What Does Shark Meat Taste Like?

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What Does Shark Meat Taste Like?

Are you apprehensive when you think of sharks? Even while the media may highlight their resiliency, they also have a special importance in the culinary world.

You certainly can consume shark flesh since there’s no need to restrict yourself to only eating tuna or salmon.

They are considered a delicacy in many different cuisines, particularly Asian cuisine, despite the fact that they are one of the most affordable and flavorful varieties of fish.

But what exactly is the flavor of shark flesh consist of, and should you give it a shot? The answer is somewhere in the middle, but after you have more information on the meat, you will be able to make a decision.

What is Shark Meat?

The term “shark meat” refers, as the name implies, to the flesh that is derived from sharks.

Fillets and even prepared dishes using the product are both available for purchase.

The cuisines of coastal locations often use shark flesh as an ingredient due to the proximity of these places to the ocean.

The flesh of sharks is reddish in color and smells fishy, much like the flesh of most other species of fish.

However, after cooked, they take on a white color.

Additionally, marinating the meat before to cooking is an effective method for removing the fishy odor.

Some of the most often caught sharks for human food are the shortfin mako, the thresher, and the porbeagle.

In addition, consumers may purchase them in the marketplaces either fresh or frozen.

In addition to this, they are quite simple to consume since, strictly speaking, they do not possess any bones.

They have cartilage instead of bones, and the flesh on their bones is not bony like the meat on the bones of many other fishes.

In addition to the fresh meat, people in Asia consume them smoked and dried. On the other hand, Icelanders ferment the flesh in order to preserve it so that it may be consumed throughout the year.

What Does Shark Meat Taste Like?

It is possible that you are eating shark flesh without even realizing it if you consume your meal without first consulting the menu.

Why? Because the flavor is indistinguishable from that of ordinary fish.

The texture of shark flesh is described as being flaky, sweet, and mild.

In spite of the fact that they have the consistency of chicken flesh, their flavor most closely resembles that of an alligator (if you’ve ever had the opportunity to sample one).

When you chew it, the flesh has a consistency more akin to chicken; it is soft, but it still has some bite to it.

The flavor, on the other hand, is reminiscent of a combination of fish and chicken.

It has a fragrance that is comparable to that of chicken, but its flavor is sweet like that of most whitefish.

The taste of shark flesh might vary somewhat from species to species, but it’s always delicious.

To provide one example, a Mako has a more powerful flavor that is characterized as earthy, oily, and fishy.

The flavor of Thresher may be very dry and saline, but it won’t be overly fishy.

You won’t even need any strong seasonings since it will work fine even if you don’t use them.

Porbeagle, on the other hand, has a flavor that is similar to swordfish; it is meaty, mild, and sweet.

Whitefish are a common alternative that can be successfully replaced with shark flesh.

When you consume it, you won’t feel hungry for a very long time since it has such a high concentration of protein in it.

In point of fact, they are categorized as lean meat due to the fact that they contain a relatively low amount of fat but a significant amount of protein.

When the beef is aged in the same manner as the Icelandic delicacy known as Hakarl, it will smell and taste similar to blue cheese.

In addition, there will be a highly intense ammonia flavor in the aftertaste.

Therefore, it’s possible that not many people like the way it tastes, but keeping them frozen is one technique to do so.

How to Cook Shark Meat?

Make sure the shark flesh is properly prepared before you cook it to avoid having to consume anything that has a strong odor.

Simply marinade your meat in lemon juice, vinegar, or milk for at least half an hour. There is no need to do any more work.

You can pan fry, roast, or grill shark flesh, but if you want to make your dinners more memorable, why not try one of these other preparation methods? The following are some of our top recommendations for foods that you ought to try:

  • Fish balls: This one is a piece of cake; all they are is fish that has been cooked, minced, and made into balls before being deep-fried, with or without breading. Just keep in mind that the shark flesh has to be seasoned properly in order to get the desired balance of tastes in the dish. Additionally, if you own an equipment that is capable of air-frying, this method provides a more nutritious alternative to traditional frying.
  • Surimi: Have you ever been fooled by a fake crab? This is due to the fact that they are prepared using surimi, which is a fish paste, and the process is simple. You only need to chop the meat and form it into forms like crab feet using a mold.
  • Teriyaki: When you want to give conventional meals, particularly meats, a more interesting flavor in a hurry, teriyaki sauce is the condiment to go for. Therefore, season the shark flesh, fry it in a skillet, and then soak it in the sauce.

