Smoked Turkey Wings

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Have you ever tried turkey wings instead of chicken wings? They are comparable to chicken wings, but much larger!

In about an hour and a half, you can prepare these smoked turkey wings on any smoker, and the results are tender, smokey wings bursting with barbecue flavor.

They are also an excellent choice for Thanksgiving dinner if you are serving a smaller number or just do not want to prepare a full turkey. Because they do not dry out as soon as the rest of the bird, you will be left with juicy wings without the inconvenience.

Where to buy turkey wings

Smoked Turkey Wings

Turkey wings should be available anywhere you regularly buy chicken, but they are much more popular during the holiday season, which runs from October through December.

Due to their immense size, they usually travel in groups of two or three wings.

If you’re feeding a large group, divide one turkey wing per two persons after detaching the drum and wingette.

How to make Smoked Turkey Wings

Despite their large size, turkey wings cook in the same amount of time as chicken wings. The whole procedure, including wing preparation, will take between an hour and a half and two hours, depending on the size of your wings.

1. Separating the wingette from the drumstick

A complete turkey wing, like a chicken wing, is made up of three parts: the wingette (also known as the flat), the wing tip, and the drumstick.

The wingette (or flat) should be separated from the drumstick first. This ensures that all components cook equally.

Butchering a turkey wing is same to butchering chicken wings. With your fingertips, locate the junction between the drumstick and the wing. Once you’ve found the joint, just cut them apart with a sharp knife.

2. Seasoning your turkey wings

It is critical to season your turkey wings well. Remember that they are up to 5 times the size of a chicken wing, and the seasoning must penetrate the flesh.

Lift up and peel back the skin to season the flesh below, then reinstall the skin and season it as well. This will guarantee that your turkey is properly seasoned.

I used our Smoked Turkey Rub in this recipe. It’s a flavorful spice combination that goes well with smoked turkey.

If you want to use a store-bought barbecue rub, seek for one that says “chicken or poultry.”

3. Smoking your turkey wings

Fire up the smoker to 250F.

These were smoked on my Masterbuilt Gravity 1050 using B&B Oak Lump Charcoal. When I smoke chicken, I choose oak since it has a milder taste profile and does not dominate the flesh with a strong smoke flavor.

Other great options would be pecan or applewood.

Once your smoker is ready, just set your turkey wings right on the grill grates.

The duration may vary somewhat depending on the size of your wings, but you will smoke them for approximately an hour or until they reach 155F internal temperature.

I prefer to use ThermoWorks ThermoPop for this application to evaluate the inside temperature. It’s an instant read thermometer that reads temperatures fast and precisely, stopping me from overcooking and leaving my smoker open for too long.

4. Saucing your turkey wings

When they reach 155°F, start heating up some barbecue sauce on the grill.

The taste characteristic of vinegar.I created our Homemade BBQ Sauce. If you want to use a store-bought sauce, go for one that is not too thick and has a rich tomato flavor.

I do not advocate skipping the sauce heating procedure. You may slather cold or room-temperature sauce on your wings, but it will not cover them as uniformly, and you risk having thick, uneven spots of sauce.

When I’m grilling sauces, I use the Lodge Cast Iron melting pot. It is the ideal size for almost any dish, and the robust cast iron is ideal for placing right into your barbecue grates. It also comes with a basting brush for brushing on your sauce!

Your sauce should be warm after around 10 minutes. Simply dip your basting brush into the sauce and cover both sides of the turkey wings. Make careful to get into the crevices surrounding the wings for a BBQ flavor blast in every mouthful!

Cook for a further 10 to 15 minutes, or until the internal temperature reaches 165°F.

Remove off the grill and let it rest for 10 minutes before serving.

What to serve with Smoked Turkey Wings

Smoked turkey wings are highly flexible and will go well with any barbeque side dish!

When I don’t want to prepare a full turkey but still want folks to have the choice, I serve them as part of a Thanksgiving feast. You may also opt with our smoked turkey breast if you want to keep one or two It’s not Thanksgiving without turkey folks pleased.

Here are some delicious side dishes to go with these Smoked Turkey Wings:

  • Bacon-wrapped Carrots with Maple Glaze
  • Smoked Sausage Stuffing
  • The Best Macaroni Salad for BBQ
  • Smoked Baked Beans with Bacon
  • Loaded Baked Potato Salad


Do smoked turkey wings need to be cooked?

Try the smoked turkey wings–they’re already cooked, so all you have to do is heat and enjoy! This food may be cooked in the oven, grilled, or microwaved.

How long to heat smoked turkey wings?

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the wings in a covered dish with enough liquid to keep them moist while cooking (we prefer chicken broth). Preheat the oven to 350°F for 45 minutes for a single turkey wing. Heat for 15 minutes per pound of wings at 350°F.

Are smoked turkey wings healthy?

Because turkey wings are dark meat, they have more fat and calories than white-meat turkey. Turkey wings, on the other hand, are high in protein and other minerals like selenium, iron, and calcium. A protein-rich main meal is roasted turkey wings.

Why are my smoked turkey wings tough?

A: When cooking chicken at low smoking temperatures, the skin seems to absorb the brunt of the smoke and heat and might come out harsh and unappealing. To make great smoked chicken with skin that has a nice “bite-through,” the skin must be dried before cooking and then cooked at a higher heat.

Is a smoked turkey already cooked?

A smoked turkey is one that has already been cooked. Yes, it can be eaten cold. The same may be said for a ham.

How do you know when smoked wings are done?

Wings are done when they reach a safe internal temperature of 165 degrees F on an instant-read thermometer—but we cook them to 170-175 degrees F for an additional “fall off the bone” taste. Toss with barbecue, buffalo, or spicy sauce as needed.

How do you crisp wings after smoking?

You’ll need to turn up the heat after smoking to truly crisp that skin. If you’re using a pellet smoker, just increase the temperature. If your smoker can’t rapidly heat up, you may be better off moving the wings to a hot oven.

Do you wrap turkey wings in foil when smoking?

4. SHOULD YOU COVER THE TURKEY IN FOIL WHILE SMOKING? Unlike when cooking a turkey in the oven, you won’t want to cover your smoked turkey with aluminum foil. You may cover your turkey’s wings with foil if they are baking too rapidly, but there is no need to do so otherwise.

How do you cook smoked turkey wings from the store?

How long should you cook pre-smoked turkey wings? Cover and slow roast at 350°F for 2 hours. There is no need to worry about internal temperature since they are already cooked. Simply check the wings to ensure they are properly heated before serving.

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