Smoked Beer Cheese Dip

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Something about autumn simply makes me desire beer cheese. I’m not sure whether it’s the colder weather or the forthcoming Octoberfest, but beer cheese sounds delicious.

This is a straightforward dish that may be served as a dip, with soft pretzels, or as a sauce on your favorite burger or hot dog. It just takes 45 minutes to prepare and will leave your guests wanting more!

What is beer cheese?

Beer cheese may be served cold or hot as a creamy sauce-like dip. In this dish, we’ve chosen the latter.

Beer cheese was invented in Clark County, Kentucky, by a guy called Joe Allman, according to many. His version is a cold spreadable dip served with chips or crackers.

Variations of the recipe have arisen throughout the years, and a warm, creamy version of the dip has gained popularity.

While there are several recipe variants, it is widely agreed that cheddar cheese is the key ingredient.

This recipe mixes medium cheddar cheese, whole milk mozzarella, and cream cheese for an extra velvety texture. The last flavor punch comes from the smoker itself, giving this beer cheese a distinct, smokey taste that cannot be matched!

How to make Smoked Beer Cheese Dip

1. Prep

Preparing the dip just takes around 5 minutes, making this one of the simplest dishes you’ll ever try.

You’ll begin with an oven-safe dish or cast iron pan. For simple cleaning (since who wants to scrape beer cheese out of a cast iron pan? ), I use a disposable aluminum tray.

Place the cream cheese blocks in the bottom of the pan on the far side, followed by the shredded cheese in the two opposite corners. Drizzle the Worcestershire and beer over the top, then combine your spices and sprinkle liberally.

2. Fire up the smoker

Preheat your smoker to 250F.

I used Bear Mountain Bourbon BBQ Pellets to smoke this on my Camp Chef Woodwind 24. They give the dip a smokey taste and a touch of bourbon.

If you smoke this in a wood-burning pit, choose a moderate wood like pecan or oak to avoid overpowering the dip with smoke taste.

Place the pan directly on the smoker’s grates and cook for 30 minutes. The cheese should be practically melted and the cream cheese soft at this point. Take a spoon and stir everything together for approximately a minute, or until all of the components are well blended.

Close your smoker and continue to simmer for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the sauce thickens and begins to boil.

This dip should be served as soon as possible since it will harden as it cools. If you want to keep it warm for a longer amount of time, I suggest moving it to a crock-pot or keeping it on a warming dish.

When I move it to the serving plate, I like to sprinkle some parsley on top to provide some color. Green onions taste great sprinkled on top if you want to add a sharp flavor. If you want to add a little extra smokey, salty flavor to this dip, crumbled bacon works great.

What to serve Smoked Beer Cheese with

This dip is incredibly adaptable. When coupled with chips or crackers, it can stand on its own, but it also works well as a side dip for a soft pretzel.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy this beer cheese is on top of a hot dog with some crumbled bacon and green onions!

If you try it out, let us know what you think!

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What is a good beer for beer cheese?

Best Beer with Beer Cheese: 7 Excellent Choices
The Nut Brown Ale by Samuel Smith.
The Original Hofbräu.
Oktoberfest Paulaner Bier.
Tire Fatigue.
Bock Shiner.
The Boston Lager.
Yuengling Light Lager is a light lager.

Is there alcohol in beer cheese dip?

Is alcohol present in Hall’s Beer Cheese? Yes. Beer cheese has less alcohol than a non-alcoholic beer.

How much alcohol is in beer cheese dip?

Beer cheese sauce, bourbon caramel, and other sauces that are brought to a boil and then withdrawn from the heat maintain around 85 percent of their alcohol content. Diane, cherry jubilee, and other recipes that burn the alcohol may have up to 75% alcohol.

What is beer cheese dip made of?

Beer cheese dip is commonly created by boiling beer in a skillet with seasonings such as garlic, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce until the beer decreases, then adding cheese and milk and continuing to simmer until the cheese melts. The end product is a cheesy spread that may be served warm or cold.

What state is known for beer cheese?

But what about beer cheese? It’s a thing in Kentucky. Almost every brewery and brewpub menu in Louisville include a version of the delectable snack, which is normally made with cheddar cheese, beer, cayenne pepper, paprika, and garlic.

Is Stella Artois good for beer cheese?

Beer cheese dip offers a delicate beer taste that is both pleasant and not overpowering. We suggest a light-flavored beer, such as Stella Artois (my personal preference), or an American beer, such as Budweiser.

Can kids have beer cheese soup?

Can my children have beer cheese soup? Yes! By the time this soup reaches the dinner table, all that remains is the taste of the beer; the alcohol has been boiled out during the simmering process.

Why is my beer cheese dip grainy?

When you add cheese to a boiling mixture, it breaks down. When heated, the emulsifiers and coagulants degrade, resulting in a gritty texture.

Can you taste the beer in beer cheese?

Beer cheese has an intriguing flavor that may be described as umami, moderate sweetness, or a bready, biscuity undertone from the malt foundation of the beer. What it does not taste like is pure beer. You must give it a go for yourself.

Is 8% alcohol beer a lot?

Beer with an ABV more than 8% is considered high, however with liquor, it may vary greatly. Gin, for example, has a smaller ABV range of 36-50%, but vodka may reach 95% ABV in rare situations.

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