The 5 Greatest Ranch Style Bean Substitutes

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Beans are a mainstay of Tex-Mex and Mexican cuisine, appearing in a variety of recipes.

Ranch Style beans are created with pinto or black-eyed peas that have been seasoned with onion, smoky bacon, and chili powder to make a tasty meal that may be eaten alone or combined with other cuisines.

The most common food that most people eat is basic cooked beans with salt and pepper sprinkled on top.

Ranch-style beans may be used in a variety of recipes, including nachos and supersized burritos.

Ranch Style beans are normally simple to prepare from home, but if you can’t be bothered or don’t have the time, numerous store-bought options will provide a comparable flavor and texture.

In this post, we’ll look at five of the greatest Ranch Style bean alternatives.

What exactly are Ranch Style Beans?

Let’s start with pinto beans.

Pinto beans are wonderful but may be boring at times, so it’s always good to discover methods to spice them up.

Ranch Style Beans are one method to do this since they include ranch dressing mix, which adds a taste boost to the meal.

These beans are unique and delicious since they are cooked with bacon.

This not only adds a depth of smokiness, but it also adds taste to the beans.

Other components in the mix include onion, garlic, and bell pepper.

This indicates that the beans are more than simply a side dish or something to eat on their own for lunch; they are an all-purpose meal.

Ranch Style Beans are fantastic because they have so many distinct tastes yet are so easy to cook.

The 5 Greatest Ranch Style Bean Substitutes

Yet, you do not have to purchase Ranch Style Beans to enjoy the tastes they provide.

In any dish that asks for these beans, a variety of additional components may be substituted.

The great thing is that when you make the replacement, you will still receive the distinct ranch tastes as well as all of the additional advantages of the other flavors in this combination.

1 pound Bush’s Chili Beans

Bush’s Chili Beans are another excellent replacement for Ranch Style beans.

Although they do not include ranch dressing mix, the additional tastes of tomato and chili powder more than compensate.

Bush established his firm in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1865.

His first product was a baked bean dish known now as Beanie Weenies.

Bush beans are recognized for their acidic taste, which pairs well with other ingredients like chili powder.

The acidity contributes to your dish’s distinct depth of flavor.

This is also useful if you want the mixture to be hotter.

2 Rotel

Rotel is similar to Bush’s Chili Beans in that it contains both beans and tomatoes.

This product, however, is seasoned with chopped green chili peppers rather than chili powder.

Tangy and somewhat acidic in taste.

This product is widely accessible and can be purchased at most supermarket stores.

The taste is moderate, and the sauce’s heat level may be changed by adding more or less according to personal choice.

3 Chili Beans at a Great Price

Excellent Value Chili Beans, available at Wal-Mart, are another excellent option for Ranch Style beans.

The beans seem to be typical pinto beans at first sight, but they have a unique aroma.

The aroma is caused by the chili powder taste, since there are no additional components such as tomatoes or green chili peppers.

As a result, Great Value Chili Beans do not have the same depth of flavor as Rotel or Bush’s Chili Beans.

The beans are rather dry and lack the gooey, silky feel that Ranch Style Beans have.

4 pinto dried beans

Dried pinto beans may be used as a replacement, but they have a significant downside in that they need hours upon hours of soaking and heating before they are ready to use.

This may be important if you are lacking certain other ingredients but really desire ranch-style beans.

Soaking pinto beans is preferable to canned beans because it removes extra starch from the finished product.

You may cook them in a slow cooker or on the stovetop over low heat.

Dried pinto beans may be used to produce refried beans in addition to being an alternative for Ranch Style Beans.

Just mash them against the edge of a skillet to get some excellent refried beans to go on your burrito or taco.

5 Vintage El Paso Spicy Pintos

Spicy Pintos from Old El Paso are another bean that may be used in place of Ranch Style Beans.

These beans are pre-seasoned and must be cooked before use.

They have a pleasant, salty taste that complements other Mexican flavors like cilantro and lime.

If you’re planning a Tex-Mex supper, these beans are ideal.

Although these beans are already spiced, they may be used to create refried beans in the same way that dry pinto beans can.

You must account for the additional time required to prepare them before utilizing them for this purpose.


Ranch Style beans are a must-have for any cuisine that calls for a little heat.

There are several substitutions available, so you will never have to worry about being unable to reproduce your original recipe due to a missing item or two.

Several tastes might be added to your food depending on whatever substitution you choose.

Bushs Chili Beans feature the characteristic Mexican spiciness that comes from chili powder, and Rotel provides a delightful little touch of heat with its acidic taste. Chili beans have an almost sweet taste, while dried pinto beans provide an earthy and robust flavor to your meal.

Spicy Pintos from Old El Paso, on the other hand, adds tanginess, saltiness, and spiciness to your meal depending on how much spice you use.

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