The 5 Best Rhubarb Substitutes

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If you want to prepare any delectable sweets, you will need fresh rhubarb.

Rhubarb is a spring vegetable with crimson stalks and light green leaves that may be eaten raw or cooked like a fruit.

Its tartness is properly balanced by a generous amount of sweetness.

Yet, since it may be sour and bitter, rhubarb must be properly prepared to bring out the best in this lovely plant.

It may also be used to make savory meals with meat, particularly duck meat.

If you don’t have any rhubarb, you may substitute other fruits.

Strawberry, raspberry, and orange are some of the greatest replacements.

In this post, we will discuss five additional alternative replacements for rhubarb that you may use to produce a delicious rhubarb meal.

What exactly is rhubarb?

Rhubarb is a kind of vegetable belonging to the rose family.

It may reach a height of 100 cm.

Rhubarb is an Asian native, yet it has been grown in Europe for almost 400 years.

Rhubarb leaves are toxic and rich in oxalic acid, which explains why they are removed after cooking.

The plant’s stalks, on the other hand, are safe to eat and may be utilized in a variety of cuisines.

Rhubarb is often cooked with sugar to make sweets such pies, crumbles, and fools.

When the Romans first tasted it, they reportedly combined it with honey.

They are often pink or crimson in color, but may sometimes be green depending on the kind of rhubarb.

Despite their appearance, rhubarb stalks have a sour taste.

The 5 Best Rhubarb Substitutes

When the British summer approaches, many people want for a wonderful rhubarb crumble.

Yet, since the stalks of this crop are so sour, it might be difficult to come up with a dish that does not call for a lot of sugar.

Thankfully, there are various alternatives to regular fruit that you might use instead.

These are five excellent rhubarb replacements.

1 Strawberries in Lemon Juice

This approach is ideal if you want a sweet flavor but not the needed quantity of sugar.

First and foremost, you must carefully choose your strawberries.

They must be ripe since this affects the overall taste.

You’ll also need lemon juice, not lemon zest or peel.

This will provide a sweet and sour taste that is ideal for sweets.

You won’t need to add any additional sugar since the strawberry already has plenty.

If you are unsure how much juice to use, taste the mixture as you gently add it.

2 cups cranberries

Cranberries are a great substitute for rhubarb.

They have a tart taste that is readily enhanced with sugar.

Moreover, cranberry juice has much more vitamin C than lemon or grapefruit juice, which might give several health advantages.

In terms of flavor, it’s simple to see why cranberries are so popular.

They have a sour and acidic flavor that complements meat and rice well.

Cranberries offer several health benefits as well.

They are high in antioxidants, which may benefit your health in a variety of ways.

They might, for example, aid in the prevention of urinary tract infections.

3 quinoas

Quinces, which contain numerous antioxidants, may be a great alternative for rhubarb, according to studies.

Quince is a fruit that grows on trees of the Cydonia genus.

Its rich taste and attractive perfume make it popular in cooking.

It is often used in place of apples and pears in a variety of dishes.

This fruit tastes similar to apples and pears, but it is sweeter.

It’s often used in sweets including pies, compotes, and jams.

4 Crisp Apples

First and foremost, keep in mind that boiling apples are not the ideal solution in this situation.

Instead, choose a tart apple cultivar.

The sourness of the apples will give the ideal counterpoint to the rest of the meal.

You may even use one or two Granny Smiths since their taste is exceptionally powerful.

The amount of apples will be fully determined by your own tastes.

Choosing sour apples goes hand in hand with lowering the amount of sugars in the recipe.

This is due to the fact that apple juice already includes a lot of sugar.

5 strawberries

Raspberries are a delicious berry that may readily replace the acidity of rhubarb.

They have a robust, sweet taste that is loaded with vitamins and minerals.

If you’re going to substitute raspberries for rhubarb, use them in jams or tarts.

You may, however, utilize them to create raspberry rhubarb juice.

The trick to this recipe is to keep in mind that raspberries are much sweeter than apples, so don’t add too much sugar.

To determine the appropriate sweetness level, taste the meal.


Rhubarb is a popular fruit that may be used in both sweet and savory recipes.

Sadly, rhubarb is tough to utilize since it does not taste well when served alone.

Also, not usually enough sugar is present to make this sour fruit taste delicious.

Fortunately, there are various alternatives to rhubarb that you might use instead.

These options might have the same taste as tart and sour.

Moreover, these options are high in antioxidants and include a variety of other nutrients.

Just remember to carefully choose your alternative item based on the food you’re making; otherwise, the results might be devastating.

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