How Does Turkey Bacon Taste? Is Turkey Bacon Delicious?

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Companies are getting more imaginative as more customers switch to low-fat meat products.

Turkey bacon is one such example, and it is becoming more popular among those looking to reduce their fat consumption.

It is also growing popular among those who cannot eat pig products.

The beautiful thing about turkey bacon is that it is both tasty and versatile.

It can be used in practically every manner that pig bacon may be used.

So, since it’s manufactured from a different protein, how does turkey bacon taste? Is it comparable to pig bacon or another protein? If you keep reading, you’ll find out very soon.

What exactly is Turkey Bacon?

It is turkey flesh that has been cut, shaped, cured, and smoked.

Turkey bacon was created to replace hog bacon for two groups of people.

For people who cannot have pork, and for those searching for a low-fat alternative.

Since the alternative product hit the market, it has gained popularity not just among target customers but also among meat aficionados.

Several others try it out of curiosity and fall in love with it.

As a result, the product is now in more demand.

You can fry it just like pig bacon.

Nevertheless, since it is 90% fat-free, pan-frying is not recommended unless you add a little amount of oil or butter.

Turkish bacon is an alternative for anybody who wants bacon but does not want to consume animal products.

How Does Turkey Bacon Taste?

As a result, it is an excellent substitute for actual bacon.

It has also piqued the interest of the target audience, which includes inquiring food aficionados, chefs, and home cooks.

But how does it taste? We all know that hog bacon is one of the most delectable dishes on the planet.

It’s crispy, juicy, and smokey, and you can’t get enough of it.

But, it is not fully healthy, which is why the alternative emerged.

Has turkey bacon been able to satisfy those requirements? Let us investigate.

If you like bacon and eggs but wish to eliminate the former from your diet, turkey bacon might be a great substitute.

It’s crunchy and goes well with eggs.

But, since it is derived from a bird, it is unlikely to taste like hog bacon.

Since both are birds with less fat than bacon, turkey bacon may taste more like duck bacon.

Facon, which means “false bacon,” is a suitable moniker for the alternative.

The parallels between turkey bacon and the ever-delicious bacon stop there.

But it doesn’t mean it’s not delicious.

It’s tasty, but it bears little resemblance to traditional bacon.

Turkey meat and turkey bacon are both wonderful.

  • Turkey Bacon Nutritional Value.

One slice of Jennie-O Turkey bacon has 30 calories, 2 grams of protein, 0.5 grams of saturated fat, 2.5 grams of fat, 10 grams of cholesterol, and 130 milligrams of salt.

Classic bacon of the same size, on the other hand, includes 54 calories, 3.9g protein, 1.37g saturated fat, 4.04g fat, 11mg cholesterol, and 194mg sodium.

Except for protein, everything else in traditional bacon is high.

Turkish bacon is said to be a healthier substitute for pig bacon.

It includes a variety of nutrients that may aid in weight reduction.

Yet, it contains a lot of sodium.

As a result, you must consume it in moderation.

Rather, check for types with a reduced salt content.

How Do You Make Turkey Bacon?

Since the alternative seems to replace bacon, you may cook it as you would traditional bacon.

Nevertheless, unless you make certain changes, the outcomes are likely to vary.

For example, when you cook traditional bacon in the oven, it produces a lot of fat, which makes it juicy.

When you cook turkey bacon in the same method, the results are the reverse.

It produces little fat, causing the meat to become dry and leathery.

If you want to bake it, you’ll need to add some fat, oil, or butter.

It will make the meat more tender and tasty.

Hence, the best method to prepare turkey bacon is to fry it.

There are two methods for frying it: pan frying and deep frying.

Heat the oil for deep frying and fried for a few minutes, or until light brown.

If no oil is used during pan-frying, the meat will adhere to the utensil.

If you don’t omit the fat, you’ll get a crispy, juicy, brown bacon-like texture and look.


Turkey bacon may be used in place of traditional bacon, however the taste will be different.

You can still eat it since it is delicious.

If you like ordinary turkey flesh, this will not be an issue.

Eating the alternative is much healthier since it has less calories and fats.

Yet, since most types have high salt levels, it is better to take in moderation.

Likewise, follow the cooking guidelines to avoid the meat becoming rubbery and dry, otherwise it will be a waste.


Does turkey bacon actually taste good?

A fantastic alternative for folks who do not consume pork.

Although it lacks the flavor and texture of hog bacon, turkey bacon has a smoky, salty, meaty flavor that many people appreciate. Turkish bacon has less calories and fat than conventional bacon and is a decent option for those who do not consume pig.

How do they make turkey bacon taste like real bacon?

Meat processors manufacture turkey bacon out of ground turkey that has been flavored to taste like bacon. The product is similar to turkey sausage because ground dark meat is stacked on top of ground light meat.

Is there a turkey bacon that tastes like bacon?

This was the most bacon-like turkey bacon I’d ever seen, smelled, or tasted. Sam’s Choice Uncured Turkey Bacon offers something for everyone.

Which turkey bacon is healthiest?

Tips for Eating Bacon Healthily

Choose nitrate-free turkey bacon: If you can’t live without meat-based bacon, seek for options that don’t include added nitrates, such as Applegate Farms’ uncured turkey bacon. It’s also leaner, higher in protein, and has somewhat less salt.

What is the tastiest bacon to buy?

At a Glance: The Best Bacon
Overall winner: Applegate Uncured Sunday Bacon.
North Country Smokehouse Fruitwood Smoked Uncured Bacon is the best smoked bacon.
Smithfield Hometown Original Bacon has the best texture.
Additional favorites include: Jimmy Dean Thick-Sliced Quality Bacon, Harfield Original Hardwood Smoked Bacon.
Jan 27, 2021

What are the cons of turkey bacon?

Turkey bacon, like hog bacon, is high in saturated fat and salt, two elements that, when ingested in excess, may have negative health consequences. Yet, like with other processed meat, consuming too much turkey bacon is not good for your general health.

Does turkey bacon crisp up like regular bacon?

Heated air travels over the strips, creating in a crispy texture with just a hint of chewiness. This is the easiest technique to produce crispy turkey bacon without burning it. Therefore, using a rack is not strictly essential. If you cook the bacon directly on the sheet pan, it will still become crispy.

Does turkey bacon smell like regular bacon?

Smell. Since it is composed of fresh flesh, fresh turkey bacon smells like fresh meat. According on the curing procedure, it may also have a somewhat smokey aroma.

Is turkey bacon greasy?

Four strips of hog bacon generate around 1 tablespoon of fat, however other turkey bacons yielded not a single drop. With some oil in the pan, the turkey bacon will make full, even contact with the heat, yielding crisper strips. So don’t worry, it’s not going to be greasy.

What is better than turkey bacon?

Pork bacon is created from the pig’s belly. It has more vitamin B than turkey bacon, which is necessary for cell metabolism, as well as selenium, which protects against oxidative damage and infection. Pork bacon also has more protein per serving than turkey bacon (17 grams vs. 20 grams).

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