Hot Dog Burnt Ends

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Look no further for a low-cost and simple substitute for classic brisket burned ends. These Hot Dog Burnt Ends are a tasty take on a barbecue staple that won’t cost you a fortune.

Most smoked meats need hours of preparation and hours on the smoker, but these Hot Dog Burnt Ends are fast and simple to make whenever the desire arises.

They only take approximately 90 minutes to make and provide a sweet and smokey meal perfect for a snack or appetizer at your next BBQ.

What are hot dog burnt ends?

Hot Dog Burnt Ends

Hot Dog Burnt Ends are simply smoked hot dogs that have been cut up and covered in a thick coating of barbecue sauce and butter.

Then they’re placed back on the smoker for a little while longer to caramelize. The end product is a delicious BBQ bite with a soft core and a wonderful sticky, crispy outside.

The approach for this dish was inspired by classic brisket burned ends, which arose in Kansas City not by a stroke of culinary brilliance, but to employ leftover brisket sections that weren’t typically presented to guests.

After the charred ends of the smoked brisket were removed, they were mixed in a mixture of barbecue sauce and a sweetener, such as brown sugar or honey. Then they were returned to the smoker to let the sauce to develop and produce the sticky and wonderful delicacy known as BBQ burned ends.

There are endless burnt ends variations

Various variants of burned ends have gained popularity in recent years on social media and culinary blogs.

While you might debate whether they are really burned ends, there is no doubting the efficiency of this approach.

Here are some more delicious burned end recipes to try:

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  • Smoked Pork Belly Burnt Ends

The best thing about using hot dogs to produce burned ends is how little time it takes to prepare them. A brisket might take anywhere from 12 to 18 hours to cook, but these hot dogs only take 90 minutes!

What kind of hot dogs to use?

Hot dogs may not seem to be the best option for producing burned ends, but they change into a sweet and delectable delight that will astound you.

Quality hot dogs are the secret to superb hot dog burned ends. For my burned ends, I prefer to start with Hebrew National Beef Franks. They are created using quality cuts of 100% kosher beef with no artificial flavors, colors, or fillers. This makes them an excellent pick.

You can always prepare your own hot dogs if you have some time and a meat grinder.

How to make Hot Dog Burnt Ends

1.Seasoning your hot dogs

Seasoning your hot dogs is the first step in producing hot dog burned ends. I prefer to leave the hot dogs whole throughout the initial stage of smoking. I don’t believe it makes much of a difference whether you cut them ahead of time, but I like to keep them whole while they receive that initial layer of smokey flavor.

Some people prefer to tie their hot dogs with mustard, which is just acceptable! I’m a big fan of olive oil since it’s the binder I use in around 90% of my recipes. I find that olive oil works well as a meat binder without providing any extra taste.

The simplest technique to coat the hot dogs with olive oil is to place them in a medium-sized mixing bowl and sprinkle the oil on top. Put on a glove and give them a vigorous shake so each hot dog is well covered with oil.

After that, season to taste. This recipe is highly adaptable and forgiving, so you can use whatever barbeque rub you like! If you don’t have any store-bought rub, here are 10 BBQ Dry Rubs You Can Make At Home.

PS Seasoning’s Hot Honey Bee Sting rub was perfect for this dish. It’s a sweet honey rub with a chipotle heat that I love to use on pig and poultry, but it also goes well with smoked hot dogs! What a surprise!

Transfer your hot dogs to a jerky tray or wire rack after they’ve been coated in oil and spice. If you like to smoke them directly on the grates of your smoker, that is acceptable as well. I simply prefer to use a rack since it makes them simpler to carry and clean up is a pleasure!

2.Smoke your hot dogs whole

You’ll smoke your hot dogs with the seasoning on them for approximately an hour. You don’t want to smoke them at too high a temperature since you don’t want them to dry out, so set your smoker at about 225F.

