The 5 Best Tomato Powder Substitutes

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If you want to add flavor to your food but don’t want to use tomato sauce, dried tomatoes are an option.

Tomato powder is often used in many recipes since it can be stored for an extended period of time while still retaining its taste.

It is also far less expensive than purchasing the identical product in canned or glass jars.

The issue with utilizing tomato powder is that it has no flavor when consumed on its own.

In the case of old tomato powder, it may be rather powerful and even bitter.

This powder is not intended to be consumed on its own, but rather to complement other components.

To prevent a strong flavor in your dishes, use the following tomato powder substitutes:

  • Sun-dried tomatoes packed in oil.
  • Canned crushed tomatoes.
  • Heirloom tomatoes.
  • Cooked chopped tomatoes.
  • Roasted tomato paste.

If utilizing a replacement is not an option, you may always substitute fresh tomatoes in your dish.

What exactly is tomato powder?

We must first comprehend tomato powder before we can utilize it.

Tomato powder is exactly what it sounds like: dried tomatoes pounded to a fine powder.

The many variants may be created using fresh or canned tomatoes that have been dried to the appropriate consistency.

What are some of the applications for tomato powder?

This sort of product, as indicated in the introduction, is manufactured from genuine tomatoes that have been dried and powdered into a fine texture.

Tomato powder may be utilized in a variety of cuisines due to its strong taste.

Tomato powder may be used to enhance flavor to sauces and soups.

It may also be rubbed on meat and fish with chile, cumin, and paprika.

It may also be incorporated into bread or batter to provide a strong tomato taste.

Tomato powder has almost limitless applications.

It may be used to make spaghetti sauce or salsa, curries, stews, and even sweets like as ice cream.

Tomato powder is very adaptable due to its strong taste; whatever it is put to will not need any further seasoning.

The 5 Best Tomato Powder Substitutes

Let’s face it, there are occasions when you need to utilize tomato powder for its powerful taste and can’t just replace it with another ingredient.

Nevertheless, in the following cases, the mentioned alternatives may be used instead:

1 tomato, sun-dried

Sun-dried tomatoes are another good option since they have been steeped in oil.

Since the light helps take out the natural sugars in the tomato, the taste is particularly powerful.

This means you may use less product while still getting a robust taste blast.

It is vital to remember that there is a distinction between sun-dried tomatoes packed with olive oil and those dried with other types of oil.

Sun-dried tomatoes packed in olive oil will have a more distinct taste, but sun-dried tomatoes not packed in olive oil may be considerably drier.

The flavor is also distinct, despite the fact that both may be used in a variety of cuisines.

2 crushed canned tomatoes

Canned crushed tomatoes are also an excellent choice.

They may be used for tomato powder in any recipe, although they are usually less costly.

Another advantage is that they will not go stale or freezer-burned if left out on the shelf.

Some individuals like to drain the liquid from canned tomatoes before using the tomatoes.

Some may smash them beforehand in order to get the desired consistency for their recipe.

Canned crushed tomatoes may be found at practically any grocery shop and are often used in place of tomato powder.

Three Heirloom Tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes are often substantially bigger than other varieties of tomatoes.

When you peel them, the interior is generally brilliant red.

They are also much sweeter than other varieties of tomatoes.

Since they contain more moisture, you must boil them down with a little salt before using them in recipes that call for tomato powder.

After the tomatoes have cooled enough, you can either purée them with your hands or use a blender to get the desired consistency.

The puree should be somewhat thicker than tomato powder but slightly thicker than crushed tomatoes.

This approach is also considerably healthier since it is created entirely of natural components.

4 Tomato Paste (Roasted)

Since this is a tomato concentrate, it is still a decent alternative for individuals wishing to replace their tomato powder.

It has a similar taste profile to tomato powder and may be used just as you would tomato powder.

Cook them down before adding them in your meal, much like smashed tomatoes.

You may purchase tomato paste in tiny cans or tubes and use what you need right away or freeze the remainder for later use.

It’s a good idea to have some on hand, particularly because many recipes ask for just a little amount of tomato powder at a time, making it difficult to measure out without wasting your product.

5 chopped cooked tomatoes

Tomatoes are also excellent in meals that need a thicker consistency.

While creating curries, for example, sautéing chopped tomatoes with other ingredients will assist to thicken the dish.

One of the most significant advantages of utilizing this approach is that you may use any other veggies that are in season at the moment.

This means that depending on how you cook, you will get a wonderful range of tastes and textures.

Some individuals prefer to start with diced tomatoes and then add additional ingredients afterwards.

You can always use fresh tomatoes to create chopped tomatoes, but you can also keep the excess chopped tomatoes from your previous meal for later recipes.

Before adding additional ingredients, they should usually be roasted or sautéed.

Since it will continue to cook later in the recipe, the tomato should not be overdone.


Tomato powder is an excellent taste enhancer that can be used in a variety of dishes.

Yet, there are various more solutions available to you.

Some of these replacements must be cooked beforehand or used as-is, albeit they will most likely have greater moisture content than tomato powder.

Regardless matter whatever technique you choose, you will be able to experience all of the tastes of tomato season even when it is not in full force.

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