6 Best Charcoal Grills for 2023

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There’s something special about cooking with charcoal.

Perhaps it’s the real flavor of food cooked over hot coals, or the involved cooking experience that transports you to a simpler period.

While charcoal grilling requires more expertise than gas grilling, with a little knowledge, you’ll be stunning your friends and family with your new-found grillmaster talents.

We’ve compiled a list of the top charcoal grills available at various price ranges to assist you in making your decision.

Most people believe that the Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle is the greatest charcoal grill because of its timeless quality and adaptability at an affordable price.


Our Top 6 Choices For The Best Charcoal Grill in 2023

6 Best Charcoal Grills for 2023

1. The Best all around charcoal grill – Weber Original Premium 22” Kettle

Read our full review.

Unless you’re completely new to grilling and barbecuing, Weber requires no introduction.

Weber has been trusted by generations of grillers, and the Original Premium 22 Kettle is no exception, earning our top rank for finest charcoal grill.

With a 10-year guarantee on the bowl, lid, and center ring, you won’t need to update or replace this grill for many years.

Other, smaller grill components are likewise covered by 3 and 5 year guarantees.

The porcelain-coated bowl and lid were baked at roughly 1500F, so the coating is effectively bonded to the metal. This means that the grill’s coating is exceptionally robust and will not rust or burn off.

Weber has added the following useful features on this unit:

  • A heat barrier is included inside the handle to assist avoid burned knuckles. A tool hook on the side of the unit enables you to keep all of your tools close at hand.
  • There are also two huge wheels that make moving the grill a breeze.
  • The removable ash collector eliminates some of the clutter associated with charcoal barbecues.

Although little details, they reveal the years of grilling expertise that went into the construction of these cookers.

The Weber One Touch cleaning system, which makes cleaning up the cook much simpler, is also included with the 22 Kettle. Under the vent openings is a detachable ash collection bucket. After you’ve completed cooking, sweep the ash into the bucket by moving the vent handle back and forth. Empty the bucket, and your ash problem is solved.

With 363 square inches of cooking space available, the cooker can prepare up to 13 burger patties in one go.

The asking price is modest for such a multifunctional, well-built machine. It’s also worth noting that there are add-ons available, such as the Slow n Sear and the Smokenator, that enable you to utilize the grill as a smoker.

What we like:

  • Excellent bargain grill The Premium Kettle strikes a balance between price, size, and quality.
  • can be adaptable The Kettle can be transformed into a fantastic smoker with the correct knowledge, and the movable grill grates make it simple to add wood pieces throughout the cook for an additional smokey taste.
  • Features that make it easy to use You can save money by getting the Original Kettle, but we believe the Weber Premium is well worth the additional money. The One Touch cleaning technique alone is worth the price, plus the built-in thermometer is useful.

What we don’t like:

  • Holder for a lid This is a small quibble, but the technique for keeping the cover on the side should be improved. The lid still covers a considerable area of the grill, making it difficult to access some items.

The Weber Kettle is often promoted as a beginning charcoal grill, but this should not deter you.

It is undoubtedly the greatest grill under $200, and many people purchase it as their first barbecue. However, because to its innovative design and high build quality, this grill will last for many years.

You may upgrade with a variety of attachments, including a rotisserie kit and a warming rack.

These barbecues are used by competitive BBQ teams while competing.

2. Best mid range charcoal grill – Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill

Read our full review.

Take all of the best elements from the Weber Original Kettle Premium 22 grill and combine them to create the Performer Deluxe charcoal grill.

The grill’s body is 22 porcelain coated, exactly like the Original Premium, so you still have 363 square inches of cooking area, but it is contained in a workbench, giving you a comparable experience to side tables available on more costly barbecues.

From the work station, you could complete the full cook, from preparation to presentation.

It has a wire rack below and an LCD cook timer that can be kept on the grill or removed and carried with you.

