The 5 Greatest Corned Beef Substitutes

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Few things are as iconic as a large stew of corned beef and cabbage boiling on the burner.

The rich, salty taste of corned beef combined with the sweetness of cabbage is a marriage made in heaven.

So what if you’re avoiding beef for health or ethical reasons? Thankfully, there are many tasty alternatives to corned beef that can fulfill your appetite without making you feel guilty.

In this post, we will discuss the five finest corned beef replacements so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite recipes without suffering any drawbacks.

What is Corned Beef?

Corned beef is meat that has been preserved in a salty brine.

It is commonly prepared using brisket, a piece of beef from the cow’s chest region.

Corned beef gets its name from the salt used to preserve the meat, which was originally known as corns of salt.

Corned beef has been around for millennia and was developed to increase the life of the meat.

On St. Patrick’s Day, it is generally served as part of a traditional Irish feast.

It may also be eaten as an appetizer or as part of a sandwich or wrap.

Corned beef is a wonderful and substantial alternative that is guaranteed to delight no matter how you serve it.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Corned Beef

Don’t worry if you don’t have any corned meat on hand.

These five substitutions can provide your food with the same delectable taste.

1 – Pastrami

Pastrami is a tasty smoked meat traditionally prepared from beef brisket.

The meat is cured in a spice combination before being smoked for many hours.

This imparts a deep, rich taste to the meat that is absolutely enticing.

Pastrami may be eaten alone or as a sandwich filler.

It’s also a common element in dishes like pastrami chili and pastrami fried rice.

Pastrami is a savory and delectable meal that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

2 – Roast Beef

Anybody who enjoys a wonderful roast beef supper knows that nothing beats the aroma of a beef roast cooking in the oven.

Cooking a roast beef slowly at a moderate temperature ensures that the meat is uniformly cooked and juicy.

The more marbled pieces of beef, such as the rib roast or strip loin, are typically the finest for roasting.

Another key suggestion is to set aside the roast for at least 20 minutes after cooking to allow the fluids to redistribute throughout the meat.

A well prepared roast beef supper can satisfy any hunger.

3 – Ham

Ham is a kind of meat derived from the hind leg of a pig.

It is often served as a festive meal and may be cured, smoked, or roasted.

There are many different varieties of ham available, ranging from mild to very salty.

The curing procedure preserves the meat and imparts its distinct taste.

Ham may be prepared in a variety of methods, including baking, frying, and boiling.

It is often served with potatoes, greens, or beans as a side dish.

Ham may be a wonderful main dish when presented as part of a bigger dinner.

4 – Beef Brisket

Beef brisket is a piece of meat that originates from a cow’s breast.

It is a rough cut of meat with a lot of connective tissue.

This makes it perfect for slow cooking techniques like braising and smoking.

Beef brisket may be exceptionally juicy and tender when cooked correctly.

Beef brisket is often used in Tex-Mex recipes like barbacoa and fajitas.

It may also be served by itself, sliced or shredded.

Beef brisket is a tasty alternative that is guaranteed to satisfy, whether you are seeking for a genuine Tex-Mex cuisine or just want to try something new.

5 – Pork Shoulder

Pork shoulder is a cut of pork derived from the top portion of a pig’s front leg.

It’s a flavorful fatty cut of beef that’s often used in dishes that demand for slow cooking.

Pork shoulder may be very tender and juicy when cooked correctly.

Pork shoulder is often marketed with the bone still attached, which adds taste to the meat.

It’s a common cut of pig used to make pulled pork, but it may also be roasted or braised.

Pork shoulder is a cheap piece of pork, making it an excellent choice for low-cost dinners.


To summarize, corned beef is a terrific meal that everyone will appreciate.

But, there are several corned beef replacements that may be utilized to make a healthier and more tasty dish.

Leaner cuts of beef, hog, lamb, poultry, and fish are among the alternatives.

Each of these selections offers a distinct taste and set of nutrients that may contribute to the overall health of your meal.

While looking for a corned beef alternative, evaluate the taste, texture, and nutrients that each choice offers.

This will assist you in creating a food that is both tasty and wholesome.


What is the best substitute for corned beef in a Reuben in?

You may also substitute pastrami for the corned beef, which isn’t the typical meat in a Reuben but tastes just as excellent. At most delis, the meat is cooked whole and then cut by hand while still hot.

What meat is like corned beef?

Pastrami and corned beef share the same brine: Pastrami and corned beef are brined before cooking; they are either rubbed with or soaked in a salt and spice solution to infuse the meat with additional moisture and taste.

What is better than corned beef?

Pastrami, as previously said, employs more spices and mixes than corned meat. Brisket in pastrami is normally smoked, while corned beef is cooked with salt.

What can I use instead of brisket for corned beef?

5 Excellent Brisket Substitutes
Roast beef. When I can’t locate beef briskets in the grocery, I usually opt for chuck roast…. Beef Shanks. Beef shanks are another excellent option for slow cooking. Beef clods are also quite inexpensive.
Pork Brisket. Poultry Brisket. Lamb Roast. Jackfruit.
Jan 27, 2023

What can I substitute for corned beef in boiled dinner?

Both a beef roast and ham are excellent replacements. The beef roast has a rich taste comparable to corned beef and cooks in a similar timeframe. If you’re short on time, ham will have a sweeter taste and will cook up quickly.

What is the Irish alternative to corned beef?

11. Guinness Stew with Vegetables.
Additional details…•March 13, 2023 11. Roasted lamb with wild garlic pesto, lettuce, and peas.
8/11 Cottage Pie… 7/11 Mussels in Irish Cider…
6 11 Guinness Beef Stew… 5 11 Irish Pub Lamb Stew.
4/11 Simple Shepherd’s Pie.
3 11. Coddle…. 2 Mains (other than Corned Beef) 1

What is the American version of corned beef?

Corned beef is brisket from the lower chest of a cow or steer that has been brined in salt and spices in North America. (In normal British usage, fresh corned beef is referred to be “salt meat,” but canned corned beef is referred to as “corned beef.”)

What is corned beef called at grocery store?

No, corned beef isn’t a fine piece of beef you’ve been passing over at the butcher – it’s the resultant flesh, usually brisket, after a lengthy curing procedure. The meat is brined and cured with huge grains of rock salt, called “corns” of salt.

What can I substitute for chipped beef?

If you can’t locate jarred dry beef, use any sliced deli beef (roast or corned beef would be great), or even uncured meat. Leftover roast beef, bacon, shredded pork, or even rotisserie chicken would work well here, but the tastes and depth would be different.

Is Bully beef the same as corned beef?

Bully beef (also known as corned beef in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, and other Commonwealth nations) is a kind of meat produced with finely minced corned beef and a little quantity of gelatin.

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