Smoked Pig Shots: The Ultimate Tailgate Snack

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These flavor bombs will be a hit at your next tailgate or get-together. Each mouthful is flavorful and works with almost anything! It’s bacon-wrapped Kielbasa shooters stuffed with cheese and chopped jalapeos. What’s not to appreciate about that?

This recipe requires some effort, but after a few attempts, you’ll get the hang of it quickly. I’ll teach you how to make them step by step, and the only thing you’ll wish you did is make double!

What you need to make Smoked Pig Shots

Smoked Pig Shots: The Ultimate Tailgate Snack

This is a basic dish that doesn’t take long to prepare.

Getting the appropriate sort of bacon is the most important factor.

When buying the bacon (or preparing your own using our method for Smoking Your Own Bacon), use a thicker cut.

The bacon must be held upright in the form of a shot glass so that you can fill it with the cheese mixture. If you have lengthy strips of bacon, split them in half and use both halves.

You’ll also need toothpicks to hold the bacon to the Kielbasa. This will keep everything securely together and prevent it from falling apart and making a large cheesy mess on your grill.

Sweet Heat from Pit Boss was utilized for the BBQ rub. Using a sweeter rub may help balance out the spiciness from the jalapeos.

You might also use our homemade Barbeque Pork Rub, which is a fantastic choice. It’s all about personal taste here.

Finally, if you have a piping bag at home, use that; otherwise, a sandwich bag with the corner taken off would do (clip the corner off after the bag has been filled).

This is what I generally do, and it makes the prep much quicker than scooping the mixture out with a spoon and into the shots.

I smoke them with apple or pecan wood. The sweetness of these two types of wood complements the cheese and bacon well.

More suggestions may be found in our guide to the finest wood for smoking.

How to make smoked pig shots

Smoked Pig Shots: The Ultimate Tailgate Snack

The first step is to bring your smoker up to a really high temperature, approximately 350F, since you want the bacon to be nice and crisp.

While your smoker is heating up, chop your Kielbasa into one-inch pieces, depending on the size of your bacon.

Because they will be the foundation of your pig shots, make sure the sausauge pieces are thinner than the width of the bacon so you have enough area to pipe the filling.

Make careful to cut them straight so they can stand up correctly.

Take your thick-cut bacon and chop each piece in half. Wrap one side of the bacon around the Kielbasa slice, then thread a toothpick through the bacon and Kielbasa to keep them together. It should resemble a little shot glass.

Making the cheese filling. In a mixing dish, combine the softened cream cheese, shredded cheddar, diced jalapeos, and barbeque rub. Combine everything until it’s well combined.

Fill the piping or sandwich bag halfway with the cheese mixture.

Fill each shot with the cheese mixture gently until it reaches just below the top of the bacon. Avoid overfilling since the cheese will rise throughout the cooking process. If you add too much, it will overflow and become a sloppy mess.

After filling each shot, set it on the smoker and smoke it for 45 minutes to an hour.

The essential thing here is to make sure the bacon is completely cooked and the cheese filling is fluffy and golden. If the bacon cooks too quickly, spray it with water to delay the frying process.

When the bacon seems to be cooked and crispy, remove the pig shoots from the smoker and set them aside for a few minutes to cool. You may remove the toothpicks after they are safe to touch. Because the bacon has been thoroughly cooked, it will hold its form and will not come apart.

The only thing left to do is to savor your delectable pig shots. They are flavorful and always a crowd pleaser, in my opinion.

Check out our bacon wrapped jalapeo poppers, smoked shotgun shells, or grilled buffalo chicken dip for more excellent appetizer ideas.

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