Perfect for keeping an eye on things while you go inside to have a drink.

The CharBin storage container is a convenient method to keep your coals safe and close to the grill when you need them.

The Performer Deluxe, like the Original Premium, has a One Touch cleaning system with an ash collector and a Touch-N-Go gas igniting system.

The Touch-N-Go gas ignition mechanism makes it simple to fire your coals.

Simply insert the coals in the two char basket fuel containers (or a charcoal chimney starter) and light them.

Simply place them over the ignitor and start the engine. Move the fuel holders to the edges of the cooker beneath the cooking grate after some of the coals have become white.

This video shows it in action.

It normally takes approximately 4 or 5 minutes for the gas to heat up the coals enough.

The gas cylinders for this system are not included with the grill and must be purchased separately.

You get 363 square inches of cooking space, much as the Weber Original Kettle Premium. The lid is 7.5 inches tall.

As you may have guessed by now, this device is all about convenience and simplicity of use. If you often fire up the grill and have a designated grilling area in your yard or on your deck, this item will most likely appeal to you.

What we like:

  • Workbench that is functional You have a massive painted metal work surface that feels solid. This also makes the Kettle considerably more sturdy than the standard Kettle, which is very beneficial if you have children running about.
  • If you find it difficult to fire coals, the push button ignition is a huge benefit. It’s also worth noting that this technique may be used with a chimney. Simply lay the chimney over the igniter to get it going quickly.
  • Weber is well-known for its excellent customer service, and it’s comforting to know that you can contact the firm and get any difficulties resolved.

What We don’t like:

  • It could be preferable to remove the cooking grate. When you need to remove the grate, there is a handy grate holder, however it doesn’t retain the two-piece grate very well.

Because the cooking surface is the same size as the Weber Original, you may add accessories like the Slow-N-Sear or Smokenator to this model as well.

This grill makes charcoal cooking nearly as simple as gas cooking.

You get a full outdoor kitchen in a small, stylish package thanks to the built-in cabinet and the rapid ignition mechanism.

3. Best grill and smoker combo – Kamado Joe Classic II 18″ Charcoal Grill

If you want a versatile charcoal barbecue that can do it all and your price is flexible, a Kamado Joe should be carefully considered.

Dont get me wrong, the Weber Kettle style grills above can make excellent smokers with the right setup.

Most people call this kind of burner a Kamado grill, although they are really a grill, smoker, and outdoor oven hybrid.

The thick-walled, heat-resistant ceramic shell provides excellent insulation and temperature management.

In 2017, the Kamado Joe Classic II was revamped with a new and better firebox design as well as a new airlift hinge that reduces the weight of the lid by 96%!

You may arrange various pieces of food at different levels on the 406 square inches of cooking space thanks to the divide & conquer cooking mechanism.

The ability to maintain distinct heat zones is essential for many different recipes.

What we like:

  • Grill that is quite adaptable The Kamado Joe II excels at everything, whether you’re utilizing the multi-level grill racks to cook various sorts of food at the same time or setting it for a lengthy low and slow smoke.
  • The airlift hinge makes it easy to open the lid. If you’ve ever used a smoker like the Weber Smokey Mountain, you’ll understand how inconvenient it is to have to find a spot to put the cover on the ground every time you open it. The hinge on the Joe effortlessly glides open and remains in place as you arrange food on the grill.
  • System for cleaning up ash Makes one of the most difficult aspects of utilizing a charcoal barbecue (ash cleaning) as simple as we’ve seen.

What we don’t like:

  • Price based on grill space If you need to prepare for a large group, the 406 square inches of cooking space may be insufficient.

When compared to other charcoal grills, the Joe is expensive. However, if you bought a comparable sized Big Green Egg, you would spend much more, and it would not include some of the extras that come with the Joe Classic II.

It is a significant investment, but with careful maintenance, this grill will last a lifetime.

