Nashville Hot Grilled Chicken

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It was one of Tennessee’s best-kept secrets, but the secret has been revealed, and Nashville Hot Chicken has taken the rest of the nation by storm.

Restaurants specialized to Hot Chicken are springing up everywhere, and prominent fast-food outlets are putting their own spin on the dish on the menu.

We’ve taken a spin on the Nashville Hot Chicken classic by utilizing the same fantastic spicy, sweet tastes but grilling the chicken instead of frying it.

I believe it is fair to assume that the Nashville Hot taste will be around for a long time.

Where did Nashville chicken originate from?

Nashville Hot Grilled Chicken

Many people claim that the original recipe belongs to Princes Hot Chicken Shack, a restaurant founded by James Thornton Prince in 1945 in Nashville, Tennessee.

According to legend, Prince was a bit of a party animal and a women man.

His stable girlfriend didn’t like his playboy tendencies, so she retaliated by serving an especially hot batch of fried chicken one morning.

She stuffed the chicken with more peppers and seasonings and served it. To her surprise, Prince not only enjoyed the hot chicken but also requested seconds!

It was then that Nashville Hot Chicken was born.

After perfecting the dish, Prince debuted his restaurant in 1945. In 1980, his great-niece Andr Prince Jeffries took over ownership, and the legendary restaurant is still serving the original hot chicken today.

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How to make Nashville hot grilled chicken

1.Prepare the chicken

The first step in making this Nashville spicy grilled chicken is to season it.

This recipe asks for chicken breasts, but you may substitute whatever sort of chicken you choose. Nashville Hot Wings, Nashville Hot Thighs, or Nashville Hot Drumsticks would also be delicious!

Four boneless, skinless chicken breasts were utilized. Each breast is thoroughly seasoned with salt, pepper, smoky paprika, and garlic powder.

When the chicken is well-seasoned, it is ready to grill.

2. Grill the chicken

I prefer to start by oiling the grill grates. While it is not always required, I prefer to coat the grates with a little oil to keep the chicken from sticking.

These chicken breasts were cooked on my Big Green Egg at 300°F over Acacia wood lump charcoal with a dusting of pecan chips.

Cook each breast for 10-12 minutes each side, or until an internal temperature of 165F is reached.

Overcooking chicken breasts, which are thinner and less forgiving than chicken thighs, is particularly critical. Use a decent meat thermometer, such as the Thermapen ONE.

3. Prepare the hot sauce

The sauce is the star of the show when it comes to Hot Chicken. It is responsible for the chicken’s trademark red color as well as the scorching hot taste that keeps customers coming back for more.

Nashville Hot sauce is distinct in that it is produced with cayenne pepper and contains no additional hot sauces, as opposed to the more famous Buffalo sauce, which normally contains a bottle of hot sauce blended with butter.

Nashville Hot Sauce is a straightforward concoction of butter (or oil), cayenne pepper, brown sugar, and spices.

Because traditional Nashville Hot Chicken is fried, a little amount of frying oil is usually poured over the butter before adding the spices.

I forego the oil in my Nashville Hot grilled version and instead use melted butter as a foundation. The simple mix of butter and spices yields a thin paste-like sauce that covers the grilled chicken wonderfully.

Begin with a stick of butter in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir until the butter is completely melted, and then begin to add seasoning.

To begin, mix together the cayenne pepper and the butter. I’ve included some spice level suggestions below so you can customize the intensity of your sauce to your liking.

Spice level guidelines:

tbsp cayenne pepper, mild1 tbsp cayenne pepper, medium2 tablespoons cayenne pepper3 tablespoons cayenne pepper

Add the brown sugar, salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder after that. Once that mixture is well-combined, pour in the honey and stir again. The end product should be a sauce that is almost like a thin paste.

4. Time to sauce and serve

You may sprinkle the sauce over the top of the chicken or serve it on the side, but I like to dip the whole chicken breast into the delectable spicy sauce. This guarantees that every inch of chicken is thoroughly covered and infused with Nashville Hot taste.

To ensure that the chicken breast is covered with all of the sauce components, give it a fast stir just before dipping in your chicken to ensure that all of the tastes are blended, as the seasoning may have settled on the bottom of the bowl if it has been sitting for a long.

The options are infinite after your chicken has been dipped. It’s delicious on its own, but I prefer to serve it with pickles and a dollop of creamy coleslaw on a brioche bun for a flavor-packed hot chicken sandwich that will blow your mind.

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What makes Nashville hot chicken different?

What Exactly Is Nashville Hot Chicken? Nashville hot chicken, as the name suggests, is fried chicken with a spice. The chicken is spiced up with hot sauce and cayenne pepper in the coating, as well as a spicy sauce sprayed on top.

What makes Nashville Chicken Nashville Chicken?

Nashville hot chicken is a spicy dish. The chicken is not only marinated in spicy sauce, but it is also covered with cayenne pepper sauce. However, the cayenne pepper sauce contains additional components such as brown sugar and butter that help to temper the heat.

What’s the difference between Buffalo and Nashville hot chicken?

Nashville hot chicken is marinated in spices, fried, then topped with pickles and cayenne pepper. In contrast, buffalo chicken is covered in a wet sauce. Because of their wetness, they are difficult to maintain crispy, much like crystal hot sauce.

What is Nashville hot sauce made of?

Nashville hot sauce is a kind of regional hot sauce that is created with honey, cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, and brown sugar. Nashville hot chicken is made with this tempting Tennessee staple spicy sauce and fried chicken.

Which is hotter Buffalo or Nashville Hot?

The original Nashville Hot chicken is spicier, depending more heavily on cayenne pepper and other spices to heighten the heat.

Is Nashville hot sauce the same as Buffalo?

Their texture is one of the most noticeable variations. The viscosity of Buffalo sauce is thick and shiny, while Nashville hot sauce is more greasy. Furthermore, traditional buffalo sauce is produced using bottled hot sauce and vinegar, but in my Nashville hot sauce recipe, I just use a few spices!

What side dishes go with Nashville hot chicken?

A Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich is a filling lunch on its own, but it also goes well with potato chips, tater tots, or French fries. Other traditional side dishes include coleslaw, potato salad, cornbread, and mac & cheese.

Is Nashville hot chicken very spicy?

Nashville Hot Chicken, an increasingly popular meal, would be classified as 10,000 to 100,000 SHUs due to the use of cayenne pepper.

What is KFC Nashville hot chicken made of?

The original Nashville meal consists of crispy fried chicken drenched in a top-secret hot chili sauce and served on sliced white bread with dill pickles on top.

Why is Nashville hot chicken so good?

It’s all about the temperature.

According to Taste of Home, Nashville hot chicken recipe just asks for pieces of chicken (breast, thighs, legs, or wings) that are marinated, soaked, breaded, fried, and a last touch of spices applied at the end. There is no such thing as a mild chicken recipe.

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