The 5 Greatest Ramen Noodle Substitutes

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Ramen probably conjures up visions of a foam food cup loaded with boiling noodles.

Many people outside of Japan associate ramen with a fast and simple dinner.

However, quick ramen noodles aren’t as healthy as they seem.

While they include protein and carbs, they are low in calories.

Ramen is also high in salt, which might be problematic.

Traditional ramen, on the other hand, is made by hand and served fresh in Japan.

It includes various nutritious nutrients, such as bone broth, when prepared in this manner.

Continue reading to learn about the finest ramen noodle replacements and why you should consider switching.

What exactly are Ramen Noodles?

Ramen is a large dish of noodles popular in Japan.

It’s a one-dish meal that usually includes noodles, pork, and vegetable leaves.

A hot bowl of comfort with all the components of a complete meal.

The noodles itself are comprised of wheat and water, but the Japanese additionally include kansui.

Kansui is an alkaline water that contains sodium carbonate.

This distinguishes the noodle from other noodles, but it is also the cause of the extra salt.

Traditionally, the broth is prepared using chicken or hog stock.

This imparts a deep, hearty taste to the soup, which is high in protein and other minerals.

Ramen noodles are often topped with leafy vegetables and cooked eggs.

5 Greatest Ramen Noodle Substitutes

Making your own ramen noodles is the healthiest option since you can control what goes into your body.

So what may be used in lieu of the high-sodium ramen?

Continue reading to learn about the top Ramen Noodle alternatives.

1 Udon

Udon, like ramen, is a kind of noodle that originated in Japan.

It is comprised of wheat flour, water, and salt and has less sodium than ramen.

The noodles are typically thick and flat, however they may sometimes be rounder.

Udon is traditionally made with a soup similar to ramen, although there are many diverse types.

Miso Nikomi Udon is a popular meal that consists of udon noodles cooked in miso broth with chicken and veggies.

Kake Udon, a noodle soup prepared with dashi, soy sauce, and mirin, is an easy way to enjoy udon.

Udon noodles may be made at home or purchased ready-made to substitute ramen in any recipe.

2 Soba

Since they are produced from buckwheat flour, authentic soba noodles are healthier than ramen.

Soba noodles, like spaghetti, are brown and thin.

They are gluten-free and high in protein and fiber since they are produced from buckwheat.

Soba noodles have an earthy flavor with a faint nut-like flavor.

These noodles, which originated in Japan, are offered everywhere, from fast food to fine dining.

Soba may simply be substituted for ramen in any dish.

Soba is a great nutritious alternative to ramen, and it is acceptable for all diets unless you have buckwheat allergies.

But, be sure to purchase true soba since some manufacturers may mix in white flour.

3 Noodles (Rice)

Rice noodles, as the name suggests, are made from rice.

The flour is made by grinding rice grains and occasionally adding tapioca or corn starch.

Rice noodles have a chewy feel and are slightly translucent.

If you like Asian food, you’ve undoubtedly had some kind of rice noodles before.

Rice noodles are used in dishes such as the world-famous Vietnamese pho and pad thai.

Depending on the rice used, there are many variations of this noodle.

Since rice noodles are gluten-free and vegan, they are acceptable for all diets.

While preparing the noodles, keep a close eye on the cooking time since they might turn mushy.

4 Egg Noodles from China

These noodles are identical to conventional white noodles but include an egg.

This makes them more healthful than regular white wheat noodles.

The egg provides protein and fat, altering the structure and flavor of the noodle.

Chinese egg noodles are more bouncy, chewy, and flavorful than plain noodles.

You can create these noodles at home using components you most likely already have on hand.

Since the egg in the dough strengthens it, they may be even simpler to create than conventional noodles.

They are also available in most retailers, and most Asian markets will have them in stock.

Just make sure you finish them all after you open the package.

5 Noodles with Green Beans

They are cooked using green beans, soy sauce, and flour.

This imparts a bouncy texture comparable to that of other Chinese noodles.

They are light beige in appearance and have a neutral flavor, enabling anything you use them in to take center stage.

Whatever you prepare with these noodles, they can be substituted for ramen noodles in any dish.

Use them to create a low-carb and healthy version of ramen.

These noodles have the extra benefit of being more flavourful than ramen and possessing less salt, allowing you to forego adding additional spice if desired.


Instant ramen noodles are a fast and delicious way to satisfy your hunger.

In fact, they are so tasty that they have become the primary form of payment in jails.

This popular meal, however, includes more salt than we need in our diet, so choose a healthy choice.

Nothing beats a hearty, home-cooked dinner for filling you up and boosting your body’s wellness.

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