What Is the Pit Boss P Setting, and How Should It Be Used?

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Have you just purchased a new Pit Boss Pellet Grill and wondered what the little P setting on the controller is for and how it works?

Although it is briefly detailed in the owner’s handbook, we will go over it in more depth so you can understand how, when, and why you should use it (and, perhaps more significantly, when you shouldn’t).

Although the P setting is being phased out of newer models, many of their existing grills still retain this unique function.

What is the Pit Boss P setting

What Is the Pit Boss P Setting and How Should You Use It

Every temperature controller on a Pit Boss Grill may be adjusted. Smoke, 200F, 225F, 250F, 300F, 350F, 400F, 475F, and High will be available on most controllers.

The only temperature settings on a Pit Boss where the ambient temperature of the grill has no effect on the timing of the auger are Smoke and High.

When the controller is set to Smoke mode exclusively, the P option allows you to regulate the timing of the auger on a Pit Boss Grill (as well as how many pellets are fed into the burn pot).

The P setting’s primary function is to enable the user to smoke low and slow at severe temperatures, since external temperatures may alter the grill’s internal cooking temperatures.

It has no effect on other controller settings. High has just one fixed interval. It’s intended for scorching meat or vegetables over an open flame with the lid ajar.

How pellet grills work – the basics

Before we get into how the P setting on a Pit Boss works, you need first understand how a pellet grill works. In a nutshell, every pellet grill has the following key components:

  • Hopper
  • Auger
  • Burn Pot
  • Temperature Controller
  • Ambient Temperature Probe

The pellets are held in the hopper until the grill is switched on and the temperature controller is triggered. The auger then rotates, delivering a tiny number of pellets to the burn pot, where they are lit.

The temperature is governed by the number of pellets put into the burn pot in a certain length of time. The temperature setting on your controller and the internal ambient temperature of your grill dictate this time.

The quicker the pellets are put into the pot, the higher the temperature setting.

The auger slows down when the internal temperature probe in the grill reaches the temperature specified on the controller. If the temperature sensor detects a little dip in ambient temperature, the auger will accelerate until the desired temperature is attained.

This explains why most pellet grills exhibit moderate temperature changes throughout every cooking session.

The way these components interact is what first draws people to pellet grills. A pellet grill, when used correctly, is a really set it and forget it instrument that removes the need to continually check grill temperatures or learn how to be a master of fire control. When used correctly, the pellet grill will do all of the work for you.

How does the P setting work?

The P Setting has several settings that affect the timing of the auger and the amount of pellets delivered into the burn pot. The default value is 4, with 1 being the lowest and 6 being the highest.

Pause is represented by the P in P Setting. The numbers represent the amount of time the auger waits before putting new pellets into the burn pot.

The default value of 4 is intended to keep the interior ambient temperature of your Pit Boss between 160F and 200F. This setting produces the ideal, thin blue smoke for slowly cooking delicate meats and vegetables low and slow for hours in a moderate climate (between 40F and 90F).

This is when things become complicated. The slower the auger feeds pellets into the burn pot, the higher the setting. This will result in lower interior ambient temperatures in a regular atmosphere. The greater the temperature, the lower the P setting.

Recommended settings and adjustments

The P setting was created to assist your Pit Boss Smoke in severe temperatures. Assume you reside in Phoenix, Arizona, and you want to smoke in the middle of July when temperatures are low. Because the grills are built of steel and coated black, the 110F outside temperature will naturally affect the temperature within the grill.

As a result, if you’re attempting to gently smoke a salmon at 180 degrees Fahrenheit, your grill might quickly achieve interior ambient temperatures of 225 degrees Fahrenheit or more, overcooking the fish.

Increasing the P value above the default of 4 will help avoid this situation from occurring.

Let’s assume you reside in St. Paul, Minnesota, and you want to smoke that same salmon in December. Because of the severe cold, you should lower your P setting below 4 so that your auger can feed pellets into the burn pot quicker and maintain the interior ambient temperature steady.

