The 5 Greatest Egg Substitutes for Meatballs

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You’ve probably eaten meatballs without even realizing it. Whether in spaghetti, a sub sandwich, or as the main course.

Meatballs are an important part of our meals. Many meatball recipes, however, are lacking one ingredient: eggs.

Here are two reasons why using eggs can improve your meatballs:

To begin, eggs will help these meatballs stay together.

Since eggs are a binding agent, they will lower the amount of bread crumbs necessary to make a meatball combination cohesive and simple to consume.

Second, they’ll add taste. Similarly to how baking powder functions as a leavening ingredient in baked products, eggs act as an emulsifier in meatballs.

This implies that while the ground beef cooks, it will become smoother and creamier.

Nevertheless, you cannot just add eggs to your meatball recipe; instead, you must swap them.

In this essay, we’ll look at several potential substitutes.

Why Are Eggs Used in Meatballs?

Meatballs often include eggs.

Many individuals, however, are unaware that the egg they are eating is the source of their meatball’s moistness.

This is due to the fact that eggs are largely made up of water and protein, two components that help keep the water in the combination together.

As these proteins are cooked, they coagulate and create a tight bind inside the meatball, resulting in a moist feel.

This implies that eggs help keep your meatballs supple and moist rather than dry and crumbly.

Adding eggs not only guarantees that your meatballs stay intact after cooking, but also that they do not break apart; this is due to the egg’s binding action, which maintains the meatball’s outer layer together.

The addition of eggs to meatballs not only guarantees that your meal is tasty and moist, but it is also nutritional.

Egg protein helps to make a nutritious meal more healthier.

The 5 Greatest Egg Substitutes for Meatballs

So, how do you make meatballs without eggs? We’re here to assist you.

The meatball alternatives we’ve suggested below keep your meatballs moist and tender while still tasting fantastic.

1 pound mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a terrific way to add another layer of texture to your meatballs.

This option is easy and efficient; just combine the potatoes with your preferred herbs and spices, such as garlic powder and onion powder.

Much better: For a sweeter meal, use mashed sweet potatoes.

If you want to add some more flavor, consider fresh parsley or grated parmesan cheese.

This substitution is easy to make and really flavorful.

2 tbsp. buttermilk and breadcrumbs

Making meatballs with buttermilk is an excellent method.

It has a strong flavor, making it an excellent accent to any cuisine.

You may make buttermilk by combining vinegar and lemon juice (not too much).

Let the curds to develop after thoroughly stirring.

After that, drain the extra liquid, cover the curds with cheesecloth, and set them in a strainer to drain any remaining liquid.

This alternative is especially helpful for vegetarians or people who are concerned about fat intake.

You may use buttermilk for eggs and the flavor will be the same.

Bread crumbs are also a wonderful way to give your meatballs a crunchy surface.

3 tablespoons chickpea flour

Chickpeas are a high protein, fiber, and mineral source.

Chickpea flour is another excellent choice for replacing eggs in meatballs.

It is vital to know that this flour has no gluten.

It is also an excellent option for individuals who are gluten intolerant or sensitive to dairy products.

One thing is certain: chickpea flour is a tasty replacement that will enhance the taste of your meatballs.

Chickpeas are available in a variety of kinds, including garbanzo beans and besan, which can be found in most grocery shops.

4 Greek Yogurt

For those seeking for egg alternatives, yogurt is a terrific option.

It’s high in protein, low in carbs, and high in calcium.

Also, whether you use yogurt or eggs as a replacement, the taste of your meatballs will not alter.

As a result, it is great for finicky eaters who are unlikely to perceive a difference.

Plain yogurt is easy to make and may be used as an egg replacement in a variety of recipes.

If you decide to utilize it, you will love cooking.

5 Tofu

Tofu is a popular vegan option that works well as an egg replacement.

Although following a recipe is useful when using tofu as an egg substitute, you can still do a lot with one commodity.

It has a distinct texture that works really well with meatballs, and the taste remains consistent.

Tofu is an excellent vegan option for folks who like cooking and eating properly.

Tofu is available at most grocery shops as well as health food stores.


At the end of the day, no matter whatever substitution you choose, your meatballs will be luscious and tasty every time.

You will not be disappointed if you follow these guidelines.

If you want to include eggs in your meatballs, make sure they’re at room temperature and gently stirred in.

Additionally, a splash of cold water or milk can keep your meatballs wet and delicate on the inside.

If you’re using bread crumbs, add them shortly before you start cooking. This will result in a crispy exterior for your meatballs.

Whisking them into the mixture ahead of time may result in an unpleasant texture that you will not love.

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