4. Best portable charcoal grill – Weber Jumbo Joe 18”

Read our full Weber Jumbo Joe review.

If you like camping, you’ll undoubtedly agree that one of the nicest things is the fragrance of food cooking over charcoal.

You have a few of excellent portable charcoal barbecue alternatives. Even if you just look at Weber, you will find three excellent options.

The Weber Jumbo Joe or the smaller Smokey Joe are the greatest portable charcoal grills in our opinion.

We chose the Jumbo Joe, which has the same 18 grilling surface as a standard Kettle but in a portable size.

This compact barbecue weighs 18 pounds and is 19.8 x 20.5 x 19.8 inches, making it ideal for storing in the trunk.

If you don’t need so much room and want to be as portable as possible, the Smokey Joe weighs just 9.5 pounds!

While it has been reduced in size to be portable, the quality is the same as any other Weber item. It, too, has a porcelain enamel coated bowl and lid, and the aluminum dampers on the lid and bowl will not rust.

The grill comes with a 10-year limited guarantee. That’s quite a few camping outings. In fact, this device is of such great quality that you could place it out on your deck and use it as a larger grill, successfully hosting a (small) dinner party.

You might want to sit it on a table though.

What we like:

  • Simple to construct This grill should just take a few minutes to assemble.
  • Price range It’s modest and has no bells and whistles, but it’s still Weber quality. It will offer the same reliable results as any other Weber barbecue, but on a smaller size.

What we don’t like:

  • There are no side handles. Moving when it’s hot is almost difficult. It is true that moving a hot grill is not advised. However, since this grill is designed for outside usage, you may find yourself in a scenario where you need to relocate it.
  • Position of the bottom vent The bottom vent on the most recent model is located in the middle, under the cooking grate. This is a concern since anything that falls down plugs the vent and restricts airflow.

Of course, this little charcoal barbecue will not be able to cook enough steaks to serve an entire football team. However, it is ideal for a small family of up to 5 persons (at most).

A smaller grill also means fewer dishes to clean. Even if you don’t take this tiny Weber on the road, it could be enough to cook a little supper for two or three people if you don’t want to deal with a larger grill.

5. Best high end charcoal grill – Blaze 32-Inch Freestanding Charcoal Grill

Read our full review.

If you want a high-end charcoal barbecue but don’t want to go the Kamado route, the 32-inch Blaze might be the finest charcoal grill for you.

This is not a machine with gimmicks or tiny components that seem fine from a distance but are fragile up close (save for the built-in thermometer, but that applies to almost every grill or smoker you purchase).

The unit’s whole exterior is composed of 304 stainless steel. This is high-quality steel that will last for many years. The finish on the item is really clean if you look closely.

Major components come with a lifetime warranty.

The adjustable height charcoal tray allows you to move the coals closer to the racks for searing or lower them for less intense heat.

The back vents are also completely adjustable. All of these features make temperature control convenient and simple.

The device has a cooking surface of 550 square inches, which means you can cook up to 20 burger patties at once! The Blaze is without a doubt the greatest big grill we’ve seen.

Side tables and stainless steel cooking grate rods with a matte finish are other useful elements. This permits the oil you season with to cling to the rods while your meal does not.

The charcoal grate is detachable, making cleanup a breeze. You may even remove the whole ash-pan.

Blaze has also provided hooks to match the stove grates. This means you can suspend the cooking grate from the lid while it’s open and quickly change coals.

What we like:

  • This unit’s strong, high-quality build is difficult to overlook. The finishes are immaculate, look wonderful, and give the impression that one of these grills would endure almost forever.
  • The producers took various purposeful moves to deliver the Blaze at a cheaper pricing point than similar grade charcoal grills.
  • This grill maintains a steady temperature over the whole cooking surface. This means you can make full use of the spacious kitchen and feed a whole football team if necessary.