An important note about the P setting

One thing to keep in mind is that, apart from the scenarios outlined above, the P parameter should be left at its default of 4.

A high P setting might sometimes produce flameouts under regular settings.

A flameout happens when the fire in the burn pot dies out before fresh pellets are introduced to it. If you do not monitor the temperature of the grill, you may end up with a big number of pellets thrown into it.

Because there is no flame to burn the pellets off, a huge quantity of pellets might accumulate over time on the burn pot. If you turned the grill off and back on without first cleaning away that massive collection of pellets, all of those pellets would ignite, resulting in a hazardous fire.

Pit Boss pondered whether or not to even discuss the P setting for fear of people tinkering with it excessively. Previously, you could only modify it using a needle or a pin. They have subsequently incorporated a push button control to newer models and have released documentation describing the P setting on their website.

If you still need help using it effectively, it is advised that you contact customer care.

Which Pit Boss grills have a P setting?

There are several Pit Boss models that have the P setting option, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Pit Boss Sportsman Series
  • The Pit Boss Navigator Series
  • The Pit Boss Mahogany 440D
  • The Original Pro Series
  • The Austin XL
  • Pit Boss including the 700FB , 820 FB, and 1000SC


While the P setting on your pellet grill is a lovely tool to have, it is not something to play with or take lightly. Adjusting it under the correct circumstances may be incredibly beneficial to making your pellet grilling experience delightful.

We strongly suggest looking for any Pit Boss Grill with the P setting, particularly if you live in a region where the weather changes dramatically throughout the year.


How do you use the P setting on Pit Boss?

What exactly is this? Some grills allow you to utilize the p setting in conjunction with a temperature dial preset. To begin, preheat the Pit Boss grill on the Smoke setting. Then, choose the desired temperature; once attained, the p setting will be engaged.

What is the P function on Pit Boss?

The P function (also known as P SET) on a Pit Boss enables you to fine-tune the temperature of the grill by managing pellet feeding cycles. The P function is a pause button that temporarily interrupts the pellet feeding cycle.

What is the best temperature to grill on a Pit Boss?

The temperature range for the smoke setting is 180 to 210 degrees Fahrenheit. To adequately smoke, your grill should be between 80 and 100 degrees Celsius. For the best cooking day, maintain the heat level within this range.

Should the grate be open or closed on Pit Boss?

-Be careful not to shut the grill cover too soon after starting it. Start your Pit Boss grill on Smoke and leave the lid open for 10 minutes to burn off any extra fuel that has accumulated during the starting phase. (Do not raise your lid to adjust the temperature on any other setting than smoke.

Should the vent be open on my smoker?

The open vents will suck smoke from the charcoal and wood underneath, allowing it to properly swirl over your meal and out the top, providing the finest ventilation and cleanest smoke. If the fire becomes too hot, shut the top vent nearly completely.

What is the best P setting for smoke Pit Boss?

Because of the severe cold, you should lower your P setting below 4 so that your auger can feed pellets into the burn pot quicker and maintain the interior ambient temperature steady.

What setting do you smoke brisket on Pit Boss?

Get your Pit Boss smoker or wood pellet grill going. Set the temperature to 225°F after it’s started. install the brisket into the smoker, install the connected temperature probe if using, and cook for 6-8 hours, or until the internal temperature reaches 165°F.

What temperature do you cook chicken on a Pit Boss pellet grill?

In conclusion. To guarantee that your chicken is completely done, cook it on your Pit Boss grill at temperatures ranging from 375°F to 400°F. However, various aspects must be considered, including the quantity of the chicken and how you want it cooked.

How hot should my Pit Boss get on smoke setting?

80-100° C). Then, shut the cover and set the temperature to the appropriate level. – Starting the grill on the smoke setting prevents the firepot from being overwhelmed with pellets.(The temperature range for the smoke setting is 180-210° F.)

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