The 5 Greatest Brisket Substitutes

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Have you tried brisket? It’s a rough cut of meat, but when cooked properly, it can be wonderful.

The trick to preparing brisket is to cook it slowly and low. This causes the tough connective tissue to break down, resulting in soft meat.

Brisket may be cooked in a variety of methods, including the oven, the stovetop, and the slow cooker.

Brisket is a very flavorful meat that absorbs the tastes of whatever it is cooked with.

For instance, if you’re baking beef, you might add some BBQ sauce to give it a great smokey taste.

Brisket may be chewy in texture, however this is dependent on how it is cooked.

Brisket should be tender and somewhat chewy when cooked correctly.

So, why would you want to swap brisket for anything else? As previously said, brisket is a rough cut of beef, so if you want something delicate, brisket may not be the greatest choice.

Also, since brisket is a fatty beef, it may be rather oily.

Thus, if you’re searching for something healthy, you may want to try a different substitute.

This article will show you five potential brisket replacements.

Therefore, whether you’re searching for something lighter or something more sensitive, we’ve got you covered.

What exactly is brisket?

First and foremost, brisket is a kind of meat.

It is made from beef or veal breast or lower chest.

The brisket is densely packed with thick connective tissue, so it must be cooked gently over low heat to melt away the connective tissue and tenderize the flesh.

Brisket has a deep, meaty flavor with a smokey aftertaste.

Because of all that strong connective tissue, the texture is significantly different from other cuts of beef.

Brisket should be juicy and tender with a fatty taste when cooked correctly.

Brisket is a very inexpensive cut when compared to other cuts.

It’s also one of the most popular cuts for smoking and barbecue.

Brisket is ideal for low and slow cooking techniques since it can survive lengthy cooking periods without becoming dry or rough.

Here are a few of our favorite brisket recipes:

  • Slow Cooker Brisket with BBQ Sauce.
  • Texas brisket.
  • Smoked Brisket.
  • Slow-Cooker Braised Beef Brisket.

The 5 Greatest Brisket Substitutes

There are lots of protein-packed alternatives to brisket for folks who do not consume beef.

These are our top five picks:

1 pound pork shoulder

If you’re searching for a solid brisket alternative, pork shoulder is a great choice.

This cut comes from the pig’s shoulder and is a reasonably priced alternative.

The hog shoulder has a lot of marbling, so it’s juicy and tasty.

It also includes some connective tissue, which helps to keep the meat moist and tender when properly prepared.

Pork shoulder is a popular cut for barbecuing and smoking, so it’s a good choice if you want a taste profile comparable to brisket.

It may be prepared in a variety of methods, including braising, roasting, and smoking.

Pork shoulder may be a little fatty depending on the recipe, so you may want to cut some of the extra fat before cooking.

When replacing pork shoulder for brisket, bear in mind that this cut is a little smaller, thus the cooking time may need to be adjusted correspondingly.

2 Roast Chuck

For a slightly different taste profile, use chuck roast for brisket.

This cut is made from the cow’s shoulder and neck and is one of the most cheap beef cuts available.

It’s also high in connective tissue, which makes it juicy and soft when cooked correctly.

Chuck roast has a somewhat sweeter taste than brisket and a more prominent beef flavor.

The texture is also different since chuck roast is less fatty than brisket.

When using chuck roast instead of brisket, simmer it for a little longer to break down the tough connective tissue.

As a consequence, the finished product is more tasty and tender.

3 Spare Ribs

Short ribs are a great substitute for brisket since they are just as juicy and flavorful.

Short ribs are an excellent choice since they contain many of the same tastes as brisket but are somewhat more tender.

One thing to keep in mind with short ribs is that they may be more costly than brisket, so if you’re on a tight budget, you might want to look elsewhere.

Short ribs will be much more tender than brisket in terms of texture.

This is due to the fact that they are somewhat fatter.

If you want something with a comparable texture to brisket, you may want to look at another choice.

One of the best things about short ribs is how simple they are to find.

These should be available at most butcher shops and even some supermarkets.

4 clods of beef

The beef clod is another cut of beef that may be used in place of brisket.

The beef clod is a harder cut of meat that originates from the shoulder region.

When cooked correctly, it may be incredibly soft and tasty.

While preparing beef clods, bear in mind that they must be cooked for a longer amount of time than brisket.

Beef clods may be prepared in a variety of ways, such as braising, roasting, or stewing.

They usually taste best when cooked gently over low heat.

When properly cooked, beef clods have a deep and meaty taste that is ideal for Texas-style barbecue.

Beef clods may be tough to find depending on where you reside.

They may, however, usually be obtained from a local butcher or meat supplier.

5 Roast Lamb

A lamb roast is another possible brisket replacement.

A lamb roast is a piece of meat derived from a lamb’s leg.

It is often a thin and delicate cut of beef.

Lamb roasts may be prepared in a variety of ways, but they are finest when roasted or grilled.

Lamb roasts have a delicate, sweet taste that is somewhat earthy.

They are ideal for slow-cooking foods such as lamb shanks or stews.

Lamb roasts might be difficult to get in certain locations, although they are normally available via a local butcher or meat supplier.

If you prefer to use a lamb roast instead of brisket, bear in mind that the cooking time will be shorter.

Lamb roasts are usually best when cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F.


Brisket is a delectable cut of pork, but it may be difficult to get in certain locations.

There are various possibilities accessible if you are seeking for a solid replacement.

Each of the above-mentioned replacements has a distinct taste and feel.

Before making your final pick, think about what you want in a brisket replacement.

For the greatest results, cook your meat correctly, regardless of the cut.

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