The 5 Greatest Protein Powder Substitutes

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Protein powder is popular these days, particularly among athletes, bodybuilders, and workout lovers.

Nonetheless, many individuals dislike the flavor and only drink it since it is required.

If you dislike your protein shake, you have arrived at the correct spot.

You don’t need to be concerned even if you never want to use protein powder again.

Several foods may provide you with the protein your body requires.

Continue reading to discover more about the 5 best protein powder replacements.

What exactly is protein powder?

It is a protein supplement derived mostly from vegetables, milk, or eggs.

Rice, potatoes, soybeans, hemp, and peas are used by manufacturers, and it may include minerals, vitamins, sugar, thickeners, and flavoring ingredients.

Although protein powder may be mixed with other ingredients, water is the ideal choice since it is readily absorbed.

Protein is a macronutrient that our bodies need.

It is in charge of growth and development.

It also aids in the development of muscle, the production of enzymes and hormones, and the healing of tissue.

Protein powder provides the essential quantity and may help in weight reduction, muscular development, speedier recovery after an exercise, and additional nutrients.

The daily protein guideline for adults is 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men.

The suggested dose for people who engage in strenuous exercise is 1.4 to 2.0 grams per kilogram of body weight.

That is around 111-159 grams per day for someone weighing 175 lb or 79.37 kg.

The 5 Greatest Protein Powder Substitutes

Protein is an important nutrient, therefore getting enough of it every day is critical.

Protein powder can assist with this, but if you don’t enjoy taking it, these are the 5 best protein powder replacements.

1 Milk

Milk is one of those foods that is strong in protein and high in nutrients.

Cows, goats, sheep, and buffalo are the most popular milk suppliers.

In other regions of the globe, however, milk from yak, reindeer, donkey, camel, and horses is also used.

It’s a healthy protein powder alternative since it’s high in vitamins and minerals, as well as protein.

You may also drink it multiple times during the day, up until night.

Protein content in 100mL milk is around 3.4gms.

Thus, drinking 200 mL of milk five times a day gives you 34gms.

But, since you will be consuming other protein-rich meals throughout the day, you may drink 250ml three times a day and get roughly 25.5gms of protein from milk.

A good ratio.

Most protein powders include 20-25gms of protein per serving, with others containing up to 80gms.

You may take if you are physically active but not interested in hard training.

  • 1 serving of protein powder = 250ml milk (you get 8.5gms protein and more from other foods which you will consume along with milk. So, you will get a similar quantity to 1 serving of protein powder).

2 Eggs

You can always rely on eggs as a cheap and effective option for protein powder.

Depending on the size, one cooked egg provides 6 to 8gms of protein.

You may include it into your everyday diet and consume it as you choose.

According to experts, eating three whole eggs every day is safe.

Nevertheless, instead of consuming it all at once, you may include it into other meals throughout the day.

Eggs are quite versatile as well as tasty.

They’re also filling yet low in calories and salt, and they provide all nine necessary amino acids.

In addition, eggs are rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein.

Eggs may be cooked and eaten in a variety of ways, such as hard-boiled, soft-boiled, scrambled omelets, over easy fried, poached eggs, and sunny-side up.

They may also be used to make mayonnaise, baked goods, meringues, hollandaise sauce, and even sauces.

A good ratio.

Furthermore, since you will be consuming other protein-rich meals in addition to eggs, you may employ.

  • 1 serving protein powder = 1 hard-boiled egg (cook in different ways too).

3 tbsp Greek yogurt

You’ll like it as an alternative to protein powder.

Greek yogurt is a healthier option since it has less sugar, less carbs, and more protein.

It is made by straining whey to provide a superior product.

Greek yogurt comes in a range of flavors.

Unfortunately, not all Greek yogurt is legitimate, so study the ingredients carefully before purchasing.

If you have the time, you can make it at home if you follow the proper instructions.

Greek yogurt goes well with fruits, almonds, bread, and crackers.

It may also be used in sauces, salads, and soups.

A standard serving of Greek yogurt may contain up to 20gms of protein.

A good ratio.

  • 1 serving of protein powder = 1 serving of Greek yogurt (add nuts or fruits or eat with bread or crackers).

Smoothie with 4 oats (with peanut butter and banana)

You may simply prepare a nice smoothie and use it instead of protein powder.

Oatmeal, peanut butter, and banana are all high in nutrients.

Also, it is tasty, therefore using it in your diet might be healthy.

If you exercise in the morning, it might be a great meal after your workout.

Individuals who do not exercise in the mornings may have it during breakfast.

Milk, a medium banana, a spoonful of peanut butter, and 1-2 tablespoons of rolled oats are required.

Combine all of them in an appropriate appliance and combine.

Depending on the amount, you’ll get a tasty smoothie with at least 15-30gms of protein.

A good ratio.

  • 1 serving protein powder = 1 glass oats smoothie with banana and peanut butter.

5 Nuts (Mixed)

Mixed nuts may also be used in place of protein powder.

They are tasty and healthy, and you may consume them at any time.

Yet, it is essential not to purchase salty items; thus, read the contents before buying a box.

A mixed nut pack contains cashews, almonds, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts, and pistachios.

They are rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as Omega-3 fatty acids.

Since nuts are high in unsaturated fats, they help you feel full after eating them.

Frequent intake may help with weight loss, diabetes management, heart disease risk reduction, and cholesterol regulation.

A 100gm of mixed nuts has around 20gms of protein, and one hundred grams is comparable to two handfuls.

With only two mouthfuls, you get at least 20gms of protein.

Appropriate ratio.

  • 1 serving protein powder = 100gms or two handfuls mixed nuts.


Everyone has different tastes.

Hence, although some individuals like protein powder, others do not.

But, since there are so many protein sources available, you can easily meet your daily protein requirements.

You may also try canned tuna, chicken, turkey mince, chocolate milk, cottage cheese, low-sodium beef jerky, legumes, and quinoa protein pancakes in addition to the five stated above.

If you do a lot of exercise, just increase the amount and eat additional protein-rich meals to get the appropriate amount.

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