What we don’t like:

  • This item has no lights at all. Not on the interior or on the controls. If you are not anticipating this unexpected feature, you may be fumbling about in the dark searching for a torch if you do not have excellent lighting on hand when you try to bring supper out of the grill.

There is a justification for this, in the manufacturer’s defense. After listening to the most frequent customer concerns regarding the components that fail the most, the response was consistently electrics. As a result, Blaze has none.

The Blaze is a high-quality, no-frills commercial barbecue.

Get the latest price on Amazon or BBQGuys.com

6. Best Hibachi grill – ISUMER Charcoal Hibachi Grill

Hibachi is a Japanese name that translates to “fire bowl” and refers to any open-topped container meant to store burning charcoal.

Because this grill does not have a cover, it is best suited for fast searing meat and vegetables. Remember that while cooking with charcoal, a cover reduces oxygen, which lowers the temperature.

Most Hibachi grills on the market are meant to be portable. While there are numerous bigger portable models available, our favorite, the ISUMER charcoal hibachi, offers enough of area to work with.

The grill can cook 4-6 burgers or a couple of steaks at simultaneously, making it ideal for cooking for two.

What we like:

  • Simple to put up and take down While it is not as quick to move as some of the other grills in this list, the ISUMER can be packed up and down in approximately 1 minute by removing the four removable legs.
  • Excellent for searing Not all portable charcoal barbecues can reach high enough temperatures for searing. The distance between the charcoal and the grill rack allows you to get nice and hot in this situation.

What we don’t like:

  • The parts are thin. The grill grate is on the thin side, so take care not to bend it during travel.

However, for the price, it is difficult to complain about the build quality. It’s a terrific tiny grill for grilling Yakitori or getting a beautiful sear.

Check out our guide to the best Hibachi grills.

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Charcoal vs gas grills

6 Best Charcoal Grills for 2023

The argument over whether gas or charcoal barbecues are superior is often heated. And, as time passes and technology advances, determining a clear winner becomes more difficult. To be honest, there isn’t one.

The fact is that whether you should purchase a gas barbecue or a charcoal grill is determined on how much time you have and what you cook the majority of the time.

Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of charcoal grills to help you decide:

Charcoal Pros:

  • Some pieces of meat will undoubtedly taste better when grilled over charcoal smoke.Unless you have a high-end gas barbecue with an infrared burner, charcoal grills will sear your meat better.
  • High-quality charcoal grills are now designed with user-friendliness in mind, with design characteristics that make cooking over them simpler than you may anticipate.

Gas Pros:

  • Cooking with gas is quick and easy. The grill will be ready in 5-10 minutes, and cleaning is much easier than with charcoal.
  • Temperature management on a gas barbecue is significantly easier than on a charcoal grill.Wood lumps or chips may be used to give some smoke flavor, however the taste they generate is generally indistinguishable for faster cookers.

It’s also worth mentioning that when cooking fatty, marbled meats over charcoal, the fat might flow onto the hot coals, causing flare-ups. Overall, while cooking over charcoal, you will need to keep a closer check on your food.

But that distinctive flavor is the payoff.

In short, if you have a little more time to spare and a passion for the traditional smoky flavors that charcoal imparts, then you might be up for the slightly higher level of time and commitment involved in grilling over charcoal.

On the other hand, if you are short on time but still want to grill, gas will offer great results quickly and with less upkeep.

Adam Perry Lang, a New York Barbeque chef, puts it succinctly:

I like everything about wood and charcoal, but not at the price of people abandoning grilling completely because it is difficult to ignite and maintain a fire.

Assess your lifestyle and select the one that will allow you to barbecue all year!

What are the different types of charcoal grill?

The choices you must make when purchasing a barbecue do not end at charcoal or gas. If you settle on a charcoal grill, you must narrow your options even more by determining the kind.

Lets have a look at main types available:

Kettle grill:

The kettle shape of the charcoal grill chamber inspired the term kettle grill.

