Herby Roasted Potato Salad

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Potato salad is a staple side dish that can be found at almost every summer barbecue.

However, I must admit that it is often a sloppy creamy mess with mysterious chunks that do not appeal to me at all.

Over the years, I’ve created this alternative, which I believe is a healthier and more flavorful choice that I genuinely like eating.

Try our mustard beer potatoes as an alternative that includes smoking the potatoes.

Preparing the potatoes

Herby Roasted Potato Salad

The key difference between my potato salad and others is that I roast the potatoes instead of boiling them. Roasted vegetables just have more taste! So it’s basically a no-brainer.

I prefer to use young red royale spuds since the red skins provide contrast to the salad.

They also roast with just enough crispiness for this meal.

Before you use your potatoes, be sure you wash them! You never know what nastiness has been splashed all over them.

After washing the potatoes, slice them into little bite-sized bits and mix with roughly a tablespoon of olive oil before putting them on a baking pan (hopefully yours is cleaner than mine).

This is undoubtedly controversial, but I never salt the potatoes before baking them.

When I want some crisp on my sweet or ordinary potato, I never do this, and I always get superior results.

So, after the potatoes are done and golden, around 30 minutes at 375F, I’ll remove them from the oven and liberally salt them.

Frying the bacon

You may prepare the rest of the salad components while the potatoes are cooking.

This is because you want to add the potatoes while they are still hot.

This will release more flavor and aid in binding to the potato. More taste can’t be terrible, right?

Slice the bacon and cook it until it is really crispy. This salad does not need soggy bacon.

(To be honest, this was probably a touch too crispy, but I was distracted by someone weeping on my leg.)

So! After you’ve cooked the bacon, remove it with a slotted spoon and set it aside to drain. But don’t throw out that wonderful bacon grease!!

Assembling the potato salad

Return it to the fire over a low heat and stir in the new breadcrumbs. You want to use fresh breadcrumbs so they absorb the bacon taste and crisp up without burning.

Keep an eye on the crumbs while they cook, but move on to the herbs.

I used a generous amount of parsley, chives, and mint. I think of them as a salad element rather than a dressing.

So you want to use enough to make the tastes stand out.

Combine the herbs and finely cut them. This is a matter of personal opinion, but I like them tiny enough that they soften and adhere to the potatoes.

You may now add the lemon zest to the herbs. Everything is lifted by the gentle aroma.

After that, combine the herbs, lemon zest, lemon juice, bacon, remaining olive oil, and pepper in a large mixing bowl.

When the potatoes are done, mix them in with the rest of the ingredients.

This step is optional, however add some greek or natural yogurt for a little richness.

I use around half a cup, but feel free to delete or add more as desired.

In a pinch, you could substitute mayo, but I believe yogurt offers you that creamy satisfaction while still preserving the fresh quality you’re looking for.

After you’ve blended in the yogurt, transfer the potato salad to a serving dish and top with the breadcrumbs and any leftover herbs.

Try our loaded baked potato salad for a new take on potato salad.


How do you make Paula Deen’s potato salad?

This traditional potato salad dish includes eggs, celery, and bacon.
1 (3-pound) package tiny red potatoes, quartered.
12 cup mayonnaise.
12 cup sour cream.
1 tablespoon minced fresh dill.
1 teaspoon salt.
1 teaspoon ground black pepper.
10 slices bacon, cooked till crisp and crumbled.
5 hard-cooked eggs, peeled and diced.

How does Rachael Ray make potato salad?

Cover the potatoes with stock and enough water to cover by 1 inch. Bring to a boil and simmer for 12 to 15 minutes, or until potatoes are cooked.
In a small mixing bowl, combine the scallions, celery, vinegar, sugar, horseradish, and olive oil.
Season with celery seed, dill, salt, and pepper to taste.

What herbs are in potato salad Ina Garten?

Toss with 2 teaspoon pepper. Warm or at room temperature, serve.2 teaspoons salt, 14 teaspoon pepper, and gradually whisk in the olive oil to form an emulsion. Toss the potatoes with the vinaigrette. Combine the vinegar, mustard, scallions, dill, parsley, basil, 1 12 teaspoon salt, and 1

How to make a potato salad Jamie Oliver?

1 kilogram young potatoes , scraped.
1 tsp Dijon mustard.
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar.
Extra virgin olive oil, 6 tbsp.
3 tiny shallots , very finely sliced.
1 bunch fresh flat-leaf parsley , coarsely chopped.

How do you make Patti Labelle potato salad?

3 pounds red potatoes + 1 tbsp sea salt for boiling.
4 big hard-boiled eggs.
1 cup red onion coarsely chopped and diced.
1 cup green bell pepper coarsely cut and diced.
1 cup celery stalks coarsely cut and diced.
2 teaspoon celery seed.
⅔ cup mayo.
3 tbsp sweet relish.

What is the Jennifer Aniston salad recipe?

The salad, which Aniston describes as a “butchered” Cobb-style salad, is made up of the following ingredients: chopped iceberg lettuce, diced tomatoes, chickpeas (not too many! ), chopped salami, chopped “crunchy, crunchy” turkey bacon, diced grilled chicken, finely grated pecorino Romano cheese, and Italian dressing.

How to make potato salad that doesn t get watery?

To avoid this, thoroughly drain the potatoes in a colander or saucepan. Allow the potatoes to cool completely before combining them with the dressing and other ingredients. Steaming the potatoes rather than boiling them prevents extra moisture from being retained within.

How to keep potatoes from falling apart when making potato salad?

Russets and other baking potatoes will fall apart. Remove the potatoes from the water as soon as they are tender. This will prevent them from overcooking and crumbling. And immediately toss them with a vinegar-salt combination while they’re still hot.

Why does my potato salad taste bland?

Overcooked potatoes may convert your salad into mashed potatoes, and a thick, dull salad dressing may make your salad insipid. You could even come upon the dreaded undercooked tuber, spoiling an otherwise great salad.

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