The 5 Best Butter Bean Substitutes

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Every year, the typical American household consumes 1,000 pounds of canned veggies.

Butter beans make up a large portion of these canned veggies.

These tasty beans are a good source of fiber and protein.

The nicest thing about these beans is how simple they are to make.

They don’t need to be boiled, soaked, or prepped before cooking, making them an excellent complement to any dish.

They go well with Italian dressing for a tangy flavor, parmesan cheese for a salty flavor, or just salt and pepper for a simple side dish.

Soups, casseroles, and salads may all benefit from the addition of butter beans.

Having saying that, these beans may be readily adapted to suit any taste.

This post will look at five delicious butter bean substitutes.

What exactly are Butter Beans?

First and foremost, it should be noted that butter beans are also known as lima beans.

Beans are plant seeds that belong to the legume family.

Butter beans originated in South America, but they are now widely available across the globe.

Butter beans have a starchy and mushy taste and texture.

They typically have a moderate flavor, and their skin may be eaten after boiling or steaming.

Butter beans may be cooked in a variety of ways since they retain their creamy consistency nicely.

The beans may be combined into dips and spreads like hummus, added to soups, casseroles, and baked meals, or eaten whole in a salad.

They are usually eaten with rice, meat, or sautéed veggies.

Butter beans are rich in calcium and iron in terms of nutritional value.

They include a variety of vitamins and minerals that, when consumed on a daily basis, may benefit your health.

Vitamin B1 in butter beans, for example, has been related to improved brain function.

The 5 Best Butter Bean Substitutes

These are the top five substitutes for individuals who cannot consume butter beans or are searching for new ways to include them into their diet.

1 pound navy beans

Navy beans are one of the most prevalent butter bean alternatives.

The bean’s flesh is soft and mild, making it an ideal substitute for other beans in meals like chili or soups.

Northern Italy and the Mediterranean area are the origins of navy beans.

These beans are smaller than butter beans, but they should be simple to obtain in any grocery shop.

They are high in protein and fiber, which might be beneficial to your digestive system.

You may use them in any meal that butter beans are called for.

2 tbsp chickpeas (Garbanzo Beans)

Chickpeas are another excellent butter bean replacement.

They may be made into spreads, dips, and salad dressings.

They can be found in most grocery shops, but the best location to get them is in a health food store.

It is important to note that, despite their name, garbanzo beans are more often known as chickpeas.

Chickpeas are indigenous to the Middle East and India.

They are available in both dry and canned form.

If you want to sample them fresh, go to a farmers market during the summer.

Chickpeas have a somewhat nutty taste that is comparable to butter beans, but the texture is different.

This is ideal for those who are not used to eating typical butter beans.

Cannellini Beans 3

Cannellini beans are another popular butter bean alternative.

These beans originated in Italy and France, but are now available in the United States.

Within is white flesh, akin to butternut squash or coconut milk.

It is important to remember that these beans are huge and should not be exchanged with a smaller bean.

They also have a stronger taste than butter beans, so they may be more powerful in your meal.

Because of their soft texture, cannellini beans can be used to create salads, soups, dips, and casseroles.

Since the beans retain their form, they also work nicely in stews and other dishes.

4 Northern Great Northern Beans

Great northern beans are another popular replacement for butter beans.

Little and spherical, with creamy white flesh on the interior.

They have an earthy taste and may be used in a variety of cuisines.

It’s worth noting that these beans originated in Northern Italy and were called after the city of Milan.

Great Northern beans are widely accessible in food shops, both canned and dry.

These beans are tender and retain their form nicely.

There are several meals in which great northern beans may be substituted for butter beans.

They are best used in recipes that need a smaller, softer bean.

Borlotti Beans 5

Borlotti beans are another excellent replacement for butter beans.

They resemble kidney beans but are smaller and have a distinct taste.

These beans are originally from Italy and Southern France, but they are now available in the United States.

It is important to remember that these beans should be bought dry since canned versions are inferior.

If you buy them dried, buy them in bulk since they may go bad if not utilized within a few months after being purchased.

Before using these beans in dishes, they should be cooked for at least 12 hours.

Its skin may be peeled off after cooking to expose the white meat within, which has a nutty flavor.

Borlotti beans may be used in a variety of recipes and are an excellent replacement for butter beans.


Butter beans are an excellent complement to any recipe.

They are, however, not the healthiest beans on the market and may be difficult to locate for certain individuals.

There are several replacements that may be used instead, depending on the meal.

If you want to lower your cholesterol or cut down on fat, chickpeas, cannellini beans, great northern beans, and borlotti beans are all suitable replacements for butter beans.

Therefore, the next time you create a dish that asks for butter beans, consider one of these alternatives.

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