Top 12 best BBQ blogs in 2016

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There are many food blogs on the internet, but finding the top BBQ blogs may be difficult. This list contains a diverse variety of BBQ and smoking blogs from throughout the internet, ranging from well-known BBQ names to amateurs that provide excellent BBQ material. This list will undoubtedly make you want to fire up the grill!


1) Barbecue! Bible


Why it was chosen:Steven Raichlen is a multi-award-winning author, journalist, culinary instructor, and TV personality. Barbecue! Bible is an excellent source of barbeque news, opinions, reviews, thoughts, and articles. His book Project Smoke is a well-regarded resource for both hot and cold smoking.

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2) Pork Barrel BBQ

Why it made the list: Rather than merely marketing their own goods, the Pork Barrel BBQ folks have a plethora of the latest BBQ news, competition write-ups, and even a humerus. Can it be grilled? A YouTube series in which the newest phones are subjected to scorching temperatures.

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3) How to BBQ right

Why it made the list: Take it from Malcom Reed himself: I’ve been competing for over a decade and have learnt from the best. Now I’m merely sharing that information forward in the hopes of helping others improve their BBQ. You’ll discover a wide variety of delectable dishes as well as BBQ tips and methods.

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4) Girls at the grill

Why it made the list: BBQ may be a bit of a male-dominated environment. Elizabeth Karmel is a chef and author from North Carolina who presents a variety of barbeque recipes, sides, and desserts and deserves to be included in the list of top bbq blogs.

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05) BBQ Addicts

Why it made the list: BBQ may be a bit of a male-dominated environment. Elizabeth Karmel is a North Carolina-based cook and author who presents a variety of barbecue recipes, sides, and desserts.

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06) Girl Carniove

Latest Recipes

Why it reached the list:Girl Carnivore, also known as Kita Roberts certainly knows her way around the grill. Great meals ranging from the basic but delectable smoked chicken recipe described below to steamed fresh crabs. This site is a must-read because of its amazing photos and sense of comedy.

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07) BBQ Bros

Why it made the list: Many websites give delicious BBQ recipes. BBQ Bros take it a step further by providing precise, step-by-step instructions that make it simple to begin grilling. They also offer delicious BBQ recipes!

How To Build A Mini Weber Smokey Mountain is a must-read.


08) Patrons of the Pit

Why it was chosen:You won’t be disappointed with the slogan “two men, two pits, and a blog.” BBQ tales, reviews, photographs, and ideas that are well written.

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09) Obsessive Compulsive Barbecue

Why it was chosen: Joe Haynes is on a never-ending quest to master delicious, delectable barbeque! This is a fantastic personal BBQ blog with cooking experiences, instructions, and recipes.

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10) Arrogant Swine

Why it was chosen:The Arrogant Swine is a Bushwick, Brooklyn-based American Beer Hall. Tyson Tso discusses a variety of experiences, including working with pig heritage farms and going on BBQ roadtrips.

BBQ Roadtrip is a must-read! Greenville, North Carolina’s Bs Barbecue



11) Slap Yo Daddy BBQ

Why it made the list: Slap yo daddy BBQ is the winner of the best-named BBQ blog award! Slap Yo Daddy, led by Harry Soo, is one of the top-ranked Kansas City BBQ Society teams. The site features a wide variety of pit master recipes and BBQ competition experiences.

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12) The Smoking Ho

Why it made the list: If you’re trapped at work and want BBQ but it’s 9:30 a.m., the Smoking Ho could be precisely what you’re looking for. Detailed evaluations of a variety of BBQ establishments, along with photos. When you don’t feel like lighting up the smoker, here is the place to go.

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Start creating your own amazing barbecue

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What are your picks for best BBQ blogs?

It’s now your time! Share your favorite blogs on smoking, grilling, and anything BBQ.


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