Big Mac Copycat Smash Burgers With Crispy Bacon

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You’re truly missing out if you’ve never tasted a nice smash burger! They’re crunchy, juicy, and delectable. The sort of burger that needs many napkins because the liquid drips down your arm with each mouthful.

Furthermore, the whole procedure is therapeutic. Smashing some burgers may be the stress relief you’ve been looking for!

These nasty guys are simple and fast to prepare. These are smashingly fantastic, thanks to the correct balance of beef, a unique Big Mac-inspired sauce, and some crispy bacon.

Why smash burgers?

Big Mac Copycat Smash Burgers With Crispy Bacon

There are many reasons to like a smash burger. They cook quickly since they are thin when broken. They take roughly 90 seconds to complete each side.

When you’re having a party and need to make a number of burgers for your guests, they will come in handy. They don’t take long to cook and are practically hard to goof up!

Smashing them down also aids in the formation of a lovely crust!

Thin and crispy is so underrated.

Because the flat patty has a large surface area, you can load on the toppings or double up on them while still getting the right bite.

Check try my recipe for reverse seared smoked hamburgers if you like a thicker burger.

What kind of beef can you use for smash burgers?

Big Mac Copycat Smash Burgers With Crispy Bacon

When it comes to selecting a beef burger mix, there are several options.

20. The additional fat keeps the burger moist and delicious.20 pound ground chuck, 80% lean and 20% fat. Ground chuck is ground from the shoulder and contains an 80 percent lean-to-fat ratio.80 percent ground beef is, in my view, the greatest ground beef to purchase for burgers.

This is also a wonderful alternative since it is considered extra lean ground beef.You might also collect ground round from the cow’s behind. At 85

Porter Road ground beef boasts a great meat-to-fat ratio and is improved by their proprietary dry-aging method.

10 and is a more costly beef cut than round or chuck. It has a strong meaty taste, but not enough fat to make nice burgers. The meat will dry out too rapidly and become difficult to crush down. Ground sirloin comes from the rear of the animal and is designated 90.

You could always use ground sirloin and add some additional fat to create a terrific burger.

Of course, you could always make your own combination. BBQ chefs often preserve the scraps from their brisket and combine them with other types of meat to create their own unique mix that can be very tasty.

Taking the additional step of grinding your own meat to create burgers may truly elevate them.

What you will need to make smash burgers

To prepare these Big Mac-inspired smash burgers, you’ll need a few key ingredients.

The first step is to locate a suitable surface to press the burgers on. You obviously don’t want to slam your burgers right into the grill grates since that would be disastrous.

A propane griddle or flat top, which I used here, is the best choice if you have one.

If you do not have that choice, you may heat up a cast iron griddle directly on top of your grill grates.

Before I had a griddle, I would heat up a 12-inch cast-iron pan and smash burgers on it. The only disadvantage is that you can only crush a handful at a time.

Once you’ve determined the best surface for cooking and smashing your burgers, you’ll need something to smash the burgers with. Many establishments offer a burger smasher gadget. It is just a weighted flat spherical surface with a handle on top. All you have to do is push down on the burgers until they are nice and flat.

Some folks just crush them with their palms while wearing latex gloves with cotton liners beneath.I’ve also seen folks use the bottom of a bowl and a metal spatula with a weighted object to press down with.

I suppose we can award credit for ingenuity as long as you aren’t willing to burn yourself for the cause.

Making the Big Mac sauce

The Big Mac sauce is really simple to create and may be prepared ahead of time.

Everything you’d ordinarily put on a burger is combined into a single sauce. The apple cider vinegar adds a pleasant acidity that cuts through the burger’s fattiness.

To prepare the sauce, mix together all of the ingredients specified until well combined.

How to make smash burgers

1. Crisp up the bacon

There are just a few things to get ready. The first step is to cook your bacon pieces until they are nice and crispy, then put them aside.

Also, dice a tiny white onion and set it aside in a dish.

2. Form the meat balls

The next step will be to shape your meatballs. The desired size is 4-5 ounces, which is somewhat bigger than a golf ball.

When I shape them, I prefer to make sure the ground beef is still cool. When they become too hot, the fat begins to melt when you touch the meat, making it more difficult to create a beautiful ball.

