The 5 Greatest Diced Tomato Substitutes

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Diced tomatoes are a frequent culinary ingredient.

These versatile and tasty ingredients may quickly lend a boost of flavor to recipes like tacos or spaghetti sauce.

But, fresh tomatoes aren’t always accessible, so it’s necessary to know how to replace them with anything else.

These are some frequent reasons why another item could be substituted for diced tomatoes in a recipe:

  • Diced tomatoes are not available in the store.
  • Tomato season has ended, and fresh tomatoes are no longer available.

There are various possibilities for replacing chopped tomatoes in your recipes.

In this post, we’ll look at various other methods for achieving comparable goals.

What exactly are diced tomatoes?

Tomatoes that have been diced are tomatoes that have been chopped into little squares.

Its size is often less than 5mm by 5mm, thus the phrase diced.

To keep their shape, most dice are bigger than 3mm.

Because of their robust structure and huge surface area for absorbing flavors, they are often used in pasta sauces or soups.

Because of their vast surface area, these tomatoes are generally very perishable.

These must be stored in a cool area and utilized before the expiry date, otherwise they may spoil.

Diced tomatoes include the ubiquitous Roma tomato as well as additional tomato varieties including Beefsteak and Yellow Plum.

Diced tomatoes are an excellent complement to any recipe.

Although some fresh varieties are available throughout the summer or at farmers markets, they are often canned.

The 5 Greatest Diced Tomato Substitutes

Don’t worry if you can’t locate fresh or canned chopped tomatoes.

Numerous different substitutions may readily be used in any recipe to replace them.

Tomatoes have a unique flavor and texture that may quickly overpower a meal.

As a result, knowing the finest substitutes for diced tomatoes is essential.

1 tbsp. tomato paste

The most straightforward option is to use tomato paste.

Although not as thick as chopped tomatoes, this product has the same taste profile and may be used as desired.

Tomato paste is widely accessible at stores.

Even after opening, it may be kept in the fridge for a long time.

It is vital to remember, however, that the product is very perishable once opened.

It is preferable to use modest quantities of this paste until you attain the desired result.

Nevertheless, it may be even better since tomato paste will have a smaller presence in your dishes, making your meals seem more appealing.

Please keep in mind that ketchup includes a lot of ingredients and should not be used as a replacement.


Crushed tomatoes are another great substitute for diced tomatoes in your recipes.

These goods often include tomato peel and seeds, although they are purer than chopped tomatoes.

Crushed tomatoes have been thoroughly cleaned to eliminate any signs of juice and pulp.

That is, it has a robust tomato flavor without the extra water content of chopped tomatoes.

Also, mashed tomatoes are often referred to as purees.

This is due to the fact that they have been processed more than diced or whole tomatoes.

Crushed tomatoes include around 20% tomato particles and 80% liquid, however this number may vary somewhat across brands.

3 tbsp tomato puree

Although crushed tomatoes taste extremely similar to diced tomatoes, tomato puree is an even better substitute.

Tomato puree is very handy if you want your foods to have a silky texture.

Since it has been pulped and filtered until absolutely smooth, tomato puree is the greatest option for consistency.

If you’re curious, the skin and seeds are removed as well.

It implies tomato puree is very smooth, with no lumps or seeds.

As a consequence, you won’t be biting into anything nasty in your food.

These goods have a strong flavor, but not as much as crushed or diced tomatoes.

This item is often accessible at your local grocery. It is also quite easy to use.

4 cans of tomatoes

But nothing surpasses fresh ingredients, canned tomatoes work well in place of chopped tomatoes.

They are commonly accessible at any store and may be used in a variety of cuisines.

Canned tomatoes have the same amount of sugar as freshly selected fruit, and they also taste quite identical to the original form.

Canned tomatoes are often sold whole; however, they may also be purchased chopped or crushed.

Since these tomatoes are rich with juice, you should clean them before using them if you want to reduce the quantity of liquid in your dishes.

Whole canned tomatoes are often fairly simple to utilize.

You must be cautious not to spill the fluids.

Tomato Sauce 5

Tomato sauce is another excellent option for chopped tomatoes.

Tomato sauce is widely used in a variety of cuisines and is a pantry essential that should be kept on hand.

Also, if you want a smoother consistency in your cuisine, this product is ideal.

Tomato sauce is a great substitute for chopped or crushed tomatoes.

To keep a more natural texture, it has been treated less than tomato puree.

Moreover, this product is incredibly adaptable and goes well with a wide range of foods.

Tomato sauce is offered in cans in most regions of the globe.

It may, however, be supplied in a jar or a squeezable container.

Additionally, tomato sauce may be used in a variety of cuisines, ranging from soups to handmade pizzas, depending on its thickness and other components.


If you need a substitution for diced tomatoes in your recipes, these items are wonderful choices.

Tomato paste has a strong flavor and a smaller look; crushed tomatoes are purer and have a stronger flavor than diced tomatoes; and tomato puree has an extraordinarily smooth texture with no lumps or seeds.

It is ideal if you want your meals to have a smooth consistency, and tomato sauce may be used in a variety of recipes, from soups to handmade pizzas.

The greatest thing is that all of these items are easily accessible at your local store.

All you have to do is grab a can or a jar.

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