The design of kettle grills is simple. A cover, the bottom chamber, a cooking grate for the food, a grate below that for the charcoal, oxygen and temperature control vents, and, of course, legs.

There may be a few minor modifications between the many types on the market, such as an ash collector, wheels to make the unit more transportable, a side workstation, or tiny legs for more compact variants.

For the majority of grillers, we believe Kettles are the greatest charcoal grill.

Ceramic / Kamado grill:

The grills’ bodies are constructed of ceramic. These grills maintain heat and moisture throughout the cooking process because to the qualities of ceramic. For those looking for flexibility, Kamados manufacture the greatest charcoal grill.

These grills feature a larger chamber than a kettle grill and are cylindrical or even egg-shaped in appearance.

Big Green Egg and Kamado Joe are the two most popular brands.

Because of the excellent heat retention of these grills, you may not only grill on them, but also smoke low and slow or use the grill as a pizza oven.

The actual secret to perfecting a ceramic grill is learning temperature control. The device has vents on both the top and bottom. You’ll be well on your way to grilling success if you figure out how much each of these vents needs to be open to attain the desired temperature.

Free standing / hood grill:

Freestanding charcoal grills may take up more space on your deck than the other varieties we’ve discussed, but they provide the most square inches of cooking surface.

The door is raised up like a hood, with the hinges at the rear of the grill. The cover takes up about half of the device, while the other half houses the cooking grates and the chamber where the charcoal is stored.

As with the previous grills we’ve discussed, there are vents at the top and bottom that regulate airflow and temperature.

A chimney will also be there to manage how much smoke remains in the barrel and how much exits. Some versions may additionally have smoke boxes as an option.

These units can hold a lot of food, and some versions have additional food racks, workbenches, and trays beneath the stove, making them more like an outdoor kitchen.

What to consider when buying a charcoal grill

A few considerations will determine which charcoal grill is ideal for you.

You may then determine how significant each element is to you and use that knowledge to help you make a buying choice.

Temperature control

Because, unlike gas grills, there is no knob to turn to make things hotter or cooler, temperature control features are among the most vital to consider when purchasing a charcoal grill.

Temperature control may vary depending on the grill, but will often use a mix of adjustable dampers (aka air vents) to restrict oxygen, regulating the distance between the coals and the food, thermometers, and a cover.

Most charcoal grills now include a built-in thermometer. While you may believe that a thermometer is necessary, it is really better to get a third-party grill thermometer.

Learning to utilize the dampers on most charcoal grills is the greatest way to master temperature control, so search for this feature.

Grill surface area

Always plan for how many people you’ll be cooking for and then purchase the next size bigger.

Charcoal grills are typically smaller in size than gas barbecues.

It is more preferable to have room but not utilize it than the other. To make it easier to compare, most manufacturers offer the surface area in square inches.

Clean up

When you cook on a charcoal barbecue, you also have to clean up ash and charcoal particles.

For this, look for a grill with a smart system. The majority of the charcoal grills in our list offer easy ash collecting and disposal mechanisms.

Accessories and features

When it comes to bells and whistles, charcoal grills are a bit more rudimentary than gas grills.

However, there are still several factors to consider.

If you anticipate doing a lot of prep work outdoors, I suggest getting a grill with a cabinet and/or side tables.

I’d also want to see a handy place to hang barbecue gear.


The mobility of charcoal grills varies, with the most basic models, such as the Original Kettle, readily fitting in the back of a truck.

Kamado grills, on the other hand, are completely immobile.

Then there are barbecues made expressly for portability, such as the Weber Smokey Joe, Jumbo Joe, and PKTX.


Fortunately, charcoal barbecues are often less expensive than gas grills. There are many nice alternatives for less than $200, and if you can extend your budget to $500-1000, you can start to acquire some more expensive grills.

Warranty and customer service

The majority of the charcoal grills in our roundup have excellent guarantee durations. The benefit of purchasing from a business like Weber is that you know they will be there for you if you have any difficulties.

