The 5 Greatest Escarole Lettuce Substitutes

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The Escarole Lettuce is a key element in Italian cuisine.

It’s used in a variety of traditional meals, including Insalata Calabrese and Minestrone.

The taste of Escarole Lettuce is often connected with anise and fennel.

Several other herbs, such as parsley, basil, and oregano, may be used in its stead, adding a fresher flavor to the meal.

This is particularly true for seafood-based foods.

Escarole Lettuce is usually eaten raw since cooking reduces its nutritional benefits and flavor.

In most instances, it is combined with other fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, and carrots, which all contribute to the lettuce’s sweetness.

Finally, while cooking a meal using Escarole Lettuce, there are several ways to replace it with other, more fresh and savory components.

You may still enjoy all of the tastes of Italian food while bending your meals this way.

Continue reading for five of the greatest Escarole Lettuce replacements.

What exactly is Escarole Lettuce?

Escarole lettuce is a variety of lettuce that is leafy and belongs to the bitter chicory family.

The name escarole lettuce is derived from the French word escarole, which means endive.

This lush green vegetable has wavy leaves and strong ribs.

It is available in dark green or brilliant red, with white or pastel yellow ribs.

It may be used in soups, salads, and sandwiches as a traditional element.

Escarole lettuce has a bitter flavor, although it is not related to the more frequent bitter lettuces that are members of the chicory family.

Escarole is also known as Batavian lettuce and Batavian endive.

It is preferable to steam escarole lettuce for a brief length of time while cooking with it.

The leaf margins should be strong and just starting to darken.

Escarole lettuce will have an unpleasant odor and flavor if it is overcooked.

While selecting escarole lettuce, seek for bright green leaves and avoid ones with wilted leaves.

It is also better to avoid darker tones of green since they are more bitter than lighter shades.

The 5 Greatest Escarole Lettuce Substitutes

If your recipe asks for escarole lettuce and you can’t locate it at your local grocery shop, you may substitute another variety of lettuce.

1 cup spinach

When escarole lettuce is unavailable, spinach is the next best option.

Spinach is quite simple to get at any grocery store; in fact, it is often found in the same refrigerator area as other varieties of leafy greens such as arugula or kale.

Remove any big stems from the spinach before rinsing it under cold water and patting it dry.

Next, either spin it in a salad spinner or air dry it before adding it to your dish.

The mild taste of spinach will not dominate many other components.

Fresh spinach leaves should be chewy but not harsh when eaten.

Fresh spinach should be bright and dark green.

Avoid buying any bags of spinach that are wilted or show symptoms of yellowing around the leaves.

2 Raddichios

Radicchio lettuce is a variety of head lettuce that may be substituted for escarole lettuce.

It is also available in the same department of your local supermarket as other varieties of leafy greens.

Radicchio’s outer leaves should be firmly shaped and vividly colored, with rich red or purple tones.

This lettuce has spherical leaves that are slightly crinkled.

Radicchio has a strong taste that is somewhat bitter but not overpowering.

If you buy radicchio at the shop, it will most likely be divided into individual leaves; if this isn’t the case, work gently to prevent hurting the delicate lettuce pieces.

3 Chard

Beets and spinach are relatives of Swiss chard.

It has deep green leaves that are highly serrated.

Chard is noted for having an earthy taste that is also somewhat sweet; in fact, some people refer to this kind of lettuce as chard-flavored spinach.

Chard should be bright and crisp. It should also feel solid rather than wilting.

The stalks should be wet and vibrantly colored, with no blackening or discoloration.

When adding chard to a dish, avoid crowding the leaves too tightly together; instead, allow some space between them to make them simpler to deal with.

Begin by washing and draining the leaves in a strainer, then dividing them into smaller pieces if required.

4 romaine lettuce leaves

The final option to escarole lettuce on this list is romaine lettuce.

Each side of Romaine lettuce contains crisp, sturdy ribs and light green leaves.

The leaves of romaine lettuce are darker than those of other lettuce kinds available at your local grocery shop.

While selecting romaine lettuce, aim for firm, crisp chunks.

Any leaves that are withered or discolored in any manner should be avoided.

The leaf margins should be brilliant green and not brown or greasy.

It is critical to prevent damaging the leaves of romaine lettuce while cooking your lunch.

This keeps the lettuce from getting mushy and wilted.

Begin by washing it in a colander and, if necessary, patting it dry with paper towels.

5 Lettuce with Butter

Boston or bibb lettuce are other names for butter lettuce.

If you need to replace escarole, this is a good substitute.

The crisp green leaves of butter lettuce have a smooth, buttery touch.

This lettuce is popular in salads since it complements practically any other component.

While selecting butter lettuce, seek for bright green, crisp leaves.

Any with burnt or wilted edges should be avoided.

Since butter lettuce is delicate, it must be handled with care when incorporating it into a salad preparation.

Wrapping butter lettuce in a moist paper towel and sealing it inside a plastic bag is the best method to keep it.

If you plan to use the lettuce within a day, this will enough to keep it fresh until then.

Otherwise, consume or prepare your lettuce as soon as possible.


Escarole lettuce has dark green leaves that are wide and curling.

It’s in the same area of your local supermarket as other varieties of leafy greens.

Escarole also has a somewhat bitter flavor that goes well with a variety of meals, therefore it’s often used in cuisines throughout the globe.

Escarole might be tough to come by in certain locations.

In this instance, you should think of a few additional alternatives that you may utilize as a replacement.

If escarole is unavailable or too costly, other leafy greens such as chard, romaine lettuce, and butter lettuce are also suitable substitutes.

Each of the five variations has a distinct flavor and texture, so try a couple to discover the one that best matches your requirements.

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