The 5 Greatest Green Bean Substitutes

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Green beans are one of the healthiest veggies to prepare.

All green beans are low in calories and high in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

Since green beans contain sugar, they should be consumed in moderation.

Green beans may be prepared in a variety of ways, but one of the most common is to include them into a soup or stew.

Combining green beans with other vegetables and various types of meat to produce a great, delectable meal is very popular.

If you dislike green beans or cannot stomach the taste of them, it is crucial to know which veggies have a similar flavor and texture to green beans so that you may replace them in your dishes.

This article will highlight a few vegetables that may be used in place of green beans.

What exactly are Green Beans?

Green beans belong to the legume family.

They grow in long, green pods that may be collected while they are still young and fragile.

If not utilized right away, they must be cooked fast or stored.

Green beans may be eaten fresh or cooked, with salt and pepper or additional spices such as cumin and paprika.

Green beans are also known as French beans in certain locations.

Steaming, baking, boiling, and frying are all techniques of cooking.

Green beans are a common ingredient in various cuisines, including French, Italian, and Asian dishes.

Most supermarket shops sell fresh or frozen green beans.

They are also available in canned form, but be aware that they may include additional salt or other preservatives.

The 5 Greatest Green Bean Substitutes

If you don’t have access to or can’t afford fresh green beans, these are your next best alternatives.

1 pound wax beans

Wax beans are another alternative for satisfying your green bean desires.

The wax bean, also known as the Bundled Pole Bean, is not a variety of string bean; it is much more delicate and fragile.

It is substantially smaller than typical green beans and has thin, waxy skin.

They are available fresh all year, but are at their finest from June through September.

However, wax beans are not widely available in the United States and may be difficult to locate even at a local grocery shop.

They may, however, be acquired online or through speciality food shops.

When cooked correctly, wax beans have a mild taste comparable to green beans and a crisp texture.

They’re tasty and may be eaten raw as a healthy snack.

Lentils (two)

Lentils may be an alternative if you are vegetarian or vegan.

Lentils are also a good source of protein for meat eaters.

Lentil soup is regarded a delicacy in certain places, while harvest festivities are held in others.

To produce a tasty meal, mix lentils with couscous, rice, barley, and bulgur wheat.

Lentils have a moderate earthy flavor that is complemented with a nutty flavor.

They may also come in various hues, such as yellow or red, depending on the kind you select.

Moreover, some individuals prefer lentils to green beans since they may be served in a variety of ways.

3 Green Beans, Frozen

Frozen green beans are the next best thing to fresh green beans.

Frozen green beans are a wonderful alternative if you want to save time, and they are ideal if you are in a hurry.

Another easy option to enjoy green beans at any time of year is to buy frozen green beans.

They also taste wonderful despite the lack of added salt or preservatives.

They may be prepared in a variety of ways and make an excellent side dish.

While frozen green beans are less expensive than fresh green beans, they contain higher salt.

This is a significant consideration for those who have high blood pressure.

four split peas

If you can’t afford fresh green beans or can’t get wax beans, split peas are another choice.

Split peas are high in protein, fiber, and iron.

Split peas may be used in green beans, but they must be well cooked before eating.

They also have a pungent, sharp, and earthy flavor that may not be to everyone’s liking.

Also, when cooked correctly, split peas are quite tender.

Split peas, on the other hand, may be preferred by certain individuals over green beans since they are less crunchy and have a smoother mouthfeel.

5 Lima Beans, Baby

Baby butter beans are another name for baby lima beans.

They are often served steamed, boiled, or fried, with salt, pepper, and other spices.

If you can’t get wax beans or split peas, use baby lima beans instead of green beans.

These beans are most usually obtained fresh or frozen, although they are also available canned.

Baby lima beans have a sweet, nutty flavor that is comparable to green beans.

They’re excellent and may be prepared in the same ways as regular green beans.

Sadly, these beans may not be as common as wax or green beans, so you may have to look a bit harder for them.


Green beans are a highly healthy and nutritious meal, but they are not the only choice for those who want to eat beans.

If you can’t locate fresh green beans at your local grocery store, try wax beans, lentils, frozen green beans, split peas, and tiny lima beans as replacements.

Depending on your taste, you could choose one of these alternatives to green beans.

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