I used my Camp Chef Woodwind 24 for this dish. I adjusted the temperature to 225°F and the smoke intensity to intensity 5 to give my dogs a nice smokey taste. I used Kingsford Hickory natural hardwood pellets for the pellets.

After roughly an hour on the smoker, you may remove the hot dogs and create your burned ends!

3.Making your hot dog burnt ends

Place the hot dogs on a cutting board and cut them into pieces. You should strive to make all of the pieces approximately the same size so they cook evenly, and I suggest aiming for pieces about 1 length.

It’s time to create the sauce, which is what turns the smoked hot dogs into hot dog burned ends!

Combine the barbecue sauce and butter in a small mixing bowl, along with another liberal sprinkling of whichever barbecue rub you used to season the hot dogs. Mix thoroughly until the ingredients are fully blended.

Add your chopped hot dogs to the bowl and give them a thorough shake to ensure that each and every one of them is completely covered in the sauce mixture.

Fill a disposable aluminum pan halfway with the charred ends and any residual sauce. If you like to use a baking dish or cast-iron pan, that is OK; I simply prefer to make clean-up as simple as possible, so I use a disposable tray every time!

Return the tray of charred ends to the smoker and raise the temperature to 350°F. The greater temperature will let the sauce solidify and caramelize, resulting in the lovely sticky, crispy finish you desire from a superb burned end.

Cook for a further 20 to 30 minutes, stirring halfway through.

When the sauce has caramelized and the burned ends have become sticky, they are ready to eat!

Hot Dog Burnt Ends Recipe


What other meat can you use for burnt ends?

Burnt ends are made from both cow and pig flesh. The charred ends of cow’s flesh originate from the tip half of a brisket. Pig flesh burned ends are made by pitmasters using pork belly. Brisket burned ends are the most traditional and popular variety of burnt ends, having gained popularity in the 1970s.

What are poor mans burnt ends?

Beef burned ends cooked using a chuck roast instead of a brisket are known as poor man’s burnt ends. Traditional BBQ Brisket Burnt Ends are made from the fat-marbled tip of a full packer brisket.

How are burnt ends made?

What exactly is this? Brisket burned ends are prepared by smoking a brisket’s tip, wrapping it with peach butcher paper, cutting the smoked brisket into cubes, and then boiling the cubed meat in sauce and brown sugar. This produces a delectable, almost candy-like cube of beef.

How do you burn hot dogs without a grill?

The next best thing is the oven!
Preheat the oven to 400°F.
Place the hot dogs in a pan or dish.You may use a casserole dish, a roasting pan, or even a baking tray (just make sure it has a rim to collect the liquids). To make cleaning even easier, line the dish with foil.
Cook for around 15 minutes. Maintain vigilance on your pets.

What is a cheap meat for burnt ends?

Briskets are huge chunks of beef that may be rather pricey. That’s why chuck is a terrific budget-friendly alternative to burned ends.

Are burnt ends always beef?

The burnt ends are made from beef brisket. A packer brisket is an entire brisket separated into two parts: the flat and the tip. Burnt ends are produced from smoked and roasted point cubes.

What is the best piece of meat for burnt ends?

Burnt ends are traditionally produced from the point ends of a brisket; they are wonderful but require some effort. A chuck roast is the meat of choice for this dish.

Are burnt ends healthy?

No, these charred ends aren’t exactly nutritious. The high quantities of fat and sugar are not unexpected. After all, it’s not like charred ends from some BBQ joints are very nutritious. When it comes to brisket, no one is calculating calories or nutrients.

Do you put butter in burnt ends?

For the charred ends

Season with the leftover 13 cup dry rub, then combine with the barbecue sauce, butter, and honey. Place in the smoker, uncovered, and stir once the butter and honey have melted. Smoke uncovered in the tray for 2 hours.

Can you overcook burnt ends?

Brisket burned ends are traditionally produced from the point end of the brisket since it is the most delicate section of the cut. If the bulk of your brisket is overdone, the tip end may still be salvageable. This may be used to produce a simple brisket burned ends recipe.


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