medium-high heat. To obtain a good sear on these mushrooms, start with an oil that has a little higher smoke point. Butter would burn if used at such a high temperature. Olive oil, avocado oil, or grapeseed oil all work well.

What do garlic mushrooms go with?

Garlic mushrooms complement steak, ribs, fish, chicken, and pork chops well. Serve these as an appetizer with a massive cheeseboard!

How to smoke morel mushrooms?

Light the smoking wood in the smoker, which is set at 250 degrees. Then, in a single layer, place the mushrooms on the smoker grate or wire rack and smoke for 60 minutes, or until they are cooked through. If preferred, garnish with fresh parsley and serve immediately.

Do you saute mushrooms on high?

Warm up over medium-high heat. When the butter has melted and the mixture is heated, add the mushrooms in tiny batches, leaving space between them. Try not to overcrowd the pan. Allow mushrooms to simmer for 3-5 minutes without stirring.

Why saute mushrooms in water?

Before sautéing the mushrooms, steam them in water to surround them with heat, causing them to collapse quicker and leak their own moisture. Browning may finally commence after the moisture has been burned out.

Do you wash mushrooms before sautéing?

“All wild mushrooms should be washed and dried after,” explains Joseph Rizza, Executive Chef at Prime & Provisions in Chicago. “Cultivated mushrooms, such as buttons and portobellos, may be cleaned with a dry cloth or paper towel to remove any extra ‘dirt’ that has accumulated.

What mushrooms does Gordon Ramsay use?

Abdullah and his team demonstrate to Ramsay how to mix the basket of morel, porcini, and chanterelle mushrooms into medfouna, a filled bread known as Berber pizza.

Do you put in the mushrooms or garlic first?

To begin, melt the butter and garlic butter in a big pan (I like nonstick or cast iron). Melt the butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Then, toss in the mushrooms and herbs. Cook the mushrooms for approximately 5-7 minutes, stirring periodically, over medium heat.

Why should you not drink alcohol with morel mushrooms?

Morels contain minor quantities of hydrazine toxins, therefore never consume them uncooked or undercooked, and avoid eating them after drinking alcohol. These are destroyed when cooked, but they may still create problems in persons who are allergic to mushrooms.

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