How Does Malta Goya Taste? Is Malta Goya Delicious?

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If you want to drink beer but don’t like alcohol, Malta Goya is a good option.

It’s made with the best barley and hops and is suited for any occasion.

It is now available in a variety of locations, including internet retailers.

There are also other versions accessible in the majority of nations throughout the globe.

As a result, if you can’t get Malta Goya in your area, look into the alternatives.

The popularity of the beverage indicates that it is of high quality.

So how does Malta Goya taste? Is it sweet, sour, bitter, powerful, or neutral? Continue reading if you’re as intrigued as we are.

What exactly is Malta Goya?

Malta refers to all malt drinks made from barley, hops, and water.

They are non-alcoholic yet have a beer-like aroma.

Malta is produced by a number of nations and brands.

Although they have the same first name, the second name varies by location.

Malta Goya is a malt beverage manufactured by Goya Foods Corp.

Puerto Rico, the United States, and the Dominican Republic.

Other variants are Malta Fresh (India), Malta Gallo (Guatemala), Malta Carib (Trinidad & Tobago), and Malta Andina (Ecuador).

Although all brands employ the same foundation, the tastes may differ somewhat amongst them.

Malta Since they do not contain alcohol, Goya and other malt beverages are popular globally.

You may enjoy its tastes anywhere and whenever you choose.

But we’ll learn out about its flavor later.

How Does Malta Goya Taste?

Many individuals desire to drink beer but are unable to do so since it includes alcohol.

So you’ve discovered that Malta Goya smells like to beer, but what about its flavor?

Since it is a malt beverage, it is reasonable to assume that it tastes like beer.

Water, corn syrup, pale malt, caramel malt, caramel color, salt, hops, calcium sulfate, phosphoric acid, salt, and high fructose corn syrup are the key components in Malta Goya.

The good news is that the liquid tastes just like beer that has not been fermented.

Thus, even if you taste beer, you don’t become drunk.

As a result, unlike beer, which can only be consumed in modest quantities, Malta Goya may be consumed in unlimited quantities.

Malta Goya is sometimes referred to as Malta or malt soda.

It is usually referred to by its original name.

The drink blends the flavors of stout beer, cola, and syrupy molasses.

As a result, it’s light and refreshing.

It also has characteristics comparable to homemade beer, such as a thick, dark, and rich texture with a powerful scent.

As a result, it is similar to beer but sweeter and fuller in flavor.

  • Malta Goya Nutritional Value.

A 355g portion of Malta Goya has 241 calories, 3g protein, and 53g carbohydrates.

It also has several vitamins in it.

Although everyone may drink it, it is excellent for physically active persons.

It contains malt, which helps boost energy levels and keep you refreshed.

It may also help with digestive health and even improve heart health.

But, for the optimum results, the drink should be consumed in moderation.

How Should You Drink and Serve Malta Goya?

Maltese Goya, while being a malt beverage, is completely non-alcoholic, which is its main selling point.

You receive the flavor of beer without consuming any alcohol.

So, how can things be much better than this? That will if you serve and consume Malta Goya correctly.

Maltese Goya may be served and consumed cold directly from the bottle.

Nevertheless, you may also serve it in a glass with ice cubes.

It will taste beautiful and fresh whatever you drink it.

But did you know that you may utilize the drink in a variety of dishes?

You may also use it to prepare sauces and add them to foods to enhance the tastes.

It’s very refreshing when mixed with evaporated or condensed milk.

It’s a favorite beverage among Africans and Americans alike.

Everyone is free to consume Malta Goya anytime they choose.

It’s also a great drink to have during family gatherings.

Yet, since it is a complex beverage, children may find it challenging to consume.

If you serve it to children, be sure to watch them and provide just modest portions.

It’s also a terrific drink to have after working out.

You can rejuvenate and eliminate weariness.


So you now know a lot about Malta Goya.

If you haven’t tried it yet, go to your local shop or get it online.

Have a delicious beverage with family and friends anytime you wish.

Be rejuvenated by enjoying the sweet, nutty, and beer-like tastes.

It’s a nutritious drink, but limit yourself to one or two cups each day.

Anything may become hazardous if consumed in large quantities.

If taken in moderation, it will improve your health while also pleasing your senses.


What does Goya Malta taste like?

Goya, Malta

Several people describe the flavor as sweet and nutty, similar to caramel or coffee. It may be drank directly from the glass bottle, or it can be served with ice and condensed milk to improve the taste.

Does Malta taste like beer?

Although there are several brands and varieties of malta, the fundamentals of the drink remain unchanged. It is a non-alcoholic, softly carbonated malt beverage made from barley, hops, and water. The drink resembles beer in look, smell, and taste, yet it has its own distinct flavor.

Is Malta Goya bitter?

This delectable, non-alcoholic beverage, brewed from the best barley and hops, has a rich, sweet flavor with traces of bitterness, evocative of the taste of molasses.

Does Malta Goya taste like root beer?

Absolutely not. That wasn’t even really “interesting.” It had the flavor of thin, carbonated, nutty molasses.

Does malt beverage taste good?

It has a sweet and nutty flavor, but it has also been characterized as tasting like toast, caramel, coffee, or fruits like raisins. The sweet, almost dessert-like flavor is due to how malt is manufactured from barley.

Is Malta a soda or juice?

It is a carbonated malt beverage that is also known as children’s beer, wheat soda, or young beer. Because of its characteristic dark hue, Malta is also known as black brewed beer. Malta India beer is made using hops, the best barley, and water; caramel color and maize may also be used.

Which brand of Malta is best?

Malta GOYA, the number one Malta brand in the United States, is a non-alcoholic beer made from the best barley and hops.

How much alcohol is in Goya Malta?

Malta Goya is a malt beverage from South America. Alcohol-free – contains less than 0.5% alcohol by volume. Water, Pale Malt, Caramel Malt, Cane Sugar, Caramel Color, Phosphoric Acid, Salt, and Hops are used to make this beer.

Does Malta taste like Guinness?

It’s undoubtedly calorie-dense. If you like malt, you’ll like this beer. It has a Guinness stout flavor to it. Yet, it tastes quite well altogether.

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