Apple and Beets Coleslaw

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You’ve got guests coming around for another barbecue. You can command the flame like no other, but your side options are limited to sloppy green salad, an old potato salad recipe that no one really enjoys, and tired-looking store slaw.

Fear not, because this apple and beets slaw dish is so tasty that it will be the star of your next patio BBQ event.

Yes, it really is that good.

I’m a barbecuer, not a salad maker

Apple and Beets Coleslaw

Yeah, I’ve heard it a lot from relatives and friends over the years. That is, until they try one of my sides. Nothing beats making the ideal combination for the proteins I’ve spent years perfecting over a flame.

When folks come over for a BBQ, they anticipate delicious, sweet, and sometimes spicy delicacies to meet their lips.

Most people anticipate that the side dishes will be a distant second consideration. My reasoning is that if I’m going to the work of producing anything, I want it to be flavorful and enjoyable for everyone.

This identical apple coleslaw can be seen in this video I made with smoked pork chops.

Apple and Beets Slaw

This slaw recipe is wonderful for adding crunch, taste, and color to burgers, and it also works well with pulled pork or bbq chicken.

My friends and family often ask for it since it’s so good and so crisp and fresh.

Begin by peeling and finely shredding the beets and placing them in a large mixing basin.

The apples were then sliced into matchsticks, which were then split in half. Although you may peel the apples beforehand, I enjoy the texture the skin lends to the slaw.

Finely slice the cabbage and add it to the bowl. The parsley is next.

Now that all of the chopped ingredients have been prepared, it is time to add the remaining ingredients.

After you’ve measured out all of the other ingredients, combine them in a mixing bowl and properly combine them. I always prepare this slaw ahead of time to let the sugars to dissolve and the flavors to fully combine; about an hour is generally plenty. Although it is not entirely required.

I like to serve it with a little lemon zest and a splash of lemon juice to brighten it up. Trust me, it makes all the difference and is well worth the effort.

Serving suggestions

This goes well as a side dish with any BBQ entrée. It’s also delicious with fish. Where it really shines is with pork. Pork chops, pulled pork, ribs, and burgers are all available.

Apple and pork are built for each other, so it’s no surprise that an apple slaw would complement any pork meal well.

However, I have been known to eat this on its own. That’s true, a side dish has become the main course. It’s honestly so good that you’ll want another serving at your next barbecue.

Just remember to add a squeeze of lemon before eating to refresh the palette and tie everything together.

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