3. Smash the burgers

Preheat your griddle or cast iron pan to high heat. Because you want the crust to develop rapidly after smashing down the burger, having the griddle or pan hot beforehand is essential.

I like to use a little oil to make sure everything is nonstick before adding my meatballs.

After you’ve placed them out, season each meatball with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Once the meat has been thoroughly seasoned, gently hammer down each burger. When using my smasher, I place a piece of parchment paper between the meat and the smasher to prevent it from sticking.

In addition, when I press down and flatten the meatball, I shake the smasher from side to side to ensure that the flesh is equally crushed throughout. You don’t want the burger to be thicker on one side than the other.

Also, don’t be concerned if they don’t form perfect circles. They won’t be very attractive, but the crust and taste will be delicious. That’s all that counts, right?

4. Cook your patties

After you’ve crushed each burger, put the chopped white onion on top of each patty.

After around 90 seconds, turn your burger patty over.

The flipped patty should be golden and crusty already. If you turn them and they aren’t just where you want them, simply flip them back up and let them sear for a little longer before flipping to the other side.

When you flip the burger, give it another 90 seconds or so to allow the onions to sear. You won’t be cooking the onions all the way through, just enough to soften them and caramelize them.

Trust me on this process. It works every time!

Next, place your yellow American cheese directly on top of the burger patty. They should instantly melt onto the patty.

Remove the burgers and lay aside to rest after the cheese has melted on top. Toast your buns and slather them with butter, or run them through the burger grease.

5. Assemble the burger

Apply a layer of sauce, a few pickles, and then two burger patties to make the burgers.

Next, top the sandwich with the crispy bacon and some extra sauce. Make sure to use sesame seed buns! They will resemble a Big Mac and are my favorite when creating any kind of burger.

Now grab the smash burger with both hands and take a bite. You could get sauce on your face and juice down your arms, but you’ll be so happy.

If you serve the burgers with fries, save some of the Big Mac sauce aside for dipping. It’s lethal!

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Why do smash burgers taste better?

Smashing the burger creates a sear on the exterior of the meat, locking in all of the juices and taste. Because there is less surface area for the fat to flow onto the heat source, this approach also helps to reduce flare-ups on the grill or griddle.

How to make smash burgers without a smasher?

You may hammer them down with a spatula, meat mallet, or burger press—whatever you have on hand. For easier removal and cleaning, lay a tiny piece of parchment paper between your utensil and the burger. Cook until the first side is browned, then turn the patties.

What is smash burger sauce made of?

Smash burger smash sauce is traditionally created with mayonnaise, mustard, pickle juice, and minced pickles.

What is the best grind for smash burgers?

20 pounds or more. Using a lean beef blend will result in dry, chewy burgers. A burger patty made from chuck, brisket, and sirloin is perfect.Smash burgers demand a greater fat content than the usual burger, so grinding your own is your best bet. If it is not an option, then use 80.

Should I use oil or butter for smash burgers?

Apply oil to the heated surface. Place ground beef balls onto heated skillet in batches if necessary. Smash burgers flat using a flat wide spatula. Season with salt and pepper to taste (or your preferred rub).

Do you flip a Smashburger?

Place the burgers on the griddle one at a time, crushing them flat with a metal spatula until they are about 14-inch thick before adding and smashing the next one. Allow to cook for 2 to 3 minutes, or until the bottom is beautifully browned and crispy. Turn the burgers over. Place the cheese on top of the burgers.

How long do you cook a Smashburger on each side?

Smash burgers in a hot pan for approximately two minutes each side. This keeps your burgers juicy and protects them from drying out due to overcooking. We’ll save all of the beef’s fluids since we’re not cooking on a barbecue. The cheese-to-patty ratio in smash burgers is ideal due to their thinness.

Do you use high or low heat for smash burgers?

What is the ideal griddle temperature for smash burgers? The griddle temperature should be approximately 425 degrees F. If your griddle isn’t hot enough, you won’t get a lovely, even color on your burger crust, and the meat will take longer to cook, leaving your burger dry.

How do you get super thin smash burgers?

To make the patties as thin as possible, use a flat press. This is our favorite Smash Burger Tool, but you can also smash burgers by pushing a meat mallet over the top of a spatula. Pre-cut parchment paper also makes the task easier, although you may cut your own pieces if you like.


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