The 5 Greatest Hoisin Sauce Substitutes

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Have you ever thought about what gives hoisin sauce its particular flavor?

Hoisin sauce is a famous Chinese condiment that is often created using fermented soybeans as the foundation.

Nevertheless, many commercially available hoisin sauces also include sugar, garlic, and vinegar, which may provide a sweet, tangy, and somewhat spicy taste to the sauce.

Although hoisin sauce is great, finding it in supermarkets may be challenging.

Fortunately, there are a few alternatives that may be utilized in its stead.

This post will go through the top five hoisin sauce replacements.

What Is Hoisin Sauce?

Hoisin sauce is a thick, black sauce used in Asian cookery.

Soybeans, garlic, sugar, and spices are used to make it.

Hoisin sauce has a sweet and salty taste that complements a variety of foods.

It’s a popular dipping sauce, marinade, and stir-fry sauce.

Although hoisin sauce is most often associated with Chinese cuisine, it may also be found in other Asian foods such as Vietnamese pho and Thai curry.

Hoisin sauce is a terrific choice to consider if you want to add some more flavor to your dish or just want to try something different.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Hoisin Sauce

When you want the rich, sweet, and savory tastes of hoisin sauce without the preservatives, there are a few terrific alternatives.

These are the top five hoisin sauce substitutes:

1 – Bean Paste

Bean paste is a thicker paste produced from soaked beans that have been crushed into a fine powder.

It is often used in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine, and its taste may be sweet or savory.

Sweet bean paste is created from red beans, whilst savory bean paste is made from black beans.

Bean paste is often used as a filler in sweets and pastries, as well as a condiment in savory foods.

Bean paste is sometimes used as a filling for mooncakes, a traditional food eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival in China.

Bean paste is often used in the preparation of kimchi, a traditional fermented cabbage dish in Korea.

2 – Garlic Teriyaki Sauce

This garlic teriyaki sauce is the ideal combination of sweet and savory flavors, with a hint of spice from crushed red pepper flakes.

Its incredibly simple to prepare and excellent on chicken, fish, rice, veggies, pretty much anything.

Soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, and vinegar should all be combined.

Next, finish with a drizzle of vegetable oil and optional crushed red pepper flakes.

Try it right now. This garlic teriyaki sauce will quickly become a household favorite.

3 – Garlic and Prune

Garlic and prunes may seem to have nothing in common, but they do.

Garlic and prunes are both high in antioxidants, which may help protect cells and support healthy cell growth.

Moreover, garlic and prunes both contain chemicals that have been demonstrated to improve immune system performance.

Garlic and prunes are other adaptable components that may be utilized in a variety of cuisines.

Thus, whether you’re searching for a new recipe or a method to add flavor to your next meal, try mixing garlic with prunes for a wonderful and healthy dish.

4 – Barbecue Molasses

Barbecue molasses is a thick, syrupy sauce that is used to season and moisten barbecued meats.

It is produced from boiling sugarcane juice and frequently incorporates spices such as cloves, ginger, and allspice.

Barbecue molasses is particularly popular in Jamaica, where it is used to season jerk chicken and hog.

It may, however, be used with other barbecue sauces or marinades.

Look for barbeque molasses that is black in color and has a viscosity comparable to honey while purchasing.

Avoid items that are too light in color or too thin, since they will not deliver the same amount of taste.

5 – Soy Peanut Butter

Who does not like peanut butter? It’s creamy, nutty, and delicious in anything from sandwiches to desserts.

Traditional peanut butter might be problematic for persons who are allergic to peanuts.

Soy peanut butter comes into play here.

Soy peanut butter is manufactured from soybeans rather than peanuts, making it suitable for persons who are allergic to peanuts.

But it isn’t all. Soybeans are also high in protein, making soy peanut butter both sweet and healthful.

Thus, if you want a tasty and allergy-friendly alternative to typical peanut butter, consider soy peanut butter.


Finally, a few additional possibilities may be employed as hoisin sauce replacements.

The list above includes some of the greatest replacements for different meals.

Any of these substitutions, with a little imagination, may help you make a wonderful and distinctive dinner.

Be careful to properly follow the directions to avoid having a disastrous meal.

Experiment with several tastes to discover the best alternative for your requirements.


What can I use instead of hoisin or oyster sauce?

Is there no hoisin on hand? These Are the Top 10 Hoisin Sauce Alternatives
Teriyaki with garlic.
Molasses and Sriracha.
Prunes with garlic.
Plums with black beans.
Garlic, miso, mustard, and raisins are all ingredients.
Jam with ginger and plums.
Molasses and barbecue.
Brown sugar with bean paste.
More to come…
•May 28, 2020

What is taste like hoisin sauce?

What Do You Think It Tastes Like? Hoisin has a dark hue and a thick consistency. It has an intense salty and somewhat sweet taste. Hoisin sauce has a flavor that is similar to American-style barbecue sauce, but it is considerably saltier, richer, and less sweet.

Can I replace hoisin sauce with Worcestershire sauce?

A mixture of equal parts soy sauce and hoisin (a sweet-sour-salty sauce made of plums and fermented black bean and garlic sauce) is a fantastic substitution for Worcestershire sauce, but a little drop of apple cider vinegar thins it down even more and adds acidity.

Can I sub teriyaki sauce for hoisin?

Teriyaki sauce naturally adds the sweetness of hoisin that some other sauces lack. It also has the same consistency as hoisin. If you use teriyaki sauce as a straight 1:1 substitution, keep in mind that the sweetness will normally be greater than in the original recipe.

What is the closest thing to hoisin sauce?

Substitutes for Hoisin Sauce
Soy sauce. Soy sauce that has been naturally fermented is significantly thinner and saltier than hoisin sauce.
Paste made from miso. Miso is a fermented soybean paste from Japan that imparts delightful nuanced savory flavors.
Sweet soy sauce (kecap manis) is an Indonesian sauce that is even sweeter than hoisin sauce.

What is hoisin sauce the same as soy sauce?

Soy and hoisin are not the same thing, despite their appearance. In addition to soybeans, hoisin contains garlic, sesame oil, chiles, vinegar, and some sugar for good measure. Fans of Korean barbeque will be thrilled to learn that hoisin is the Chinese counterpart.

Does hoisin taste the same as teriyaki?

Hoisin sauce includes soybean paste, which makes it thicker than teriyaki sauce and gives it a saltier taste.

Is hoisin sauce just oyster sauce?

They have extremely distinct flavors. Oyster sauce is derived from oyster extract, while hoisin sauce is made from fermented soybean paste. Hoisin sauce is sweet with a toasted spice scent, whilst oyster sauce is salty with an ocean-like flavor.

Is hoisin sauce different than teriyaki sauce?

Hoisin sauce is made from fermented soybean paste and is significantly thicker and saltier than its counterpart. Teriyaki sauce has just a trace of soy sauce and is often sweeter.

What is hoisin sauce made of?

Ingredients for the Hoisin Sauce

Sugar, water, soybeans, salt, sweet potato, sesame seeds, cornstarch, garlic, wheat flour, chili pepper, and spices are used to make hoisin.

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