While it may be tempting to purchase a low-cost grill on sale, be sure the brand is respected first.

What’s the best type of charcoal to use?

There are many varieties of charcoal available, some of which are rather unique. Let’s take a look at the two most common varieties, assess their benefits and downsides, and then take a brief look at a few other unusual types as well.

Lump Charcoal

This is natural charcoal formed entirely of wood and burned in a kiln, cave, or underground. Jealous Devil produces high-quality lump charcoal.


  • Lump charcoal burns clean and hot, and produces less ash, making cleaning your charcoal barbecue a bit simpler.
  • Because it is made entirely of wood, it will emit no chemical odors when initially ignited.


  • Lump charcoal burns quickly, so you’ll need to add more after around 40 minutes.
  • Lump charcoal will burn hotter at the beginning and cooler towards the conclusion of the meal. If you’re cooking for an extended period of time, you’ll need to keep an eye on the temperature and adjust it as needed.


These are the most common charcoal grilling options.

Briquettes are created from wood waste and sawdust, as well as petroleum-based binders and borax.

There are several brands to choose from, but our favorite to barbecue with is Kingsford Original.


  • Briquettes burn for around an hour at a constant temperature. They’ve been intended to stay at approximately 600 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around broiling temperature.Instant light briquettes are even more convenient since they light up rapidly (as the name implies).
  • Natural briquettes are available, which are manufactured from wood wastes and starch binders. If the ease of briquettes appeals to you but the prospect of cooking over petroleum binders does not, this may be a viable solution.


  • Briquettes are produced using certain petrol-based materials, therefore they will emit some fumes when initially lighted. However, the petroleum-y smoke that comes off them burns off after a few minutes.
  • Because they have been drenched with lighter fluid, instant light briquettes light up very quickly. Needless to say, when you use quick light briquettes, the foul-smelling smoke that comes off briquettes when they are initially lighted returns.

Binchotan and coconut charcoal are two more unique varieties of charcoal you could hear about around the traps.

Binchotan was born in Japan. It burns hot, cleanly, and long, with minimal smoke smell. It does, however, take around 30 minutes to fire and will burn a hole in your wallet, costing $1 each piece.

Coconut charcoal is another unusual charcoal. Street sellers in South East Asia use it because it fires rapidly and burns fiercely. This charcoal comes in little chunks, so you’ll need a lot if you want to use it on an American-style barbecue. It is similarly difficult to find in the United States.

Controlling temperature on your charcoal grill

Purchasing a charcoal barbecue is just the beginning of your experience. Now that you’ve brought it home, it’s time to learn how to utilize it!

The two zone approach is the most frequent way to set up a charcoal barbecue. Essentially, the majority of the coals are piled on one side to create a hot zone. This region is suitable for high-heat cooking and searing.

The cool area of the grill is then used for lower temperature cooking or to control flare-ups. This video will demonstrate how to set up a charcoal barbecue.

  • Scrunch up a couple of pieces of paper at the bottom of your charcoal chimney. Turn the chimney over and fill it with the charcoal you want to burn.
  • Wait for the charcoal to ignite before lighting the paper at the bottom.
  • In 15 to 20 minutes, the charcoal should begin to ash over. When this occurs, remove the cooking rack and place the charcoal on one side of the charcoal rack.
  • Replace the cooking rack and cover, but leave the vent open. Allow the cooker to heat up for 5 minutes. This both warms and sterilizes the cooking surface.With your brush, clean the cooking grate.

You’ll note that the charcoal is just on one side of the grill. This is known as the two zone method.

While cooking, the two zone method provides you two possibilities. If you need to roast or sear your meat at high temperatures, position it immediately over the hot embers on the cooking grate.

You may shift your food to the other side of the grate to avoid flare-ups or to cook it at lower temperatures for a longer period of time. This is the zone of indirect heat.

