The 5 Best Substitutes for Green Chilies

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Green chiles are a versatile spice that can give a spicy kick to almost any recipe.

They are often used in Mexican and Southwestern cuisine, but they may also be used in a variety of other cuisines.

The heat of green chiles, on the other hand, is not for everyone and can be too much for some.

Many replacements may be used in lieu of green chiles if you prefer a milder taste or to avoid the heat entirely.

Let’s look at the top five green chile substitutes.

What is Green Chiles?

The green chile, oh, the green chile.

In the American Southwest, a source of both spice and contention.

So what are these adaptable peppers? Green chiles (Capsicum annuum) are unripe chili peppers that are frequently picked.

The Anaheim pepper, named after the California city where it was first cultivated, is the most common variety.

Green chiles may be used in numerous cuisines, both cooked and raw.

They may be roasted and diced for use in soups and stews, or chopped and added to salads or salsas.

They can also be eaten whole, either fresh or pickled.

Whichever way you eat them, one thing is certain: green chiles are a delectable and necessary element of southwestern cuisine.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Green Chiles

If you don’t like the spice of green chiles, there are lots of alternative choices.

These are 5 of the greatest green chile replacements.

1 – Banana Pepper

The banana pepper is a chili pepper named from its similarity to a banana.

When ripe, it is normally yellow or orange, although it may also be red, purple, or green.

Banana peppers are relatively mild, with a Scoville heat rating of 0-500.

They’re often seen in salads, sandwiches, and pizzas.

Pickled banana peppers may also be used as a condiment.

Banana peppers are known for their medicinal properties in addition to their culinary uses.

They have been found to enhance cognitive performance, promote immunity, and combat inflammation.

2 – Anaheim Pepper

The Anaheim pepper is a type of chili pepper that is popular in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine.

Its mild heat and versatility make it a popular choice for dishes ranging from enchiladas to salsa.

Anaheim peppers are said to have originated in New Mexico, where Native Indians originally grew them.

Later, Spanish settlers introduced them to California, where they were named after the city of Anaheim.

Anaheim peppers are now cultivated in numerous countries throughout the globe, including the United States, Mexico, and Peru.

Because of their popularity, they can be found fresh or canned in the majority of supermarkets.

3 – Poblano Pepper

Poblano peppers are a variety of chili pepper native to the Mexican state of Puebla.

They are normally somewhat hot, with Scoville ratings ranging from 1,000 to 2,000.

Poblano peppers may be used in a variety of meals, including enchiladas and chiles Rellenos, as well as soups and sauces.

Poblano peppers are known as ancho peppers when dried and smoked.

Ancho peppers offer a deep, rich taste that works well with mole sauce.

Poblano peppers will spice up your life no matter how you utilize them.

4 – Pasilla Pepper

The pasilla pepper is a variety of chili pepper often used in Mexican cuisine.

It has a lengthy, black appearance and a moderate to medium-hot flavor.

The term pasilla relates to the pepper’s wrinkled, raisin-like look and is from the Spanish word pasilla, which means “small raisin.”

Pasilla peppers are typically used in sauces and stews, as their milder flavor pairs well with other ingredients.

Pasilla pepper is also known as chilaca pepper when dried.

Fresh pasilla peppers may be difficult to locate outside of Mexico, although they are often available dried or tinned in Hispanic grocery shops.

5 – Green Fresno Pepper

The Fresno pepper is a chili pepper that is commonly used in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine.

With a Scoville value of 2,500 to 10,000, these peppers are medium to spicy in terms of spiciness.

When harvested, Fresno peppers are normally green, although they may also be red or brown.

These peppers are named after the California city of Fresno, where they were initially cultivated.

Fresno peppers may be found in a variety of foods, including salsa, chili, and tacos.

Since they have a comparable taste and heat level to green chiles, Fresno peppers are a viable substitute.


Although it is undeniable that green chiles lend a particular something to every meal, they are not for everyone.

There are several possibilities if you’re seeking for a replacement that will still kick your meal.

There’s a chili pepper for everyone, from Banana to Fresno.

Therefore don’t be scared to try new things; you could just discover your new favorite ingredient.


Can I substitute bell pepper for green chiles?

Bell Pepper

These green vegetables may not work well in salsas, but they may be used in recipes that call for baked, roasted, or grilled green chilis. Since they have no heat, your meal will have less spice, but you may add some red pepper flakes, chili powder, or cayenne pepper to boost it up a level.

Can you substitute red for green chillies?

The red will be more mellow of the same kind. Green ones have a more pronounced and generally spicier flavor. Some folks find them indigestible. You may use these in lieu of red ones, but they will produce a slightly different tone.

What can I substitute chilies with?

“If heat isn’t your thing, simply leave them alone.” Alternatively, substitute red bell pepper flakes for sweet or mild chilli, and smoked paprika for smokier chillies.”

What can I use instead of canned chiles?

What Can I Use in Instead of Canned Green Chiles? Roasted poblanos peppers work well in place of canned green chiles. There are seven main types of Mexican green chilies. Poblanos peppers are always available at our local grocery shops and are quite simple to find.

Do green chillies taste the same as red?

Green chilies are just as fiery as red chillies, and their pungency is roughly the same. What distinguishes them is their sweetness, with green chillies having a more bitter flavor profile. There are five major chilli species, each with its own distinct characteristics, flavors, and levels of heat.

Can jalapeños be substituted for green chilies?

If the spiciness of green chilies is too much for a recipe, you can always substitute jalapeno peppers, which can heat up to 5 on the heat scale.

Are Anaheim peppers the same as green chilies?

Chiles Hatch

These long green chiles are almost similar to California and Anaheim peppers, with one notable exception: they are much, much hotter.

What can I use instead of chiles in salsa?

Bell peppers, jalapeos, serrano peppers, and habanero peppers are some typical chile alternatives.

What is similar to New Mexico chiles?

In a pinch, you may use California Chiles (also known as Anaheim Peppers) or Guajillo Chiles for a little additional spice. One dried New Mexico Chile pod equals one teaspoon ground New Mexico Chile.

What can I use instead of canned tomatoes with chilis?

There are a few items that may be used in place of canned tomatoes in chili. You might use fresh tomatoes, tomato sauce, or even tomato paste. If you use fresh tomatoes, you will probably need to add extra water to the chili to make up for the water that is in canned tomatoes.

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