The 5 Best Substitutes for Black Cardamom

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The plant black cardamom is endemic to India.

The seeds of the plant are used whole or ground and have a strong, pungent flavor.

Black cardamom is commonly used in Indian cuisine and is often added to curries, rice dishes, and other savory foods.

It’s also great for flavoring tea and coffee.

Despite its strong flavor, black cardamom is not as widely used as green cardamom due to its higher price.

If youre looking for a substitute for black cardamom, there are a few options that you can try.

In this article, well take a look at the five best substitutes for black cardamom that you can use in your cooking.

What is Black Cardamom?

The 5 Best Substitutes for Black Cardamom

Black cardamom, also known as Badi elaichi, is a member of the ginger family.

It is native to India and has been used in that country for centuries, both as a spice and as a medicine.

The plant grows in the Himalayan foothills, and the black cardamom pods are harvested in the autumn.

The pods are then dried in the sun or over an open fire.

Once dried, they are used whole or ground into a powder.

Black cardamom has a strong, pungent flavor that is somewhat reminiscent of cloves.

It is used sparingly in Indian cooking, as it can easily overpower other flavors.

In addition to its culinary uses, black cardamom is also believed to have medicinal properties.

It is sometimes used to treat respiratory issues such as bronchitis and asthma.

Black cardamom is also said to be effective in relieving indigestion and nausea.

To begin using black cardamom, crush the pods to extract the seeds.

Then, add the seeds to your dish along with other spices like cumin and coriander.

You can also use black cardamom to make a spice tea by simmering the seeds in water for 20 minutes.

If you dont have black cardamom, you can substitute it with green cardamom or cloves.

Keep in mind that black cardamom is very potent, so you only need to use a small amount to flavor your dish.

The 5 Best Substitutes for Black Cardamom

If you cant find black cardamom where you live, dont worry.

Here are the five best substitutes for this unique spice:

1 – Green Cardamom

Green cardamom pods have a strong, pungent aroma that is slightly sweet and spicy.

Lemon, mint, and eucalyptus flavors are present.

When used in cooking, green cardamom is often used to flavor curries, rice dishes, and desserts.

It can also be used to make tea or added to coffee.

To use green cardamom pods, simply remove the seeds from the pod and grind them into a powder using a mortar and pestle.

The amount of powder needed will depend on your personal preferences and the recipe you are using.

Green cardamom powder can also be bought already ground.

Just be sure to check the labels carefully, as some brands add other spices, such as cloves or cinnamon, which will alter the flavor of your dish.

2 – Cinnamon and Cloves

Cinnamon and cloves are two baking spices that are often utilized.

Cinnamon has a warm, sweet flavor that is perfect for cinnamon rolls and apple pies.

Cloves have a strong, pungent flavor that is often used in spice cookies and gingerbread houses.

Both spices can also be used to make savory dishes like curries and stews more flavorful.

When using cinnamon and cloves, it is important to start with a small amount and add more to taste.

Too much of either spice can make a dish taste bitter or overwhelming.

When used in moderation, however, cinnamon and cloves can add a delicious depth of flavor to any dish.

3 – Cinnamon and Nutmeg

Cinnamon and nutmeg are two popular spices that are often used in baking.

Cinnamon has a warm, sweet taste, while nutmeg is slightly more bitter.

Both spices can be used to add flavor to cakes, cookies, and pies.

Cinnamon is also commonly used in savory dishes, such as curries and stews.

Nutmeg is often seen in cheeses and creamy sauces.

When using either spice, it is important to start with a small amount and add more to taste.

Too much cinnamon or nutmeg can make a dish taste unpleasant.

4 – Allspice Powder

Grinding up allspice berries yields allspice powder.

The flavor is similar to a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

It is often used in baking, as well as in savory dishes such as curries.

Allspice powder can be added to doughs for cookies and pies, or it can be used to spice up a cup of hot cocoa.

It’s also great for making a homemade BBQ rub for grilled meats.

To use allspice powder in a recipe, simply add it to the other ingredients, taste it, and adjust as needed.

Start with a little and then add more to reach the desired flavor.

Allspice powder can also be used as a finishing touch, sprinkled on top of baked goods, or added to a dish just before serving.

5 – Mix Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Allspice

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice are three spices that are often used together to add flavor to food.

They are all derived from tree bark and have a strong, sweet flavor.

Cinnamon is the most potent of the three spices, and it is often used to add sweetness and depth of flavor to desserts.

Nutmeg is more delicate and is often used to flavor savory dishes.

Allspice is a milder spice that tastes like a combination of cinnamon and cloves.

It is often used in baking or to add flavor to stews and sauces.

When these three spices are combined, they create a complex flavor that can enhance both sweet and savory dishes.


In conclusion, these are the five best substitutes for black cardamom.

Each of these spices has a unique flavor that can be used to enhance the taste of your food.

When substituting black cardamom, be sure to experiment with different proportions to find the perfect balance for your dish.

With a little bit of creativity, you can create amazing dishes that are full of flavor and aroma.


What can you use instead of black cardamom?

The best substitute for cardamom is a combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. These 3 spices come together to closely replicate the complex flavors of the black cardamom pods. Combine ground cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice into a blend that can be used in a variety of dishes.

Can I replace black cardamom with green cardamom?

In recipes, black cardamom should not be used if a recipe calls for green cardamom as the two pods have extremely different taste profiles. (Green can be used in place of black, but the signature smokiness will be absent.)

What flavor is cardamom similar to?

What taste is comparable to cardamom? Nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander seeds, and allspice are all similar in flavor to cardamom. You can also mix cinnamon and cloves together to best recreate the flavor of cardamom.

Is black cardamom the same as nutmeg?

As you see, nutmeg and cardamom are entirely two different spices, even though you could find them together in many sweet and savory dishes. They are both popular as warm baking spices but possess distinct flavor and aroma profiles. And they have their own way of flavoring dishes with their unique properties.

What flavor is black cardamom?

What Do You Think It Tastes Like? Black cardamom is dried over an open fire, which is what gives it such a powerful smoky aroma. Beneath that are notes of resin and camphor, as well as green cardamom’s menthol, slightly minty aromas that provide balance to a funky kick.

Is there any substitute for cardamom?

The best replacements for ground cardamom are spices that have that same aroma and flavor, such as allspice, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Do black and green cardamom taste the same?

Flavor: Green cardamom has a sweet flavor reminiscent of eucalyptus, making it a more common spice for savory and sweet dishes, including desserts. Alternatively, black cardamom has a smoky flavor and menthol notes, making it more common to use in savory dishes (like stews and curries).

What is the common name of black cardamom?

Subulatomia amomum Roxburgh, commonly known as large cardamom or black cardamom, is one of the well-known spices.

Does black cardamom taste like green cardamom?

The green cardamom has a very strong and intense aroma and flavour, while the black cardamom has a smoky and vaguely camphor-like flavour. The taste of black cardamom has a coolness that is sometimes likened to that of mint, but both the forms of cardamom are used for the purpose of adding flavour to foods and drinks.

What spice is closest to cardamom?

Both cinnamon and nutmeg are each widely recommended as cardamom substitutes. Cinnamon is the most popular of the two for use as a standalone cardamom replacement; however, nutmeg is still a popular and relatively inexpensive alternative.

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