Which Traeger Grills Have WiFi? (AKA WiFIRE) 

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I recall when WiFi was a premium option available only on the most expensive barbecues.

Companies like as Green Mountain Grills (GMG) began to shake up the industry by incorporating WiFi in their entry-level offerings.

Traeger followed suit in 2019, making WiFi (or WiFIRE as they call it) a standard feature on their most popular selling entry-level grills, the Pro 575 and 780.

They still see grills without WiFi, and some older versions are still available, so it’s worth double-checking before you purchase to ensure the one you’re receiving has WiFi.

Which Traeger grills have WiFire?

Which Traeger Grills Have WiFi? (AKA WiFIRE) 

Because not all Traeger grills incorporate WiFire technology (WiFi), we’ve included all of the models that do and don’t.

Traeger grills without WiFire

Traeger grills without WiFire may be divided into two categories: portable versions and prior generations.

Traeger offers a variety of portable versions, including the Tailgater, Scout, and Ranger. WiFire connection is not available on any of these devices.

The first-generation Pro Series is another device that lacks WiFire integration.

These are known as the Pro 22 and Pro 34, but the newest ones with WiFi, such as the Pro 575 and Pro 780, have a cooking area in the name.

This is significant because, although the first generation machines are no longer available from Traeger, they are still accessible through third-party sellers like as Walmart, Lowes, and Costco. You don’t want to be caught off guard by purchasing a first-generation device and mistakenly believing it has WiFire.

Traeger grills with WiFire connectivity

As previously stated, all second-generation Pro Series devices offer WiFire connection.

The Pro series is Traeger’s flagship brand, and it is commonly recognized as their most popular grill because it offers an excellent blend of affordability, quality, and utility.

The high-end Ironwood and Timberline models all offer WiFire connection, as well as extra features like the Keep Warm and Super Smoke modes, which enable the WiFire app to keep what you’ve cooked warm or raise the quantity of smoke for that extra smoky tang.

Is there a difference between WiFi and WiFire?

Which Traeger Grills Have WiFi? (AKA WiFIRE) 

No. WiFire is Traeger’s brand name for the WiFi technology used in their grills.

How do I start using the WiFi connectivity?

It’s straightforward. After connecting your grill to your home network, download the Traeger Grill App from Google Play or the iTunes Store and establish an account. After there, just choose which of your grills is active at any given moment.

What if I don’t have access to WiFi?

No worries. You may still manage your Traeger Grill using the app on either an Android or an Apple smartphone by choosing Bluetooth over WiFI when connecting to your grill’s home network.

Keep in mind that Bluetooth is less stable and has a shorter range, thus WiFi is the preferable means of connecting.

This is also where you will get push alerts and updates informing you when your grill has been warmed or if there is any action on the grill.

What exactly can I do with the Traeger App?

The app has a variety of features that enable you to relax and spend time with friends and family while cooking.

You can monitor the temperature of your meal, set alerts, and adjust the grill temperature. It even provides cooking advice for precise temperatures and times.

You can also configure the grills to turn off after a particular period of time, making it simple to catch up with everyone and not keep them waiting too long if anything comes up.

Are there any downsides to WiFire?

Every modern technology has downsides. I was all prepared and ready to cook when I went to switch on my Traeger Pro 575 and was confronted with the dreaded notification.

Firmware update required.

You must pause your cooking while your grill connects to the internet and upgrades to the most recent version.

This doesn’t happen very frequently, and it’s sort of nice that your grill may improve even after you buy it.

WiFire up the grill

As you can see, most Traeger grills feature WiFire connection, with the exception of the low end of the spectrum and older models.

The only thing to look out for is purchasing the Pro line from retailers like as Walmart, Lowe’s, and Costco and ensuring that you do not end up with a non-WiFire first-generation Pro model.


Do all traegers connect to WiFi?

Except for the portable Traeger Ranger, all Traeger Grills have Wifire® control with smart device access to the Traeger App.

Can I add WiFIRE to my Traeger?

How to Connect Your Traeger Grill to WiFi – iOS

WiFIRE-enabled grill owners can also operate their grill using WiFIRE, transmit recipes to their grill, and cook with notifications and temperature control.

Does the Traeger Pro Series 34 have WiFIRE?

Is the Traeger Pro 34 WiFi capable? The Pro 34 does not have WiFi capability. It does, however, have Traeger’s Digital Pro controller, which shows your settings on a bright blue LED and keeps the preset temps within 15 degrees of each other.

Does the Traeger Pro 780 have WiFIRE?

The all-new Traeger Pro 575 and 780 grills have been improved with a WiFIRE-enabled controller. WiFIRE enables you to monitor and modify your barbecue from your smartphone using the Traeger app.

Does Traeger Pro 575 have WiFIRE?

Yes, you can, but we’ve already done the work for you. Our WiFIRE®-enabled controller enables for precise temperature control at any time and from any location. With the Traeger App, you can have complete control of your smoke in the palm of your hand.

Does Traeger 575 have WiFi?

Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wifi App-Enabled Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker in Bronze.

How do I know if my Traeger is connected to WiFi?

Check to see whether the grill has already been matched.

Navigate to Menu > Wifi Information on the grill’s controller. If a WiFI network name appears here, the grill is already connected to a network. Go to Grill Appears Offline in App if the grill is linked to the right WiFi on the controller but is not connected inside the app.

Can you upgrade a Traeger?

Replace your old Elite Digital Controller with a Digital Pro Controller to upgrade your grill. This new controller is simple to install and requires no electrical skills.

Should you get WiFi on pellet grill?

Wi-Fi is useful since it enables you to be away from your barbecue and get notifications when to check or when your meal is done on the grill. You can also control the temperature and sensor warnings remotely, which is not possible with a standard grill.

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