The 5 Greatest Lo Mein Noodle Substitutes

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Noodles are a highly significant meal in Asia.

Dried pasta has a long history in China, where it has been consumed for generations.

To make a meal, the noodles were dried and rapidly cooked with boiling water or broth.

There are several Chinese noodle meals, but the most well-known is lo mein.

Lo mein is a Cantonese noodle dish that often incorporates wheat noodles.

These noodles may be eaten with vegetables and meat in a broth or stir-fried with beef, chicken, pig, or seafood.

The sole disadvantage of lo mein is that it takes longer to prepare owing to the use of a wok and high heat.

If you’re in a hurry but still want to make a nice dinner, try substituting lo mein noodles with another kind of noodle.

Continue reading to find out which noodles you should substitute.

What exactly are Lo Mein Noodles?

As previously said, lo mein is a sort of Chinese noodle that is also one of the most often requested meals in American-Chinese restaurants.

Lo mein noodles are boiling wheat flour noodles that have been softly stir-fried with different meats and veggies.

Lo Mein Noodles are usually consumed as street food or as an appetizer before a meal in China.

They are often eaten with chopsticks, but they are also used as an edible spoon in stir-fry recipes.

There are other Lo Mein Noodle variations, but the most typical starts with stir-frying veggies and pork in a wok or saut pan.

The cooked ingredients are then combined with separately prepared boiling noodles.

Lastly, mild soy sauce and sesame oil are added to the mixture.

Lo Mein Noodles may be served as a side dish or as part of the main entrée.

They are often served hot or cold, with other foods such as dumplings.

The length of these noodles distinguishes them from other Chinese noodles; they are long and thin (although there may be variances) and usually need a particular sort of fork or chopsticks to chew.

The 5 Greatest Lo Mein Noodle Substitutes

Don’t panic if you prefer Chinese cuisine and noodles but can’t locate lo mein at your neighborhood restaurant for any reason.

There are various options for satisfying your need without breaking the wallet or having to seek far and wide for this specific sort of noodle.

1 serving Chow Mein Noodles

If you’re seeking for Lo Mein, try Chow Mein noodles without all of the flour.

Typically, they are prepared with one egg and wheat flour.

When it comes to preparing them, there are a few different possibilities.

You may either boil them in water or fry them in oil till crispy.

Chow Mein Noodles are often eaten with veggies when fried.

Carrots, onions, beans, sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage are the most often utilized veggies.

If desired, you may also add pig or beef to the meal.

The nice thing about this sort of noodle is that it does not have to be completely dry.

There are several recipes that blend Chow Mein noodles with cream or butter sauces.

2 cups rice noodles

It’s worth noting that rice noodles are also known as rice sticks.

Rice flour, water, and salt are used to make them.

Surprisingly, this sort of noodle is similar to spaghetti in that it has a lengthy form.

You may prepare them like Chow Mein noodles by boiling or frying them (More on frying rice noodles here).

It’s worth noting that they have to be soaked in hot water.

Once softened, the noodles may be used to a variety of cuisines and rapidly absorb flavors.

Moreover, rice noodles are often utilized as a replacement to egg or wheat flour.

Rice sticks are occasionally gluten-free, making them perfect for those who have a gluten sensitivity.

3 Noodles Ramen

This noodle is often served in a heated soup.

Ramen was initially given to the public in the form of a bowl filled with noodles and bits of beef.

This meal has developed into many various versions since then, including quick noodles.

When it comes to preparing these noodles, you have a few alternatives.

You may boil them in either water or broth.

If you want to try something new, cook them with veggies and meat.

Nonetheless, ramen may also be eaten cold.

Whilst this isn’t the healthiest choice (particularly if you’re eating quick ramen), it’s a fine alternative for lo mein noodles when you’re wanting them.

4 Noodles Vermicelli

If you dislike egg noodles, there is another choice for you.

Vermicelli is created by combining durum semolina and water.

8th of an inch. The noodles are long and thin, reaching around 1 inch in length.

Vermicelli noodles are easy to prepare; just boil or stir-fry them.

The technique to stir-frying is to utilize high heat and to continually rotate your pan to avoid burning.

Vermicelli noodles are intriguing because they absorb tastes well and may be coupled with a variety of things, including vegetables and meat (think: chicken, beef, etc.).

Carrots, onions, beans, sprouts, broccoli, and cabbage are the most often utilized veggies.

If desired, you may also add pig or beef to the meal.

5 Noodles Chop Suey

Go no farther than Chop Suey Noodles if you’re seeking for anything else than egg noodles.

This is a long noodle that looks similar to linguini.

Wheat flour and water are used to make Chop Suey Noodles.

You may prepare this noodle in the same way as you would spaghetti.

They do, however, work nicely when cooked in oil (similarly to Chow Mein noodles).

The nicest feature about these noodles is that they effortlessly absorb the flavors of whatever you combine them with.

For example, frying them in a combination of oil and soy sauce can impart that taste.

Many recipes exist that mix Chop Suey noodles with sauces such as oyster sauce, curry, or basic cream sauce.

When you have access to various sorts of noodles, it is simple to prepare a wonderful meal.


Finally, Lo Mein noodles are a Chinese food staple.

They’ve been popular since the Qing Dynasty.

Yet, there are certain key substitutions that might satisfy a need for this meal.

Chow Mein noodles and Ramen noodles are two popular lo mein noodles replacements.

If you don’t like eggs, you may substitute rice noodles or vermicelli noodles.

Therefore, if you’re wanting Lo Mein Noodles, try one of these simple fixes.

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