Review of the Smokin Tex Pro Series Residential Electric Smoker

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The majority of electric smokers on the market are weak, low-cost models that are soon abandoned once you upgrade to a pellet or charcoal smoker.

The Smokin Tex Pro Series is constructed in a more commercial manner. It claims to produce pitmaster-level taste while being as easy to use as an electric smoker.

In this Smokin Tex Pro review, I’ll talk about my experiences cooking on the Tex and help you determine whether this is the smoker for you.

Smokin’ Tex Pro Series overview and first impressions

Smokin Tex Pro Series Residential Electric Smoker Review

The Smokin Tex Pro Series is a high-end household electric smoker designed to look and perform like a professional smoker.

Because the temperature range on this item is 100F to 250F, there is basically just one way to cook on it: low and slow.

The heavy-duty stainless steel shell protects a stainless steel interior that is highly insulated. It should be quite simple to clean if properly seasoned.

It has been intended to retain as much heat and smoke as possible, with efficient rubber door seals, double-walled insulation, and just a tiny opening on top for smoke and ventilation.

– 5F.My cooking tests confirmed this, since the only smoke that exited the smoker was via the top hole, and interior temps changed by no more than +/- 2 degrees Celsius.

This is a fantastic option for cold smoking due to its consistent temperature and ability to sustain very low temperatures (100F-250F).

You can also choose whether to cook with or without wood chips and pieces, so unlike a pellet smoker, you can simply reduce the smoke and use this as an outdoor oven.

When the Smokin Tex arrived at my door, I was surprised by its diminutive size. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed since I didn’t believe I could prepare some of the larger chunks of meat, such as a full-size brisket or numerous racks of spare ribs.

The Pro Series is available in three sizes: 1100, 1400, and 1500. I chose the middle of the range 1400 for my evaluation.

The modest size looked like a mistake for an electric smoker at the higher end of the pricing range in this category. That was before I started cooking on it. But more on that in a minute.

Smokin Tex Pro Series full specs:

Item Dimensions 17.5 x 21 x 29 inches
Item Weight 70 lbs
Rack Dimensions 14.5 x 14.5 inches
Space Between Racks 3 inches
Temp Range 100°F – 250°F
Number of Racks 4 regular racks plus 1 grated rack for cold smoking
WiFi/Bluetooth No
Exterior Material Stainless steel
Price Check Latest Price

What I like:

  • Analog dial temperature control that turns the machine on when the temperature is set.
  • Several configuration options Tool-free detachable side brackets and cooking racks making it simple to modify the cooking configuration and clean.
  • Simple to clean Grease and food particles easily wash away off the materials. It’s also convenient to have a big drip pan.
  • Temperature fluctuations are kept to a minimum with this smoker’s double-walled insulation.

What I don’t like:

  • In the absence of a wood chip feeder, you must open the smoker door to add extra wood chips. It rapidly loses warmth and smoke due to its tiny size.

The Smokin Tex Pro Series is a good alternative if you want the convenience and adaptability of an electric smoker but don’t want to deal with the poor build quality of mass-market versions.

In our guide to the best electric smokers, we called it the finest high-end alternative.

Unboxing and setup

The smoker was properly protected from shipping riggers when it was removed from the box. Inside the box, it was encased by styrofoam. Styrofoam was also used to protect the things within the smoker, preventing them from shifting.

Almost no setup was required. Almost everything came assembled out of the box. All I had to do was unwrap the cooking racks and smoke box, and then mount the wheels. That’s all.

Because there were no tools in the packaging, make sure you have a phillips screwdriver on hand.

Cooking on the Smokin’ Tex Pro Series

Most electric smokers provide the option of cooking without wood if desired (basically turning it into an outdoor oven).

As a result, I didn’t have to throw away any wood chips throughout the burn-off and seasoning phase. I just set the dial to the maximum temperature of 250F and it achieved the desired temperature in approximately 20 minutes.

I grilled some chicken lollipops for the maiden smoke a few hours after doing the burn-off and flavoring the interior with coconut oil spray. It was a weeknight, so I wanted something that would cook quickly yet still absorb a good bit of smoke flavor.

The cooking procedure was fairly straightforward. Because the smoker is compact, it heats up rapidly, eliminating the need for a warm-up time. Simply place your meat in the detachable wood chip pan and set the analog temperature control.

If you’re cooking for an extended amount of time, add additional chips every 90 minutes or so. You may also use wood pieces if you choose, but the chips sufficed for me.

I also cooked thick pork loin chops, 2 racks of baby back ribs (which I had to cut in half to fit), and a huge, 12-pound hog shoulder throughout the testing procedure.

It was good not to have to worry about running out of fuel during extended cooking, as you could with a pellet grill or stick burner. While you may lose some smoke flavor if your wood chips burn to ash, the smoker continues to cook. It’s a terrific alternative if you need to leave the home for a few hours or if you’re cooking overnight.

Temperature variability and accuracy

Using an Inkbird Bluetooth thermometer, I monitored the interior temperatures of the smoker throughout the burn-off process.

I placed probes in the upper, middle, and bottom parts, with the upper section recording 10 degrees higher than the middle and lower sections. The Smokin Texs setting of 250F was matched by the middle and lower probes.

Ease of operation

As previously noted, this machine is very user-friendly. Turning the dial after filling the pan with wood chips doesn’t get any simpler. You also don’t need a water pan.

Space and function

One disadvantage I encountered while cooking was having to move around the racks to sauce some ribs or add extra spice. If you’re on the clumsier end of the scale, the compact size and 3-inch space between racks might be a catastrophe waiting to happen.

The total cooking area is roughly 610 square inches, so I wouldn’t use it for a huge party. However, if you intend on cooking pulled pork or three racks of ribs for a small event, the Smokin Tex Pro would be than suffice.

Smoke flavor

I can’t rave about the taste enough. Simply said, this little smoker is intended to prepare high-quality barbeque.

I’m confident the modest size was purposefully created that way. It’s almost like smoking under pressure. The only way the smoke can escape is via the little hole at the top. Every other section is fully sealed, so the smoke just sits within the device, showering the food in flavor.

Clean up

The interior pieces are simple to remove, and thanks to the stainless steel structure, any build-up is easily removed with a thorough scrub.

Furthermore, the side brackets that support the cooking racks may be removed without having to unscrew anything. They are hung on hooks, so removing them to clean the side walls is as simple as taking them off.

Also, having a smaller smoker like this has a benefit when it comes to cleaning since there isn’t much space to clean.

The drip mechanism works well. Grease and other liquids flow effortlessly into the stainless steel drip pan located underneath the smoker. Because of its ease of access, removing it to clean is a breeze.

Alternatives to consider

If you want to continue with an electric smoker (no pellets) and want another solid alternative, the Smokin-It Model #2 is a fantastic choice.

At a comparable pricing range, you get a smoker with a very similar design. It’s a bit bigger and heavier, and it comes with an extra grilling rack.

You may also explore moving into pellet grill territory, although from a high-end electric to a low- to mid-range pellet grill.

At a comparable pricing range, the Pit Boss Sportsman and the Z Grills 700D4E are also viable possibilities.

Final verdict

The Smokin Tex Pro Series is a terrific option for any serious barbecue aficionado, despite its small size. I could definitely picture this smoker becoming someone’s regular go-to machine, much as a vintage car guy still has their daily driving.

It delivers where it counts, and that is the classic taste for which American barbecue is famous. If you’re looking for a vertical smoker, this one is a must-see.

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