If you wish to prepare shark meat, you should always seek for any updates concerning mercury poisoning before purchasing the shark flesh itself.

Sometimes the meat will have an abnormally high concentration of poisonous metals, rendering it unfit for human eating.

How to Buy Shark Meat?

You may purchase shark flesh from fish mongers or grocery stores, but following these guidelines will ensure that you get the most out of your money:

  • Always check the species: As you’ve seen, the flavor of shark flesh may vary depending on the type of shark, and some of them, like the sandbar and the hammerhead, are not healthy to consume.
  • Keep updated about tidal news: There are instances when crimson tides have an effect on the organisms that live in the depths of the ocean. In addition, this might result in a significant rise in the amount of mercury found in sharks. Therefore, it is important to stay informed.
  • Check the color of the meat: The color of shark flesh might vary, but whatever kind you choose, make sure it looks as like it has a lot of life to it. These ones are extra flavorful due to their freshness.
  • Perform a smell test: It is normal for shark flesh to have a pungent odor, but if it smells too fishy, you shouldn’t purchase it. This intense stench is most likely caused by a high quantity of ammonia in their bodies, which is dangerous for you to be exposed to.
  • Look for natural fillets: When purchasing filleted shark flesh, strive to acquire a chunk that is still in its natural state. This flesh comes from a smaller shark and is known for having a more sensitive texture. When you cook the meat from a bigger shark, it won’t be as soft since it won’t have the skin linked to it, and it won’t have the skin attached to it in the first place.


Is shark meat good eating?

Because of the mercury levels, the Environmental Defense Fund advises that women should avoid eating any shark at all, that males should limit themselves to eating no more than one meal per month of shark, and that children under the age of 12 should avoid eating any shark at all. Mercury is one of the most well-known poisons that may be found in seafood, and its presence in sharks is even more widespread.

Does shark meat smell?

Preparation. Because of the high urea concentration that develops when the fish rots, unprocessed shark flesh may have a strong stench of ammonia. This is because urea forms as the fish breaks down. Marinating the meat in liquids such as lemon juice, vinegar, milk, or saltwater will help minimize the amount of urea that is present as well as the smell of ammonia that is produced.

Why does shark meat taste like ammonia?

When a shark dies, the urea in its blood turns into ammonia because urea and ammonia are chemically similar. This may give the shark flesh a flavor and odor similar to that of ammonia.

What is the best tasting shark meat?

The Mako shark, out of all the many types of sharks that may be eaten, has the most flavorful flesh. When it comes to taste, meat that is tender and low in fat has a flavor profile that is absolute and subdued. The types of sharks that are consumed the most often are dogfishes, catsharks, sand sharks, makos, and smooth hounds.

Why do we not eat shark meat?

It has been shown that shark flesh contains levels of hazardous elements such as mercury that are far higher than what is considered safe for human consumption. A new paper indicates that sharks, like other marine animals, are capable of carrying the potentially lethal and sometimes deadly marine toxin known as ciguatoxin.

What is shark meat called in restaurants?

Depending on the region, shark flesh may also be referred to as flake, dogfish, grayfish, or whitefish. Additionally, imitation crab (also known as surimi) and fish and chips may sometimes be created with shark flesh.

Does shark meat contain urine?

In reality, their urine is absorbed by their flesh, where the urea is put to use in maintaining the suppleness and hydration of their scale-like dermal denticles. The remainder is discharged directly back into the water via their so-called “skin.” When sharks pass away, the pee that is left behind decomposes, leaving the flesh with an ammonia-like smell and flavor.

Why do you soak shark meat in milk?

According to him, the intense, fishy taste of shark flesh may be tamed by soaking it in milk for four or five hours. After then, the creativity of the cook is the only thing that may restrict the ways in which a delicious shark feast can be prepared. You may bake it, put it on the grill, or create shark kabobs with onions and veggies.

Final Thought

Will you give shark flesh a go now that you’ve learned about its positive and negative traits, as well as the ways in which you might mitigate its less desirable characteristics?

It’s exciting to brag to your pals that you’ve had the flesh of some of the most terrifying marine monsters, even if the flavor isn’t particularly memorable or exceptional in any way.

And what’s even better is that they are not only healthful but also quite affordable and contain a significant amount of protein.

But you should be on the lookout for those who have a very pronounced scent of ammonia.

In spite of its drawbacks, shark flesh may be used to produce recipes that are pretty interesting; thus, you should try some of these dishes while you are exploring the tastes of the world beneath the sea.