Smoked Pastrami Rub

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A excellent spice mix rub is essential for transforming your cured corned beef into delectable pastrami.

All genuine pastrami rubs include a generous quantity of freshly ground black pepper and coriander.

This rub amps up the taste by combining freshly cracked pepper and coriander seeds with a proprietary spice combination. provided the idea for this dish.

This rub was created for pastrami, but it may be used on any kind of meat.

Don’t be concerned if the entire seeds remain chunky. The tastes will soften and contribute to the bark’s amazing texture.

To break them open, you’ll need to pound them with a hefty frying pan or rolling pin.


Smoked Pastrami Rub

What is pastrami rub made of?

What is the composition of pastrami seasoning? The majority of variations include yellow mustard seeds, coriander seeds, and black pepper. After that, they differ. This dish calls for smoked paprika, coconut palm sugar, and garlic.

Should I soak pastrami before smoking?

Because this salted beef is too salty to consume, soak it for several hours before smoking it to remove the majority of the salt. When creating pastrami, this is especially crucial since the meat shrinks as it smokes, enhancing the salt taste.

Should I steam a pastrami after smoking?

To prepare pastrami, begin the same way you would brine a brisket. The brisket is then encrusted with a coarsely mixed spice mixture and smoked. To tenderize the pastrami, a last (optional) step is to steam it.

What is the best wood to smoke pastrami with?

The Best Wood to Smoke Pastrami

I chose cherrywood for this recipe. While we often choose darker, more earthy woods for brisket, the cherry tastes in the wood nicely match the spices and seasonings in the pastrami.

Is pastrami just brisket?

« Cuts Types

While cattle is the most popular meat source for corned beef and pastrami, there are several cuts available. Brisket is often used for corned beef. It refers to the bottom part of a cow’s breast. Meanwhile, brisket for pastrami is sourced from the beef plate, shoulder, or naval section of the animal.

What is the green shine on pastrami?

Birefringence is the technical term for this. It is created by light reflecting off muscle proteins and is similar to the color distribution produced by a prism. Myofilaments are strands of muscle proteins that are linked together to create myofibrils.

Do you need pink curing salt for pastrami?

It is used to kill germs, prevent botulism, and add taste to pastrami and other cured meats. However, if taken directly, it is exceedingly dangerous; in fact, it is tinted pink to discourage people from mistaking it for conventional salt.

Is curing salt necessary for pastrami?

3 Smoked Pastrami Ingredients:

In addition to Kosher salt and water, you’ll need Curing salt or prague powder, garlic powder, raw garlic, black pepper, and pickled spice for the brine solution.

How do you get good bark on pastrami?

Too much heat produces caramelization and char (yuck, bitter). A temperature of 200°F to 250°F is ideal.
Smoke.necessary for Bark
A good spice rub with salt and sugar – additional spices assist to make a thicker spice crust.
Too low a temperature = no bark

What temperature do you pull smoked pastrami?

2 hours. If you do not want to steam your pastrami, skip the following step and continue smoking it until it is tender and has reached an internal temperature of 203°F.Smoke for 5 12 hours, spritzing regularly and adding wood as required, until internal temperature reaches 160-170°F.

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