Meathead goes into further depth on the advantages of dividing your grill into two zones.

Meathead Goldwyn, Indirect Cooking Temperature Control, and The 2-Zone BBQ Setup

The most typical error is utilizing too much direct heat. That is how hockey pucks are made.

When meat is subjected to extremely high heat for an extended period of time, the proteins clump together and shrink, squeezing out the liquids, resulting in tough dry meat.

We can regulate the temperature of the meal by using a two-zone system. We may gently heat a turkey in the indirect zone, cook it to juicy, succulent, smokey perfection, and be the Thanksgiving heroes.

We can be the heroes of New Years Eve by slowly gently bringing a huge prime rib to bumper to bumper medium rare with no gray flesh and a gorgeous crispy crust using a 2-zone arrangement.

When you purchase a new charcoal grill, you will need to experiment a bit to get the desired temperatures. However, by learning the fundamentals of temperature management, you should be able to prevent a few charred gifts to the grill gods.

The temperature in the indirect zone should be about 225F. As previously mentioned, you may attain this cooking temperature by putting your charcoal to one side and placing your meat on the other.

If you’re smoking on your barbecue, adding water pans is one technique to provide moisture to the air and absorb some of the extra heat. This keeps your meat from drying out or overcooking.

Cleaning and maintaining your charcoal grill

Maintaining your charcoal grill is critical if you want it to endure. The good news is that if you are consistent, this is not a difficult task.

  • Before you begin cooking, clean the grates. After lighting the coals, reinstall the top for 5 minutes with the vents open to allow the grates to heat up. When the grates are hot, scrape them using a bristle-free grill brush. It is also a good idea to oil the grates before you begin cooking to prevent food from sticking.
  • After each cook, empty the ash pan. Wait until everything has cooled down before proceeding. It is very crucial to ensure that your ash is entirely cold before disposing of it, since this might cause a fire. It might take up to 12 hours to cool down your grill and charcoal to a safe temperature.
  • Don’t leave your barbecue outside in the rain. Corrosion will result from the interaction of water and ash. It is best if you can keep your grill in the garage or at least covered up under an awning when not in use. A word of caution, though. While it is idea to store your grill inside, never ever cook with it in an enclosed space. The smoke that comes off the grill can kill, so always make sure you are in a open area where these fumes will dissipate and cause no harm.
  • When your grill is cold, wipe off the exterior and interior with a light detergent and water mixture. Similarly, if you find any chunky material accumulating within your grill, brush it off and thoroughly clean the surface.

What kind of grill grate is best?

When shopping for a new grill, you should constantly examine the material of the grill grate.

There are three main times of grill grate:

  • Grates made of cast iron This thick grate retains heat effectively and produces nice sear marks, but it may corrode and requires special maintenance.
  • Grates made of steel They are more frequent on less expensive grills, but they may wear out over time and cause stainless steel to lose its nonstick characteristics.
  • Grates made of porcelain To make cast iron grates simpler to care for, some producers cover them with porcelain.

Most of the disadvantages of each kind of grill grate may be mitigated by cleaning your grill well and using a grill cover.

Essential charcoal grill accessories

Chimney starter

There is no easier or more reliable method to light your coals than using a chimney starter.

Simply put a couple of pieces of scrunched-up paper in the bottom portion and your coals in the top. Light the paper and wait for the coals to ash over for around 15-20 minutes.

A chimney starter will not cost you much and will last you for a long time. The tiny investment was well worth it.


When you start grilling, you will be dealing with pretty hot material. Whether it’s shifting the coals into position or moving the meat you’re cooking, there are several items you should avoid touching, even with heat-resistant gloves, if you want to be safe and burn-free.


When you fire up the grill, even the exterior will get heated. Lifting the lid is thus hazardous if you are not wearing heat-resistant gloves.

It’s astonishing how simple it is to lose track of yourself when grilling and mistakenly grasp something that’s blazing hot.

