How Does Crystal Pepsi Taste? How Does Crystal Pepsi Taste?

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Crystal Pepsi seems like something a futuristic scientist might serve in a science fiction film.

Yet it’s simply a standard soda with an unusual twist.

It is a soft drink made by PepsiCo that was popular in the early 1990s but was later discontinued.

You may be wondering why we’re talking about crystal Pepsi since it’s been discontinued. This soft drink first appeared on the market in 2015, owing to fresh popularity thanks to the internet.

So, what makes it unique? How does crystal Pepsi taste? How should crystal Pepsi be served and consumed? Continue reading our page to find out everything about crystal Pepsi.

Let’s get started.

What is Crystal Pepsi?

Pepsi Crystal is essentially a softer and clearer form of Pepsi.

PepsiCo promoted it as a soft drink, and it was originally available in Canada and the United States in the early 1990s.

The taste of Crystal Pepsi is similar to that of regular Pepsi, with the exception that it lacks the trademark brownish, caramel hue, which reportedly makes the drink less acidic.

Crystal Pepsi, as its name suggests, is transparent and colorless.

Yet, smelling the Crystal Pepsi and the ordinary Pepsi generates the same scent.

The former, however, has a somewhat distinct taste.

Crystal Soda, on the other hand, is regarded as having a lighter flavor (but well get to it in detail in the next section).

Many people see this transparent crystal drink as the ultimate nostalgia soda.

As a consequence, it was repeatedly re-released and finally became a collectors item.

What Does Crystal Pepsi Taste Like?

As you gulp down Crystal Pepsi, many people describe the sensation as being extraordinarily smooth.

It has a delicious and distinct flavor that mixes lemon with ordinary Pepsi.

Crystal Pepsi has a lemony flavor and offers customers the impression that they are drinking something pure owing to its translucent appearance.

Crystal Pepsi is a vegan beverage with less calories than normal Pepsi.

It is regarded as having a refreshing flavor comparable to beer because to its decreased sugar content and lemony touch.

Because of its lack of color and sweetness, it is also a good alternative for manufacturing alcohol mix cocktails.

The scent of this soda is quite similar to that of its colorful normal equivalent.

It does, however, have a lemony flavor and a lighter taste.

In a nutshell, Crystal Pepsi tastes like regular Pepsi but not quite.

Crystal Pepsi has the general flavor of Pepsi, but tiny details like its citrusy hint, lighter taste, and scent enable it to stand on its own.

Its softer flavor is attributed to the absence of caffeine and sugar.

Many believe that Crystal Soda is a healthier alternative to ordinary Pepsi.

Crystal Pepsi includes just 250 calories per serving, is lower in salt, and has no fat.

Because of its low sugar and carbohydrate content, it is typically regarded a safe drink for breakfast (or at least preferable to other beverages like bottled juice).

How to Serve and Drink Crystal Pepsi?

Sodas taste best when served cool.

Hence, one of the greatest ways to enjoy crystal Pepsi is to serve it cold.

Yet, crystal Pepsi tastes just as good at room temperature.

Crystal Pepsi aficionados want to spice up their beverage by blending it with whisky.

As a result, strong liquor is a good option for serving Crystal Pepsi since it may assist improve its flavor.

These are some popular drinks that people pair with Crystal Pepsi:

  • Vodka and crystal Pepsi.
  • White rum with crystal Pepsi.
  • White wine with Crystal Pepsi.

The cocktail is also said to mix well with Captain Morgan, a flavored rum.

The combination produces a tasty drink with a well-balanced taste.

Because of its likeness to ordinary Pepsi, it may also be utilized as an effective substitute with a distinct taste twist to traditional Pepsi.

That being said, whether crystal Pepsi is for everyone or not, it is an intriguing drink that may deliver a unique experience for those eager to explore with it.


Crystal Pepsi is several things: it is refreshing, tasty, intriguing, and ready for consumption.

Most significantly, it may be an ideal substitute for folks who like light and fresh sodas over powerful, raw ones.

This beverage may not be for everyone, but if you want to give it a go, try some of the Crystal Pepsi combos listed above.

You may acquire your crystal Pepsi from famous retailers like as Target and Amazon.

To be sure, the drink will make an indelible imprint on your taste senses.


What is Crystal Pepsi supposed to taste like?

Its flavor is similar to regular Pepsi, but without the caramel color, which purportedly makes it taste less “acidic.”

Why does Crystal Pepsi taste different?

Crystal Pepsi tastes different from ordinary Pepsi since it lacks brown sugar and caffeine. This reduces the sweetness of the drink compared to standard Pepsi cola.

Did people like Crystal Pepsi?

Crystal Pepsi was a stunningly clear alternative to Coca-Cola, making it the drink of choice for people who craved the clarity of the 1990s. To be honest, Crystal Pepsi was a flop for the company. That was undoubtedly thrilling, and, like with most unsuccessful products, it resulted in some amusing anecdotes.

Is Crystal Pepsi back for good?

Crystal Pepsi will make a reappearance in 2022. The clear-colored cola drink was first introduced in 1992, and Pepsi is bringing it back for a limited time to commemorate the company’s 30th anniversary.

Is Crystal Pepsi better than regular?

Crystal Pepsi has the general flavor of Pepsi, but tiny details like its citrusy hint, lighter taste, and scent enable it to stand on its own. Its softer flavor is attributed to the absence of caffeine and sugar. Many believe that Crystal Soda is a healthier alternative to ordinary Pepsi.

How long did Crystal Pepsi last?

Crystal Pepsi, the legendary transparent beverage from the early 1990s, is making a sort-of return. The caffeine-free beverage first appeared on shop shelves in the United States in 1992 and was phased out in 1994.

Does Crystal Pepsi taste like no other?

Crystal Pepsi tasted identical to ordinary Pepsi, except it lacked the caramel color, which some said made the drink less “acidic.” Pepsi claimed at the time, “You’ve never seen a flavor like this.”

Why does Mexican Pepsi taste better?

Many lovers of Coca-Cola claim that Mexican Coke tastes more “natural” than its American counterpart. This variation in flavor is attributable to the fact that high fructose corn syrup was introduced as a sweetening additive in American-made Coke in 1980. Mexican Coke continues to sweeten their version with cane sugar.

What did Coke do to Crystal Pepsi?

Sergio Zyman was Coca-marketing Cola’s director at the time. He was the one who created Tab Clear with the express goal of killing Crystal Pepsi. The item was never intended to endure or survive. Tab Clear was created to deceive customers by imitating Crystal Pepsi.

Why did they stop Crystal Pepsi?

Despite early sales seeming encouraging, buyers were dissatisfied with the flavor. Sales (about $470 million in the first year) were most likely motivated by curiosity more than anything else. That tasted like the original Pepsi.

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