The 5 Greatest Celery Seed Substitutes

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Celery seeds are an underutilized spice that adds a lot of flavor to dishes.

They may be used in both sweet and savory recipes, and their slightly bitter flavor complements a wide range of cuisines.

Celery seeds are versatile and may be used whole or mashed up in recipes.

They’re also good for you since they’re high in antioxidants and other nutrients.

So what happens when you run out of celery seeds? Don’t worry; there are lots of substitutions that will give your meals the correct taste.

These are five of the greatest celery seed replacements.

What exactly are Celery Seeds?

Celery seeds are the dried mature fruit of Apium graveolens, an Apiaceae biennial plant farmed for its tasty starchy seeds.

They are used as seasonings and spices.

Celery seeds are fragrant and pungent, with an anise-like flavor.

These smell nearly identical to popular store-brand licorice candy (red rope, black jelly beans, etc.).

The seeds may be used in sausages, cheeses, and processed meats as part of a spice mix.

These seeds are frequently utilized in the baking sector for cakes, cookies, bread, and crackers.

Celery seeds are frequently incorrectly termed aniseed by their anise-flavored cousins, although they are not the same thing.

Despite their similar aroma, celery seeds and aniseeds are two distinct spices.

The 5 Greatest Celery Seed Substitutes

If you need to substitute the spice, there are various alternatives to celery seeds.

1 tablespoon dried celery leaves or herb

This is the most popular replacement for celery seeds.

The taste is close to but not as strong as celery.

It is available in practically every grocery shop and is simple to use.

Since celery leaves mimic parsley, they provide a beautiful green tint to soups and salads.

Also, the flavor of dried celery leaves or herb is comparable to that of celery seeds, although not as intense.

It may be sprinkled on top of foods, particularly at the end of the cooking period.

2 dill sprigs

Celery seeds may also be replaced with dill seeds.

They are widely accessible in most supermarkets.

Dill seeds have a taste comparable to celery with a dash of nutty notes.

It has a stronger flavor than parsley, so use it carefully while cooking.

It goes nicely with both fish and chicken.

Since dill seeds have a milder taste than celery seeds, you may substitute a few dill seeds for one or two tablespoons of celery seed.

You should also avoid crushing the seeds before using them in your meal.

Cooking with dill seeds, on the other hand, will need lengthier cooking times because of the distinct flavor.

Fennel Seeds 3

It is vital to remember that fennel seeds are commonly found in most supermarket shops.

Fennel is a member of the parsley family of plants.

The plant may reach a height of one meter and has fluffy leaves.

It also yields delicious seeds that are comparable to anise or cumin.

Fennel seeds have a flavor comparable to celery, although not as intense.

It has a little sweeter flavor than parsley.

It also includes anise or licorice notes that are more prominent than celery seeds.

Fennel seeds, as you can see, have a light green tint due to chlorophyll.

This is why it is utilized more for flavor than for appearance.

If you enjoy the flavor of celery seed, you may use it in a variety of foods such as soups and stews, salads, and dressings.

It also goes nicely with meat and veggies.

Anise 4 Star

Celery seed may also be substituted with star anise.

Star anise is widely available in supermarkets.

Star anise, like fennel seeds, has a licorice flavor that is comparable to celery seed.

The flavor is somewhat stronger than parsley, but it is sweeter than celery seeds.

It’s also worth noting that star anise is a fruit of the Illicium verum tree, which is native to China and Vietnam.

Its seeds, in turn, have a flavor comparable to anise or licorice but are not as intense.

It features green leaves and white blossoms in terms of color.

Star anise is, as you may have guessed, dried fruit.

To enhance taste to meals, it must be pounded into bits.

It goes very nicely with hog and chicken.

5 pinches celery salt

Celery salt is the ultimate alternative for celery seed.

Almost every grocery shop has celery salt.

It has a milder taste than the other spices described above, but it is still detectable in meals.

Celery salt has a white hue to it.

It’s comprised of powdered seeds combined with salt crystals.

It goes nicely with poultry and pig meals, much as other celery seed alternatives.

Additionally, since it has a somewhat milder taste than parsley, you may use it sparingly while cooking.

You may experiment by incorporating celery salt into different meals such as dips, soups, or veggies.


Celery is a flavorful spice that may be used in seed, leaf, or salt recipes.

When celery seeds are unavailable, there are replacements available.

Dill seeds, fennel seeds, star anise, parsley, and celery salt are the five celery seed alternatives.

They all have different tastes and may be used in place of celery seed.

Each of the spices described above is widely available in supermarkets and has qualities that make them suitable alternatives for celery seed.

Nonetheless, you should use it carefully while cooking to prevent overloading your food with a distinct flavor.

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