The safest bet is to have a pair of these gloves on hand and to put them on once the grill is hot and you’re tempted to grab something hot before getting your head into gear.

ThermometerWe’ve already noted that the built-in thermometers that come with grills are useless.

In general, having an instant read thermometer on hand to monitor the temperature within your meat is a smart place to start. If you want to smoke on your charcoal barbecue, you will need a dual probe thermometer.

With the exact temperature readings provided by these two thermometers, you will be able to make all of the necessary modifications to pull off successful cooking.

Wrapping it up

When it comes to purchasing a charcoal barbecue these days, there are several alternatives available.

We believe the Weber Original Premium 22 Kettle is the ideal charcoal grill for the majority of consumers. At that price, you can’t top the quality and adaptability.

There’s a reason these Kettles can be seen in backyards all over the globe.

If you have a little more money to spend, the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill is similar to the game grill but comes with a cart and a lot more capabilities, like as the touch-and-go ignition system.

We hope you liked our advice and that we were able to remove some of the uncertainty from determining which of these charcoal grills is best for you.

Have you have a charcoal grill? Which model is your favorite? Or do you have any other queries that were not addressed in this article? Please share your thoughts in the comments box below.


What is the number 1 rated grill?

Gas Grill Weber Spirit II E-310

This is the greatest grill available. It includes everything you need for a backyard cookout with the family. It features a huge cooking surface, is simple to set up and operate, and most importantly, it provided the most delicious food on the test. It does all of this and more at a very cheap cost.

What is the best grill for charcoal?

A Quick Look at the Winners
Weber Original Kettle Premium 22″ Charcoal Grill is the best overall charcoal grill.
The Original PK300 Grill & Smoker by PK Grills is the best splurge charcoal grill.
Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill 22″ is the best charcoal grill for beginners.

What time of year do grills go on sale?

“For any kind of grill [including propane, electric, and pellet], the best time to buy a grill is always near the end of summer into early fall,” she says. Shop during the Labor Day deals for the finest choices. “You might find even lower prices on what’s left after Labor Day, but selection will be slim,” she says.

What type of grill lasts the longest?

Cast iron grates need more maintenance and have a shorter lifespan. Manufacturers have shifted away from cast iron grates and toward stainless steel grates during the last decade. The stainless steel bar and cast stainless steel will last as long as you own your barbecue.

Which grills are better than Weber?

Without further ado, here are some of the finest inexpensive Weber grill options on the market today.
Signet 320 3-Burner Gas Grill from Broil King.
Performance Stainless 4-Burner Gas Grill from Char-Broil.
Nexgrill Propane Gas Grill with 4 Burners.
Cuisinart CGG-7400 Propane Gas Grill with Four Burners.

Who make the best grill?

We tested hundreds of grills of various sorts and sizes in order to compile our list of the finest grills on the market.
BEST IN CLASS: Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill with Liquid Propane.
BEST VALUE: Char-Broil Performance 4-Burner Gas Grill.

What is the best meat to smoke on charcoal grill?

Fatty portions of meat, such as beef brisket, pig shoulder, and ribs, are ideal for smoking. Although smoking may cause certain meats to dry out, the substantial fat content of brisket and pork shoulder helps keep them moist, tender, and flavorful.

What is the best longest burning charcoal?

Royal Oak Ridge Briquettes are the best overall.

The unique ridge design (seen in many other charcoal briquettes) provides for greater ventilation and maximal performance. This charcoal burns faster and longer than most of its rivals, and it produces little ash.

What charcoal do the pros use?

Charcoal is produced by burning wood in the absence of oxygen, and lump charcoal is the end result. Because lump charcoal is charcoal in its most natural form, it’s no surprise that purists nearly always favor it.

How long do charcoal grills last?

The typical grill has a lifespan of 5-15 years, however the duration of the warranty coverage varies by manufacturer. You’ve probably thrown aside the warranty information at this time.

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