The 5 Best Psyllium Husk Substitutes

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Psyllium husk is one of the finest methods to increase your fiber intake.

It may, however, have an unpleasant flavor.

Psyllium husks are used in cooking to absorb water and expand with liquid.

Gluten-free flours become sticky dough as a result of this procedure.

After that, the dough may be rolled out, baked, and cut into shapes.

Psyllium husk is not for everyone (or coffee, for that matter).

Many dislike the flavor. This post will look at five different options.

What exactly is Psyllium Husk?

First and foremost, what exactly is psyllium husk? The outer covering of the seeds of a plant called Plantago ovata is psyllium husk (also known as ispaghol).

It is also known as Oat Bran Fiber Supplement or Bulk-forming Dietary Fiber.

Psyllium is derived from the Greek word psulla, which meaning flea, since the psyllium husk looks like a flea.

In Indian English, Psyllium Husk is also known as Isabgol.

It is extensively planted in India and Iran and is used in cooking.

It has traditionally been used to thicken sauces in Indian cuisine.

It is also well-known for its medicinal properties.

Psyllium husk is produced to be rich in fiber content, so much so that it may be used daily to aid with regularity and weight reduction due to the high quantity of fiber it contains.

Psyllium husks are also known as seed husks since they are the husks of Psyllium seeds.

The 5 Best Psyllium Husk Substitutes

If you want to add fiber to your diet but don’t like the taste of psyllium husk, there are lots of other options.

Following are 5 of the finest psyllium husk alternatives that are fairly comparable in flavor and efficacy.

1 tablespoon flax seeds

Linseeds are another name for flax seeds.

They are particularly beneficial because they are rich in dietary fiber.

The seeds are brown or golden in color, have a nutty flavor, and may be eaten raw, whole, or ground up.

The disadvantage of flax seed powder is that it is a very messy substance to utilize.

Moreover, this seed pairs well with egg dishes and porridge.

If you want an all-natural supplement, flaxseed powder could be your best bet.

2 tablespoons Chia Seeds

Chia seeds, like flax seeds, are immensely popular in the health sector.

Chia means “strong” in Mayan, which explains why so many athletes choose this seed.

They are particularly effective because they contain a large quantity of soluble fiber, which immediately thickens when coupled with liquid.

Chia seeds offer several health advantages, including the ability to help you lose weight and reduce your cholesterol levels.

Moreover, the seeds are gluten-free.

Chia seeds resemble poppy seeds and may therefore be added to salads or fruit smoothies to improve their flavour.

They have a flavor that is bland.

Xanthan Gum 3

Xanthan gum is another typical substitute.

It is generated from the bacteria Xanthomonas campestris, which sweetens food.

It may also be used as a thickening agent in a variety of recipes.

This item is fantastic since a tiny bit may have a tremendous influence on your cuisine.

Xanthan gum may be difficult to locate in your local supermarket.

It is, nevertheless, accessible in most health food shops and online.

Moreover, this component thickens ice cream, salads, sauces, and soups.

In terms of flavor, it is sweet with a tinge of sharpness.

4 tablespoons cornstarch

Cornstarch is a popular component found in nearly every kitchen.

It is an excellent alternative for psyllium husk since it thickens a variety of liquids and sauces, including gravies and stews.

Also, when frying chicken or meatballs, this ingredient may assist generate a crispy coating.

Cornstarch has a fairly bland flavor.

Because of its tendency to thicken at high temperatures, it is often used in Asian-inspired cuisine.

If you’re seeking for a tasty substitute, this item could be your best chance.

5 tablespoons almond flour

Almond flour is another nice option.

It is exceptionally rich in fiber, making it ideal for weight reduction and regularity.

While raw almonds may be used to make almond flour, purchasing the component may be less expensive.

It has a nutty flavor when incorporated into foods such as smoothies.

Almond flour may also be used to make tasty sweets like cookies and muffins.

One disadvantage of almond flour is that it may get rather costly if not purchased with caution.

This component has an acceptable flavor.

Since it lacks a pronounced taste, it blends nicely with other components.


Psyllium husk is a great item to keep on hand.

Several options, though, may be as valuable.

If you want an all-natural supplement that has no chemicals or preservatives, flax seed powder, chia seeds, and almond flour are probably your best options.

Cornstarch or xanthan gum are the greatest options if you want something blendable, convenient, and simple to locate.

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