The 5 Greatest Stewed Tomato Substitutes

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It goes without saying that stewed tomatoes are excellent.

Their sweet, strong tastes may give the ideal counterpoint to other assertive components in any meal, and they’re quite flexible.

You may eat them as a side dish or snack on their own, add garlic for a fantastic marinara sauce base, or use them in chili, stews, or even barbecue meats.

Stewed tomatoes are so versatile that it’s hard to imagine cooking without them.

This is why it may be difficult for you to contemplate producing a substitution if they are not accessible in your grocery store or at your local farmers market.

Thankfully, there are other alternatives with comparable tastes and textures.

Thus, if you’re halfway through a dish and run out of stewed tomatoes, don’t go for a can of plain diced tomatoes.

Instead, try one of these five alternatives to achieve that fantastic handmade flavor every time.

What exactly are Stewed Tomatoes?

Stewed tomatoes are simmered for an extended period of time until they are concentrated and tasty.

They are often used in dishes such as stews and soups to enhance the taste and flavor of the food.

There are several methods for making stewed tomatoes.

One technique calls for simmering the tomatoes for at least 30 minutes, or more if they are not thoroughly cooked.

To become completely seasoned and tasty, it might take a lot of time and work.

Some individuals choose to speed up this procedure by utilizing an instant pot or pressure cooker, which utilizes steam to reduce cooking time.

With a pressure cooker, you can get stewed tomatoes that taste just as excellent in approximately 20 minutes.

Cooked stewed tomatoes are often incorporated to other dishes.

They may be used as a topping for toast or bagels, or to enhance the flavor of stews and soups.

Because of their rich taste and distinct texture, they are a significant element in a variety of dishes.

The 5 Greatest Stewed Tomato Substitutes

But, there are alternative possibilities for meals that need stewed tomatoes.

If you don’t like the taste of stewed tomatoes but still want to cook a meal with them, there are various substitutions that may mimic the same flavor and texture.

1 tbsp. tomato paste

When using a can of chopped tomatoes, drain it through a strainer.

If you neglect this step, the extra water in your meal will dilute it and make it taste watered down.

After straining, puree the tinned tomatoes in a blender or food processor.

This will convert them to tomato paste.

To prepare practically any dish, you may use tomato paste for stewed tomatoes.

Tomato paste is available in cans at most supermarkets and is an excellent replacement for stewed tomatoes when you want the rich taste and compacted texture of stewed tomatoes.

2 whole canned tomatoes

You may also use canned whole tomatoes for stewed tomatoes.

Whole canned tomatoes are a great alternative for individuals who want a dicing option that is comparable to fresh diced tomatoes.

Whole canned tomatoes may be used in lieu of stewed or pureed tomatoes, and they allow you to break them up into smaller bits.

After diced tomatoes have been cut, they may be used in nearly any dish.

Also, there is no need to be concerned about the additional water in whole canned tomatoes.

That’s a lot of added taste without any more work.

Just cut the tomatoes into smaller pieces if required.

Tomato Sauce 3

To substitute the stewed tomatoes, you may use homemade or store-bought tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce is traditionally prepared using fresh Roma tomatoes that have been sieved and simmered in an open saucepan.

Since this is a time-consuming and attention-demanding cooking procedure, many individuals opt for canned tomato sauce to save time.

The good news is that you can get the same delectable flavor in your recipes by substituting fresh or canned tomato sauce for stewed tomatoes.

4 Tomatoes, Diced

It’s worth noting that any canned diced tomatoes, with or without juice, might be a great alternative for stewed tomatoes.

This is particularly true if the recipe asks for canned crushed tomatoes rather than stewed tomatoes, which are often chunkier in texture.

You may use canned diced tomatoes for stewed tomatoes since they retain their fluids and do not need to be drained.

If the chopped tomatoes are whole, you may wish to drain them in a colander before using them in your recipe.

If the diced tomatoes have previously been crushed, skip this step.

5 Pureed Tomatoes

Last but not least, tomato pure may be used in place of stewed tomatoes.

Tomato puree is created from Roma tomatoes that have been sieved.

Some individuals may like to boil the pulp after passing it through the sieve to make removing the extra liquid simpler.

The nicest aspect about using tomato pure instead of stewed tomatoes is that it has the same texture as pureed or canned diced tomatoes.

This means you may use it in any recipe that asks for crushed tomatoes.

Although it is preferable to cook the tomato puree, it is not required, as previously noted.

You may also use tomato paste or puree in lieu of stewed tomatoes if you don’t want to warm them, but the flavor will be somewhat different.


Stewed tomatoes are a common element in a variety of dishes.

You should be able to come up with a unique replacement that tastes just as delicious, if not better, using the five substitutions suggested above.

Tomatoes may be crushed or diced, depending on your tastes.

If you don’t mind the extra liquid, you may use canned stewed tomatoes for fresh stewed tomatoes.

Tomato puree is another good alternative, particularly if warmed before adding it to your recipe.

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