The 5 Greatest Porcini Mushroom Substitutes

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Porcini mushrooms are the ideal component for dishes that need an earthy, strong taste.

They may add flavor to sauces, risottos, and soups while also tasting excellent.

Porcini mushroom taste is regarded as robust and powerful.

As a result, they are often coupled with lighter, more delicate tastes or used to season other components or recipes. Porcini mushrooms complement chicken, truffles, and fresh herbs such as thyme and parsley (Ruhlman).

The texture of these mushrooms distinguishes them from other mushrooms.

Porcini mushrooms have a chewy texture, making them ideal for hearty recipes like beef stew (Field) or chicken risotto.

Porcini mushrooms are so flexible because they have a distinct taste that complements everything they’re put to.

Yet, they are scarce and might be costly in certain areas.

However, there are various porcini mushroom replacements that will enable you to experience the great flavor of your cuisine without breaking the wallet.

What exactly is Porcini Mushroom?

Porcini mushrooms, also known as boletus or ceps and discovered in the 16th century, are a highly coveted gourmet fungus.

It is a member of the Boletaceae family and its near cousins, and it is edible and tasty. It can be found in various markets across the globe.

Because of commercial farming, porcini mushrooms are widely accessible.

They have a brown color with white holes and may be identified by their pleasant odor, suggesting that they are edible.

They were discovered in European countries such as Italy and France and have since acquired popularity due to their culinary worth.

This mushroom has also been brought to Asian nations such as China and Taiwan, where it has become quite popular.

These mushrooms may be used in a number of meals, including soup, pasta, and sauces.

Porcini mushrooms are finest fried with a little salt and garlic, but they may also be baked in the oven with a little olive oil.

It is crucial to remember, however, that they must be cooked before being used in other meals since they are difficult to chew raw.

While cooking porcini, save the water used to wash them since it may be turned into a wonderful stock that can be used later in the meal.

The 5 Greatest Porcini Mushroom Substitutes

When porcini mushrooms are unavailable, alternatives must be used.

But, in order to retain their unique flavor, these alternatives must imitate the flavor of porcini mushrooms.

The five finest porcini mushroom alternatives are listed below.

Shiitake Mushrooms 1

Shiitake mushrooms are among the finest for preserving a food.

These mushrooms may be dried and used to add flavor and texture to other meals.

Moreover, the meaty texture of these mushrooms makes them an excellent substitute for porcini mushrooms.

It is also available in a variety of colors, which will change the appearance of your food.

Shiitake mushrooms, often known as winter mushrooms, are native to East Asia.

They have a peculiar taste that is somewhat sweet, yet they are high in glutamates.

Also, the caps are less bitter.

They are available fresh or dried in most Asian grocery shops and supermarkets across the globe.

It may also be found powdered or as an extract.


Crimini mushrooms resemble white button mushrooms but are darker in hue.

The texture of these mushrooms is similar to that of porcini mushrooms, however they lack taste.

When opposed to white button mushrooms, crimini mushrooms have a harder texture and a richer taste.

Also, they are far less expensive than porcini mushrooms.

Nevertheless, they should not be used as a substitute in recipes that need the mushroom to be cooked for an extended period of time, such as stews.

Cooking crimini mushrooms in a skillet with rosemary and thyme is the finest method to prepare them.

They are also used in meals that are cooked quickly, such as spaghetti.

It’s worth noting that crimini mushrooms are becoming more popular among chefs.

This is because they may be used in a variety of dishes and considerably enhance the taste of the food.

Three Button Mushrooms

The most frequent kind of mushroom available in grocery shops is button mushrooms.

They are mostly white, although there is also a brown variety that resembles porcini mushrooms.

Despite their distinct names, these two types are remarkably similar.

Yet button mushrooms have less umami than porcini mushrooms.

While they may not have as much taste as porcinis, they provide an earthy and mild flavor to a meal.

If you can’t get porcini mushrooms, use button mushrooms instead.

They are an excellent alternative since they can be cooked for an extended period of time without losing taste.

Moreover, button mushrooms have been grown to increase their size and flavor.

These mushrooms may also be found in white and brown varieties, which can change the hue of your meal.

Button mushrooms are widely available in grocery shops and supermarkets worldwide.

They are often employed in meals that need a lengthy cooking period, such as stews, where the high water content of button mushrooms is advantageous.

4 mushrooms (Portobello)

Since they have comparable textures and tastes to porcini mushrooms, portobello mushrooms are an excellent substitute.

These huge brown mushrooms often carry more moisture, making your meal more luscious.

These mushrooms are distinguished by their huge, black caps that may measure up to 4 inches in diameter.

Also, since they contain more carbs, they taste better than other white mushrooms.

They are available fresh or dried in grocery shops and supermarkets across the globe.

These are from North America and will provide a smokey taste to your cuisine.

Portobello mushrooms are ideal for meals that need little cooking time, such as spaghetti.

You may also marinade them to improve their flavor.

Oyster Mushrooms 5

Since they have the same texture as porcini mushrooms, oyster mushrooms are an excellent option.

They are similar to shiitake but have a little sweeter flavor.

Also, oyster mushrooms are less costly than their Boletaceae family rivals.

Because of their umami taste, they are often utilized in Asian cookery.

Fresh oyster mushrooms may be found at most grocery shops across the globe.

They’re a terrific substitute for porcini mushrooms in pasta dishes and soups, among other things.


Porcini mushrooms are a prominent ingredient in the culinary world.

They have a distinct taste and texture that adds a kick to recipes.

Nevertheless, fresh porcini mushrooms are not available in every grocery shop.

As a result, if you can’t get porcinis, try substitutes like button, crimini, portobello, or oyster.

Each species will add a distinct taste to your recipes, but they are all suitable alternatives for porcinis, which you may not be able to locate.

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